A Dreaming Journal Project; An Amazing and Eye-Opening Week One

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Dream Journaling Again

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳. 2024 is going to be an interesting year, full of experiences that we all all going to remember for years to come. I’m not going to spend too much time with an introduction here, but I did want to provide a quick Taran Station update.

After some rather interesting experiences I’ve had over the last month, I’ve decided that I’m going to focus on recording a dream journal, which will also include other ESP types of experiences. I’m planning to solely focus on this type of content for at least the next six months. My goal here, is to work on improving my dream work routine, as well as my meditative routine.

During this period, my plan is to post once a week, with the previous week’s dream content. I’m not sure how this will evolve, but I’m going to start with. asking myself a question in the beginning of the week, and then over the following week record my dreams, looking for answers. Or at least parts of answers. My focus will be on describing my dreams, more than it will be on trying to analyze my dreams on Taran Station. As any information I may pick up on, may be personal. But I will most likely provide some thoughts here and there, when I’m describing my dreams.

Once we get into the Summer months here in US, I will begin posting more related to other things as well. As I get the feeling once we get into summer it’s going to be a ride. Anyways, let’s begin shall we, here are some notable dreams from this past week.

Week One Dream Journal Questions

The following is the question focused on last week (January 1st – 7th). I asked my questions to my Higher Self, as well as any other Loving Positive influence that has information that needs to come forward at this time in my development.

Over the week, I recorded my dream and other psychic experiences, to gain a better understanding of myself, and to attempt to receive any answers. Please note, when it comes to maintaining a dream journal, I’m only going to share dreams, that I feel are free from the influences of everyday emotional thoughts and stresses. I also will not share “quick” dream segments. In order to make it into the journal, there will have to be some substance, and a feeling of not being of a typical dream.


  • Who Am I ?

Dreaming of A New Beginning

The US Government falls under its weight of corruption and issues, and I’m sitting in the equivalent of the begging of a new “Congress”. There are discussions related to how we should proceed, and some think that the Old system isn’t completely dead. It’s at this point, that I become vocal and say the old system is dead, and it’s time for something new. I suggest that everyone gets a shot, but if someone starts to go down the road of corruption again, they will be booted out from leadership.

Everyone is sitting in a hall or meeting room, and while there are few people at first, the numbers grow over the progression of the dream. There are some in the meeting, that were part of the old system, but there are many new faces. At one point a question is raised, as to what is the “Color” of the new United States. Indicating that thoughts of old, still are present. To be frank, they wanted to know if it would be a “White” nation. At this point I speak up again, and am bold in saying, that there isn’t a single person on the planet, that can be reduced to a color. That everyone’s ethnic backgrounds are far more diverse.

The need to look within is far grater. This dream surprised me, as it showed me being much more vocal, and taking part in a leadership process. Which is not the role I would choose for myself. I’m much more the type who does not like those types of positions, I’d rather be working on other things.

Dreaming I Am of Water

I’m in a place, which has a neighborhood, there is a house, and there are people around. Some of my family members are there as well. And in many of my dreams there is a large body of water. In this location there does seem to be elements of it, that hint as a vacationing spot for some. At one point there looks to be a dirt road that is accuse from the a street, and on the other side is a large body of water. One of the houses has a back deck that is secluded.

There is an also a public area, where many people go out onto the water, and launch their rafts or water craft. There is a tunnel or stairway that connects to a complex on the water where you can go to work on your craft. In this dream, like many of my dreams, large waves start to roll off the body of water. The waves are large and wash inland, towering over houses. In one instance, I can see the wave’s shadow through a window. In another instance my grandfather is standing on the back deck, and I turn to see a wave coming, and then it vanishes. Only to stall and then start coming again. It’s as if time has stopped for a moment and resumes.

In another scene I’m taking a wave running onto the violent body of water, and bringing around to the support area to check if they have oil. The person makes a comment on how easy they are to build.

In most of my water dreams, I can control the water by thought as long as I’m relaxed. Water calls to me, as there is an intelligence to it. Portals form in it, allowing to travel to other locations. Water is also emotion, powerful and unwavering. Like water there are powerful beings, who watch over all. Where is the water taking me, I often wonder, where am I going?

Clairvoyant The Dark Haired Girl

There is a girl with dark hair, every time I relax I see her walking around a body of water, with nature in the background. Sometimes there appear to be hills or cliffs in the background. Sometimes we walks with a Dog, and sometimes there is another presence with her I can’t fully see. She is me and I am her. The True Twin makes increasing appearances. Is she aware I can see her?


