A Dreaming Project; Looks Like A Fascinating Change Is Coming

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Week Four Dream Journal Question

The following is the dreaming journal question focused on last week (January 22nd – 27th). I asked my question to my Higher Self, as well as any other Loving Positive influence that has information that needs to come forward at this time in my development. 

Over the week, I recorded my dreams and other psychic experiences, to gain a better understanding of myself, and in an attempt to receive any answers. 


  • What will my life’s theme be five years from now?

Dream Disclosure Note:

Please note, when it comes to maintaining a dream journal, I’m only going to share dreams, that I feel are free from the influences of everyday emotional thoughts and stresses. I also will not share “quick” dream segments. In order to make it into the journal, there will have to be some substance, and a feeling of not being a typical dream. This week’s question was asked, because I was fundamentally curious, about how my life will be five years from now. What kinds of things will be going on in, where will I be living, what will my every day life mostly be like, and what kinds of surprises can I expect?

Dreaming of A Level One Reset

I’m working for an employer that has a large computer system. I’m part of the team that maintains the system. During the dream I initiate a “Level One Rest” of the entire system, which brings down everything. Power, Phones… Everything. Everything is different while the reset is going on, and the technology backbone doesn’t work. Eventually it comes back online.

I found this dream interested when it comes to my weekly question. In was very symbolic in my opinion. Especially the term I used in the dream, “A Level One Reset”. It speaks to me, that in five years I could be doing something very different, or my life will be very different than it is now. Perhaps society will have some sort of reset, or perhaps my life will change significantly.

Dreaming of a Calm Ocean

In this dream, I was on some kind of vacation I believe. And at one point in the dream I climb up over a building to look down on the Ocean and it’s completely calm. No waves whatso ever. Just a massive amount of crystal clear water, and I can see massively deep caverns below the surface. They go so deep, that some of them would probably make the Grand Canyon look small.

I run to find my family members, so I can show them. But they struggle to make their way to the vantage point I was at. We finally get there and I’m able to show them. I then wake up.

Dreaming of A House by Water and Weird People

In this dream, I’m looking at a house that is on a local lake, (close to where I live currently). I’m looking at the house, as a potentially purchase. However, as I go through the house I’m realizing how much work the house needs, and that the people living there were very odd.

In some parts of the house, the floor has completely collapsed. And it appeared to have parts of it that went underground.

Later the gym shifted and the house changed and was in a different location. I was then part of a team that realized that there were aliens or something living in the house. We called in support and the house gets raided. At the end of the dream, I’m telling others who saw what was going on to not talk about it. I then wake up.

Dreaming of Researching Sun Changes

In this dream, I was with one of my friends who passed away a number years ago. We were looking though a number of text books related to Sun Activity. Which includes how Solar energies were effecting the planet, and during what times of the day it would be the worst. We were looking at the books in some sort of school, and trying to talk about the issues with a “Professor” type of person.

This person wasn’t happy we were looking at the information, and they didn’t want us bring up the information in “their class or area either”.

In part of this dream too, It would cut to people sitting around almost like a movie, and they were in discomfort of the energy. I also heard a dog winning and when I looked at it, it looked like a creature was coming out of the dog’s stomach, but I’m assuming this had more of a symbolic meaning. Perhaps DNA altering ability of solar output changing organisms. Needless to say, this Dog was not doing well, and the sight of it, made me wake up.

Working at the Movies; Scaring An Annoying Kid

In this dream I was working at a movie theater, and had to deal will a number of highly annoying kids that would show up and cause issues. This dream was very quick, but in the dream one of the kids annoyed me greatly, after making a mess. I think the mess was made, while they were getting ice cream or something.

Eventually I get fed up and decided to freak on of the kids out, and tell them I’m basically not human and came from some place else. At firs the kid says, they know about that thought, about being connected or something and having roots other places. But that’s when I say, No I’m really an alien and make my face all creepy…. The kid scream in terror and I chuckle to myself before waking up 😂😂😂.

A Strange Dream Not of My Own

I want to make a special note here. A day or two after I came up with my dream question for the week. One of my friends, told me they had a weird dream where I was kissing a woman. AND I seemed to be really into it. I found this interesting, as someone else was having dreams with me in them, that indicated a relationship of some sort will be in the works. To be honest, I’ve had similar dreams of this in the past. Even some of my older journal/blog projects have notes related to this. Intense but fun times ahead perhaps.

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