A Dreaming Journal Project; Amazing Eye-Opening Secretes Of 2024

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Week Three Dream Journal Question

The following is the dreaming journal question focused on last week (January 15th – 20th). I asked my questions to my Higher Self, as well as any other Loving Positive influence that has information that needs to come forward at this time in my development. 

Over the week, I recorded my dreams and other psychic experiences, to gain a better understanding of myself, and in an attempt to receive any answers.


  • What will 2024 be like in the United States?

Dream Disclosure Note:

Please note, when it comes to maintaining a dream journal, I’m only going to share dreams, that I feel are free from the influences of everyday emotional thoughts and stresses. I also will not share “quick” dream segments. In order to make it into the journal, there will have to be some substance, and a feeling of not being a typical dream. This week’s question were asked, because I believe 2024 will be a pivotal moment for us, and I would like some additional insight.

Dreaming of a Potentially Multifaceted 2024;Aliens, AI, Military, and The Pacific Ocean

Last night’s dream actually caught me by surprise. There were many stories going on in the dream, that stretched across multiple topics in our society. In part of the dream I was watching a craft flying in an undisclosed location, although what was weird is, it started out like I was playing a video game. And I was controlling the craft by thought, watching it on a screen move through this undisclosed area. This place was surrounded by a lot of water (another water dream). It looked to be a place that had Ocean around it, butt there was also a massive waterfall coming off a large cliff.

All of a sudden other unknown craft flew into range and was surrounding the craft that I was controlling. Suddenly my point of perspective changed and it was as if I was in a craft flying around the area. It was vivid and it appeared that there was a hidden civilization among the vast amounts of water present. In the background of the waterfall was what appeared to be a beautiful city.

All of a sudden, my craft started descending towards the water, and I could see a large whirlpool with an underwater vortex spinning a great speeds. My craft hit the water and I went in to the vortex knowing it was a gateway to traveling to other places.

In another part of the dream, I appeared to be floating in space, and someone was talking to me about A.I. As they talked, a “cute” character that was supposed to be a representation of A.I. appeared looking innocent and sweet. It glowed this soft yellow gold color, and looked innocent. You could even poke its stomach, like the Dough Boy and it did something similar. Yet it was all a lie, I don’t remember the full discussion. But I know A.I. is a trap, and that was the feeling of the conversation.

In yet another part of the dream there was military all over the place. Something big has happened. This appeared to be in a city or multiple cities in the US, however I’m not sure where it was. Only that there was a lot of hardware out. I suspect this may relate to something that potentially happens in the not too distant future.

Finally, I found myself in California, on the coast with friends and some kind of celebration. Everything seems normal, but then the large waves started so hit from the Pacific. As the waves came in, they came over me, and I could feel their energetic effect, although they seemed to not actually hit me, but wash through me. Needless to say, they got everyone’s attention.

The Book of Secretes

This one was a fairly quick dream, but I thought it was worth sharing. I’m exploring this complex that is full of traps and distractions, looking for what can only be described as not treasure, but something more. I’m with someone else, and are moving quickly through the location, being as careful as possible.

Eventually we come across a golden book of information, that hold many secretes regarding the past. I pick up the book and make my way out of the complex, only to stop to open it. The book glows almost like a golden yellow aura.

When I finally get out of the complex, I find I’m able to create things just by thinking about them. There is a society of people who have lost their knowledge about their past. As I’m sitting there with the book, a group of kids is near by. The book floats away from me, and moves toward them and they start looking through it. Learning about what has occurred in their past. At first I’m concerned about loosing the book, as I’m not sure who should have it, or if I should hold on to it. But after a moment I stop worrying and let it go. I then wake up.

Dreaming of A “Mystery” Disease

In the dream, I’m in a society that is affected by a mystery disease, although I don’t think it was mystery to some. Anyways, when infected people are exposed to light, their body begins to burn and open wounds occur. Because of this, the majority of the society live in a way where they are not exposed to large amounts of light.

It’s so bad, that when people have to drive around in the evening, no one turns on their head lights because it they shine on other drivers, they will cause damage. As I’m walking around this society, I see almost like clinics where they want people to go, and donate something. At first I’m not sure what is going on, but I later find out that a minority of the population is not affected by this disease. As a result, they are donating tissue to try and help fight the illness. Although, I get the feeling that there is a chance this will be imposed and not voluntary.

Jee I wonder what kind of disease would infect the vast numbers of the population, but not affect a minority……… In one way, it’s kind of obvious, and in another the dream has symbolic meanings as well.

At one point in the dream, I walk into a dark room and find a person I know sitting in a chair. They are talking to me, when I turn on the light, their body blisters and I have to turn it off quickly.

I’m not affected by this disease, and eventually I go to a clinic to see what I can do. They want to take tissues from my hands, to experiment with. I’m told I can take the samples myself, or someone will do it for me. As I’m sitting in an exam room, a woman comes in and tells me I should consider taking one of their strongest pain killers for this, as it will hurt some. They make it sound like they are basically going to cut skin off and parts of my hands. I see cutting instruments, and realize much more is happening here. I then wake up.

Yeah…….. Not a pleasant dream. And again………If really a disease, what could it be…….HMMMMMM.. Or perhaps it was a proposed cure for a previous illness……… All I’m saying on that one.

Dreaming of The Girl In Red , Final Training, and Beware of Groups

In this dream I was in a classroom, and feeling mischievous. We are working on projects when all of a sudden I’m was hit by some very sexual feelings. As I glance around, I see a glimpse of a dark haired girl dressed in a red dress standing near by. I’ve dreamt of this girl in the past, and sometimes she has been in a classroom setting with me. I’ve always felt in many ways we were each other, and that says enough about the connection.

After class the girl and I rush over to each other, so we can be intimate with each other, there was no being shy, we were embracing each other in the classroom as others had just left. I was so excited I caused dream to shift.

In another part of the dream, I was watching two people training in sword combat. The teacher was training a student, and it was their final lesson before their training was complete. The swords were pretty cool looking, and at the end of the lesson the student slammed in sword into the ground indicating he had completed the training.

In another part of the dream I was looking to use a bathroom, and was annoyed the restrooms were open and there were benches and places to sit around a central toilet. So basically, you could see whoever was using the toilet. What’s funny was when I finally went in, to try and use the toilet there was a bunch of people who were the “fanboys” of a variety people in the disclosure movement sitting around the toilet. It was as like they were sitting in a lounge. At one point, the benches looked to change into a couch. Some of the leaders of these groups were there too. All sitting in the restroom, around a toilet being looked up to by a lot of people.

It was a gross feeling being in the environment. It says a lot about, many of these movements. Be careful who you follow.

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