A Remarkable 24 Months of Resistance; The Elite’s Heavy Losses In The World

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Hello there everyone! Today, I’m going to do something that I rarely ever do. I’m going provide a little bit of a taste, of how I see the next couple years playing out. I definitely see an increasing amount of resistance towards the Elite’s agenda as we progress into 2024 & 2025. These 24 months of resistance, will not be the final nail in the coffin for the elite, but the writing on the wall…..

I want to be clear, the controllers of Earth, are hoping to push the collective consciousness into a timeline of profound dystopia. They are not going to give up on their agenda, and even when suffer extreme losses, they will behave as they haven’t, and push onward. Gaslighting the public as they go. The next 24 months of resistance, will be initially ignored by the elite, next it will be mocked, then it will be demonized, and finally they will panic. Reacting in a way, that only causes more resistance. This is how they fall. Everything they do, only expedites their demise.

This has happened before, it’s going to happen again. The Influences behind the elite’s agenda cross into inter-dimensional realms. If you want to call them Negative ET’s, Demons, Archons, or whatever, you can. They are a minority of beings, that feed off negative emotions, and thrive around worlds that produce them. The Elite on the planet, are their puppets nothing more. In some cases, they are even each other, at different levels of their development. Needless to say, these beings loose, as so do the elite.

What if There is No Resistance?

I need to be careful not to paint a picture of absolutes. We live in a dynamic world, that is constantly choosing different paths. There are a number of timelines, that are possible, and Humanity will need to choose which one they wish to experience. We are constantly drifting between these timelines with the decisions we make as a collective.

Eventually though, timelines collapse, and we will be locked into one as our preferred choice. Think of a vast hiking trail, with many paths. Some more similar to others, and some vastly different. Eventually a path may be washed away and no longer present.

Is there a timeline were we just walk into the elite’s dystopia, Yes… But the likely hood of that occurring is constantly decreasing. To be blunt, there are too many people waking up. However, the question that still remains, is how likely is it, that people will actively resist. The collective is already resisting to some degree, just look at the overall response towards the latest “COVID” push again.

If there wasn’t any resistance, we would have been already pushed into a dystopia of profound drastic proportions. Yet, people shouldn’t be sitting back, waiting for an outside force to save them. In my opinion Mass Non-Compliance is the way to go. If no one participates in the elite’s plan then it will be impossible to implement.

24 Months of Resistance and Beyond

You may be wondering, what I’m expecting to occur over there next 24 months. Well I’m going to tell you! I’ve heard a number of people say they believe we are going to see a massive economic collapse this October, which will be used as a distraction, as well as a way to bring in more authorization control. While I can understand why others are thinking it will be October, I don’t personally see a full collapse next month. Instead, I believe they are going to continue to push the COVID restrictions narrative, I actually told friends and family to be ready for this over the summer.

The elite are definitely going to spend October and November pushing hard on COVID restrictions. They will use fear, guilt, and eventually intimidation to try and get as many people to comply as possible. There are already some States prepared to send out free test kits again. The CDC has been busy for sometime, setting up IGAs with as many counties as possible. And of course you have the WHO Pandemic Treaty that has been in the works for some time….. Both these things will be increasingly pushed. Though, if the people don’t comply with them, they will not be able enforce them in mass. The elite think, if they pass an agreement, or law, that the people will just obey it. This is based on past behaviors of the collective, but this time around, their dealings will not go as they have planned.

The Election of 2024

Ultimately, a repeat of COVID restrictions will be used to influence how voting occurs during the 2024 election. That’s right I’m going to say it, if the people allow the restrictions to come back, they will be in place for 2024 elections. You many think I’m crazy for saying it, but let’s think for a moment. Federal restrictions were not removed completely, until May 2023. The US Government pushed some form of restrictions for over three years….. Personally, I was going into stores, that were still pushing their own restrictions up until Spring 2023… Not many, but there were some.

The elite don’t want people voting in person, they want vast mail in ballots, drop boxes, and vast ballot harvesting. Or a federal online voting system. All of this makes it easier for them to cheat. And Yes! Every election has some amount of fraud. The last two elections (2020 & 2022) had by far the most…. I don’t care if that statement triggers anyone, it was blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention.

Again, I don’t care what the celebrity acolytes are saying on social media. The truth is the 2020 & 2022 elections have caused vast amounts of more people to be awoken to the elite’s voting games. After all there is no true choice, you get to pick between one of the establishments choices. As this becomes more clear to the people, resistance will grow.

Don’t expect Biden to around much longer either. His health is quickly deteriorating. He wouldn’t make it through a second term. As for Trump, the establishment is going to do their best to remove him from the ballot. However, everything they do, will just quicken the publics awakening.

There are some who believe, we will not make it to the 2024 election. I’m expecting us to make it there, but for the establishment to reach new levels of nefarious actions in the process. Their activities will only quicken their downfall. They may even be the catalyst for a mass reaction from the public.

Climate Change and Regulations on Everyday Devices

The elite are going to continue to push the idea, that every disaster on the planet is because Climate change. At the same time, they are going to attempt to regulate or remove devices that grant the most freedoms to the people. In the name of Saving the Planet of course…… In doing so, they will contradict themselves, causing more attention by the public.

More people are beginning to notice how tyrannical the concept of the 15 minute city is. This is why, they are pushing electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are only useful if you live in small urban centers. They are mostly useless if you live outside of a city. If they are successful in pushing the vast majority into urban areas, the vehicles will not be able to take them outside the confines of the area. Either by software design, or simply they will not be have a range to do so. This will not be immediate of course, but over the course of as little as a decade or two will the clamps be put in place.

