A Remarkable Elemental Report With Amazing Features; United States 2024

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First Elemental Report Available

I’m pleased to share my Elemental Report for the United States, during the Country’s 2024 period.  The period will start on July 4, 2024 and run through July 4, 2025.   The report will be able to be download at the Taran Station Store,  in a PDF format. The report includes: Graphs, Tables, and an Analysis of the Numerology  and Tarot based aspects of the country during the period.  The elements are also converted to their base elements, offering a new type of Analysis.

I’m offering this report for Free for a two week period, after which I will charge a small fee to download the report.  Enjoy :). If you want an introduction to elemental charts, before choosing to download the report, you can read my blog post from this past summer by clicking here. If you have any issues downloading the report, please contact the Taran Station Admin via the following email address: Admin@Taranstation.com

Elemental Report Includes

  1. Birth Elemental Stats
  2. Birth Major Arcana Stats
  3. Basic Elemental Stats for 2024 period
  4. In-depth Elemental Stats for 2024 period
  5. Bar, Line, & Web Graphs with tables.

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