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Week Two Dream Journal Question

This past week has been an interesting week for dreaming. The following is the question focused on last week (January 8th – 13th). I asked my questions to my Higher Self, as well as any other Loving Positive influence that has information that needs to come forward at this time in my development. 

Over the week, I recorded my dreams and other psychic experiences, to gain a better understanding of myself, and in an attempt to receive any answers.


  • What are some of the best things, I can do to protect myself from unseen Negative Influences?

Dream Disclosure Note:

Please note, when it comes to maintaining a dream journal, I’m only going to share dreams, that I feel are free from the influences of everyday emotional thoughts and stresses. I also will not share “quick” dream segments. In order to make it into the journal, there will have to be some substance, and a feeling of not being a typical dream. This week’s question were asked, because I would like some advice on avoiding unnecessary headaches, from both physical and non-physical influences.

Festival Dreaming, A Knights Training, and Invasive Thoughts

I found my place where there is a lot going on. It was similar to a huge festival or graduation. At one point people were sharing music they created. I walked down the stairs in a building, after a girl hands me a weird CD/Record. It’s made of a material I haven’t seen before, and it’s very thin. At the bottom of the stairs there is a shop with people lingering around.

In one part, there are more stairs, and I see couple of my friends going down them. There were storage bins at the bottom of the second flight of stairs, and my friends started to look through their old “school work” in them. As they are going through their papers, I see some of my old work.

Before I can react too much, I turn to see two woman coming down the stairs. What catches me by surprise, is one of them is my grandmother, who is smiling. She can see that I noticed her, and walks over. The interaction cases an emotional response, and she says “You know who I am.” Indicating I can tell. Her hand is warm. She looks over at the bins and old school work in it, and says something along the lines of “Everyone can take what they want, except ME”.

I ask if she has seen my mom, who was in the dream as well. She says no, or not yet. She said “this place” is weird on the head. Probably referring to the Astral. I then wake up.

In another dream, I’m training or trying to train others in combat. We are almost like mystical knights but more high tech. We have swords, but they appear to be generated by thought, and the materials are very different. The training has something to do with not backing down.

In a separate part of this dream, I can hear all these negative thoughts. I’m standing among other people, and it reminds me of a Royal Court, but not exactly. I look over across the area and see a creepy looking creature, that is projecting the thoughts. I think back at it, I know it’s you, as well as some other colorful language. The creature looks shocked that I know it’s the one pushing negative thoughts out.

In a final dream, I was in a clinic and my cousins picture is on the wall, or something related to them was pictured on the wall. The staff was praising them for getting yet another booster. Everyone seems mind controlled there, even my uncle who is having memory issues now in the physical. Softly afterward I see other family members being impressed by corrupt politicians who were aging quickly.

Dreaming of The Dangers Communism Poses

This dream was a little bit different, and it took me a moment to try and relate it to my question above. In my opinion, Communism is a pretty obvious negative influence on our society. Yet many probably don’t see the dangers in the open. Any way let’s get into the dream.

In the dream I believe I was in China, or another Communistic society, that was in Asia. However, based on our current world, I’m pretty sure it was China. Anyways in the dream, I had a tendency to jump around. Everything was subversive, the overall population seemed to have an underlying awareness of the reality of their situation, but for one reason or another just accepted it. In the dream, movement within society was constantly monitored, not only in the civilian population but also in places of authority. You couldn’t trust anyone fully. In one part of the dream, I took on the appearance of some sort of guard, and even in that role, movement was very restrictive. If you moved into an area that you were not supposed to be in, everyone became extremely suspicious of you.

In another role I felt like I was myself in the dream, well my current self, and let me tell you being an “American” in these parts of the dream, was not a pleasant experience. You were always watched, even when you were simply going into a place to eat. If you wanted to travel around, you had to be on your toes. As I said before, surveillance was everywhere.

In one part of the dream I was someone trying to get out of the country, and it literally felt like a struggle, to find places to go, to progress on that particular journey. There would have to be a type of “Underground Railroad” there as well, to get out of the area for some people.

Communism is all about control, complete Draconian control…. Under the guise of “The People’s Will”. I can tell you now, if we ever let it take hold of The US, or worse the entire planet, we will have a struggle for some time before we can resolve the issue. Though it will fall. We should all be paying attention…..