Gas appliances will continue to be demonized, as well as cattle, and other animals that people have relied on. The goal of the elite is control… That’s it….control. If they had their way, we would be living in micro apartments, eating bugs in mass already, while they lived outside the confines of their rules and regulations.

Has anyone asked, what the other planets in the Solar System are doing lately? Perhaps we should? NASA would say any variation or extremes on them, are caused by “Seasonal Changes” effected by the Sun. Funny how Earth doesn’t have that issue, it’s all people.

The UN 2020 and now 2030 agenda is dead. Remember originally, they wanted to have us all locked down by 2020, now it’s 2030… This is another indication the elite’s timeline isn’t going well. Remember what I said though, they will act as if everything is going to plan. Even when it isn’t.

I’m all for taking care of the planet, but this is not what they are trying to do.

The Weaponization of Food

Another point of contention, during this 24 months of resistance, is the food supply. Why is it that we have nefarious little weasels going around buying up as much farm land as possible? Why are they pushing mRNA vaccines into live stock and other animals. Some are even proposing putting mRNA other places.

Additionally, If you look back at the number of food processing center “accidents” over the last two years, you’ll be shocked. I assure you it’s not a perfect storm of random chance. People are noticing too, it’s becoming too numerous not to notice.

I do my absolute best to buy Organic, which isn’t perfect. I also avoid as much processed food as possible, which is not easy. I recommend everyone take a look at the labels on the food they buy, some of the ingredients may surprise you. Of course this leads me to another point, why do some want to remove food labeling guidelines? Food for thought right…

I have no doubt, that with the continued rising of prices over the next 24 months, more people will be forced to look around at why this is occuring.

I recently bought creamer and a box of cereal from a local grocery store, and it cost me over $10.00. This is what Biden-nomics is all about. Well that and much more BS.

People will become more frustrated during holidays, when it comes to food prices.

Inflation Inflation Inflation……..

If you think Inflation is going away anytime soon, you’d be mistaken. In fact, they will most likely raise the interest rates at east a couple more time over the next 24 months. This whole process, is about pricing the middle class out of anything worth while. In order to promote their “2030 you’ll own nothing and be happy agenda”, they need a way to remove the middle classes’s purchasing power. Without being too obvious.

This goes hand in hand, with their 15 minute city concept. After all how many houses can there be in a 15 minute city? They’re simply going to keep rising rates, until the thought of owning property, or a house, leaves such a disgusting taste in the middle class’s mouth that they accept never owning one.

The interest rates don’t affect the mega rich, nor lower income families as much as the middle class. The lower class is already dependent on the elite to a good degree, and the rich don’t case what the interest rates our. Especially if they are hollowing out mountains, and creating underground bunkers to survive in.

I’ve personally seen the effect the economy has had on the housing market. I’ve been wanting to move for a couple years now, and prices are outrageous. And the process of working with a bank, is intrusive enough to make your skin crawl. Luckily the inflation factor will play in big part in people saying enough is enough. Everything has a purpose after all.

After all, the political elite have more than enough money to send to Ukraine. Which brings me to my next topic.

Ukraine….The 51st State…Really?

I have to be gentle here, it’s awful what has happened to the Ukrainian people. But when it comes to their leadership, and the political elite, Americans have had enough. The politicians in DC are not the voice of the people anymore. The American people are sick of sending tax dollars to Ukraine.

Ukraine isn’t going to win this conflict. Sure, when the conflict does end, the western media will paint a nice soft picture of how any deal benefits Ukraine, but it won’t be truth. The truth is Ukraine isn’t winning, nor are they going to win. They will have to make a deal, to end this conflict. There isn’t going to be WWIII, where nations jump into the battle to save Ukraine at the last minute. As much as some politicians would love that.

The conflict could go as many as five more years, but I highly doubt it will. No politician’s BS nor any parliament praising a WWII SS solider, (Oh Canada), will make the conflict go the elites way. The longer it goes, the more people will see though the BS. Thus their downfall will be expedited.

24 Months of Resistance and Attack of The Shills

Over the next 24 months, as push back from the people increases. There will be increasing numbers of Shills showing up online to push disinformation and cause confusion. I honestly don’t spend much time with social media. There are a few people I pay attention to, most of which I’ve followed for years. Other than that, I ignore everyone else.

I’ve personally gotten tired of people taking advantage of others. As well as the people who believe they are ambassadors for this ET group or that ET group, and are the ones who are chosen to spread a message because they are special….. Can you say Ego distortion….

I’ve actually have never been to any “disclosure” events, because of these issues. I use creative writing as my outlet for many of my experiences and thoughts. I don’t like to be in places were so many have Ego issues. Needless to say, there will be increasing numbers of these people showing up, and being promoted on social media as we move forward, so stay alert, and don’t let them trigger you.

The Defining Moment of The 24 Months of Resistance

While I have indicated, that I believe a 24 month period of increased resistance towards the elite’s agenda will occur. I believe that there will be a profound moment, specially between July 2024 and July 2025 where the elite will cause a massive response from the American people. Perhaps it will be a few months sooner or later, but I do believe it will occur. You can feel it coming.

While it’s hard to say what it will be exactly, everything mentioned above will be a variable. This defining moment, will cause cascading events that will indicate that the Elite’s time is over. What follows it, is a wild ride, where the peoples of the Earth will redefine what it means to be human.

That being said, I will share more on this at another time.

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