Dreaming of Sexual Distraction and Seduction

I sat last night watching a little Star Gate Atlantis, while at the same time I had a thought running thought my head of how “I was going fuck so hard the bed would rock”. Of course everyone role-plays with themselves and likes to fantasize at times. Yet how often is a literal other being, actually talking to you in a sense. We may not get the exact correct, but we should be surprised how often we are pretty accurate.

When I went to bed, it wasn’t long before I feel asleep, and literally could feel someone in bed with me rocking the bed hard. Of course I’ve had sexual being show up before. Part of me does think, they do try and distract you from focusing on higher vibrations in sleep. But I don’t get frustrated with this, nor do I get angry. Instead I try to pay attention to what is happening.

Once I feel asleep my dream space was full of people being sensual with each other, not overly sexual but the over tone was there. At one point I was laying in a room and a woman slapped my ass, and then I looked down I saw another woman amazing looking ass as she lay on the ground waiting for me to react. I slapped it, and was amazed how real it felt, she then looked up at me and I reached around to grip her breasts like we were going to fuck hard. Of course I didn’t go that far. He body didn’t completely form until I slapped her ass.

These beings wait for you to engage them, which is probably part of Free Will. They may tease and hint, but they won’t make their ultimate first move.

Eventually the dream shifted to more people being semi sexual with each other, some of them being my friends. One talked about a girl I told them about, who would be wearing something like a key, with their age. Finally the dream moved to my old house, with being rubbing all over each other as one of my parents walked in and caught everyone. When I awoke, I would see the being in my room teasing me, like she usually does, and I always find it interesting that she still attempts seduction with me. Though I will admit, I’m often tempted to fuck her, but manage to resist.

I also think these experiences expose my hidden deep sexual energy. As someone most would consider sexually repressed, because I have never been quick to be in a relationship. My creative and sexual energy often projects outward in other ways, often flowing strongly on inter-dimensional front.

Dreaming of Technical Work and A Desert

In this dream I was working back in a defense based environment. The environment was very technical, and the complex was large. There were people who worked at my previous location there. They were happy to see me back on the job. Although I’m not exactly sure what prompted my return. And realistically, I don’t see myself ever returning to that type of work.

At one point I found myself working back with someone who I had worked with in the past, only he was a little older. Everyone there said he was different somehow, but I didn’t know what that meant. Only that I was assigned to help him with his project. It wasn’t anything too out of the box, from what I could tell. Simply working on various computer systems, perhaps updating components and such, for some purpose.

What was strange, was all of a sudden, the dream shifted and we were in the middle of a desert, heading towards a work site. Three the sand was very flat, and brown, not like the dunes of a desert that I had seen in other places. It was almost too calm, and perhaps a little alien. We go to work, and he showed me what I would be doing. I don’t recall exactly what it was, but there was a some sort of programming system there. Before the dream ended, he mentioned we had to watch out for things that lived in the desert….. I thought of snakes or scorpions…. but it was odd, he seemed to be afraid of something more. Like some creature that came out a night or something…….

Dreaming of The Underground, Oceans, and Getting Interesting Messages

This was a rather interesting one. I’m not sure how I ended up there, but I found myself in what appeared to be an underground area, but it wasn’t like a modern underground location. It almost hit me as an underground mine, and there were rooms with dirt walls. There were a lot of African looking people there. And at one point, the dream seemed to pause, as I found a place where there were pictures of all these Africans of notability, although I didn’t know who they were. Something told me that they must of took part in this place.

At one point an older woman came up to me and make a comment about spirituality and me. It wasn’t a bad comment, and almost had the hint, that it was always my interest. But the fact was misty in my mind. Perhaps I couldn’t remember fully. The words I used, were not exact, but it was the vibe of the interaction.

Shortly afterward, the dream changed and I was sitting on what appeared to be an exposed train or trolly. Next to what to be appeared to be a tall African woman. Her leg was touching mine, and so I moved it. She said I didn’t need to be worried when a woman got close, or something like that. A little bit later in the dream, I was in this room and she walked in to where I was again.

She appeared interested in me, so I and she rubbed up agains’t me. Grinding her ass against my groin a little. I said something like, it probably won’t take much, based on how I was feeling. As she did it I actually felt myself lift off the ground.

It was around this time, I moved onto a different part of the dream. And was standing by a large body of water, perhaps the ocean. There was a storm approaching, and the wind was picking up greatly. There an appeared to be a tent of something by the water and when I was taking it down, a large gust of wind caught the tent, lifting me off the ground. I floated off over the water but was able to direct myself back to shore, just by thinking about it. I grabbed onto what appeared to be a tree, and climbed up into someone’s backyard. They were not happy and started accusing me, as I got defensive, their dog came out and was whining at me. It looked to be a Chocolate Lab.

At this point I woke up.

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