Dreaming of Past Toxic Connections

I think one of the most important ways, that you limit an unseen negative influence’s effect on you, is being careful of the people you interact with. This dream was a reminder of that for me. In the dream, one of the people I had a Toxic “Friendship” with was lurking around in the background. Before I continue, I’ve noticed her energy lurking in the background in a number of my dreams over the last month. I’m not sure what’s going on, but in each instance I did my best to ignore it.

In this dream, my mom lived in a different location, although in parts of the dream it did look like she had a similar neighborhood. Anyways this person, decided to bring her BF to my mother’s house and he was driving Go-Cart around my mother’s neighborhood. I’m not sure why they were there, but it annoyed me.

I later learned that she decided to once again, show up because it was all about her, and she was using my family to hide out with her boyfriend for one reason or another. When I found this out, I was furious, and verbalized it to everyone. Of course during this part of the dream, she wasn’t present, and ran off to hide in a mall someplace. Shortly afterward I woke up, and realized how much raw negative emotions can act as a target for unseen negative influences. The can feed of it, and try and trigger you. However, with that being said, as soon as I woke up I was relieved that this person wasn’t back in my life. I’m over being used for emotional support, as well as being gaslighted, and treated like shit, by someone who never takes accountability for their behavior. The dream was a good reminder, not to back down 🙏🏻.

Hammering The Message; Avoid Toxic Repetition

This week has been an interesting week for dreaming. This one was a fairly quick dream, but it really spoke to me. In the dream I was standing beside a pool, getting ready to jump in. There was no one else swimming, and I had the place to myself. All of a sudden a “life guard” who was very attractive, and wearing a green bathing suit, walked over to me and asked if I was going to swim. I said yes, and that’s when she told me the pool was closing. Even though I still had time before the pool closed.

It became clear that she just wanted to close early, so she could go leave early. When I started asking questions he started flirting with me, telling me she thought I was in good enough shape and didn’t need to swim. When I started ask more questions and follow her, she mad a rude comment such as “We don’t need to hang out”. The life guard was clearly a raging narcissist. Don’t you love how they act when you don’t just listen to them lol.

What’s funny is I didn’t even realize at first I was continuing to follow her in the dream and ask questions. All of a sudden I noticed a dark haired girl standing on a platform near the pool, standing in a cage.

The girl was familiar, and important to me, as I realized I I got distracted by a narcissist, while the one I was looking for was right there. It spoke worlds to me.

I’m going to be paying close attention, to who attempts to approach me in the coming months…..

Dreaming of Nefarious Actors and Underwater Facilities

I have to say, when it comes to the question I asked at the beginning of the week, it’s clear that one of the best ways to avoid negative unseen influences is to be steadfast in avoiding certain types of people. In one dream, I was forced to work for a nefarious individual. Im not going to say who the individual reminded me a little bit, but let’s just say they were very negative.

In the dream, this person had a whole organization, of people and had access to advanced technology. Once on the inside, the person gave use advanced body armor and weapons and would send us out to do missions. There was also a training room, where we would practice and what’s interesting when you fired a weapon, the suit muffle the gun shot so it wouldn’t hurt your ears.

The most profound part of the dream, was when this person got their hand on something big, and invited a bunch or powerful people to a presentation. In the middle of the presentation, he actually turned and shot a scientist in the back of the room and no one even noticed. They then had some brief health event themselves, and their personal security force surrounded them for protection.

When they recovered, the presentation continued. It was at this point, I noticed there was another “Team of people” arriving outside and moving what looked like some sort of canisters, into place around the building. When I brought it to the attention, I was told to nothing was going on and not to pay attention to it. When I said I was going to say something, a gun was pulled on me and I was told, If I said anything, they would kill everyone in the room including me. At this point I woke up.

In another dream I was once again on this large body of water, and there was an underwater complex that could actually surface and move. We would use suits when going between the complex and the surface. In one part of the dream, there was an accident which caused the complex to flood and everyone was in a panic. In the panic, I ended up coming up to the surface and there was a bunch of people fishing in what appeared to be a harbor. When I eventually found myself back in the complex, everyone was talking about what happened. I remember a type of mask that everyone was wearing so they could breathe in water.

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