A Tale of Two Insanely Different But Powerful Timelines

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As we continue to march into unprecedented waters, the clairvoyant experiences I’ve known throughout my life, have never made more sense. While we live in a sea of shifting timelines, ultimately the challenge we face, is choosing between two insanely different possibilities. Thus our existence is truly a tale of two powerful timelines.

Both will end with an Ascension event, and the intensity of the “event” will be influenced by the collective consciousness. The question we should ask ourselves, is how does each of these timelines influence the mass consciousness of the planet…

The Negative Choice of The Two Timelines

A number of years ago, I had a profound out-of-body experience. During which I found myself in a dense urban center, where control was absolute and a dark hand administered cruel punishments. The center was alive with all sorts of “Drones”, that had gotten so complex they were able to mimic the natural world. 

The vast majority of people lived in micro-apartments, which were housed in massive megalithic buildings. They had no freedom, everything was stacked against them to the extreme. Only the elite and people needed to maintain the status quo enjoyed “freedom”.

Remote Relocation Camps

This wasn’t the only experience I had in a timeline like this. In another OBE (out-of-body experience), I was in what appeared to be a learning facility, but it fences all around it with armed solders patrolling it. Outside the facility, was a massive wilderness, where it an appeared few people were allowed to venture. I got the feeling, that if anyone tried to leave the location, they would be shot on site. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, as this place had younger kids in it as well as adults.

These “camps” were not in our immediate future, but they were not that far off either. My impression being, that if we were not careful with the choices we made, we could find ourselves living a collective nightmare. Far worse that anyone could imagine.

Another key aspect of this timeline, is holding the synthetic over the natural. Other than the area I observed surrounding the “camp”, very little was natural. It didn’t have that feel, life felt synthetic, and distorted. For obvious reasons it wasn’t a society I would want to live in.

The Growing Resistance

Although this timeline was “dark”, there was a growing resistance. It was in the shadow, meetings were ongoing in places of least suspicion. For these rebels, capture meant death. Yet only a spark was needed for the movement to quickly grow.

In my opinion the protests will be far more obvious in the positive timeline. In the positive of the two timelines, vast numbers of people will awaken in far grater numbers. Long before such a society described above can be fully put into place.

I’m going to talk about the more the positive timeline in general, but first I’m going to re-share a resistance dream I had years ago.

Dreaming of Protests

A dream that left a lasting impression on me, occurred almost a decade ago.  In the dream, I was standing in what appeared to be a warehouse that had been trashed.  I didn’t know where I was, but I got the sense it was someplace in Europe. 

As I turned to look around my environment, a girl appeared in the dream and startled me. So much so, that I started to wake up, but was interrupted when she walked over to me and grabbed my arm. “Sorry, I need you asleep right now”, she said . 

Before I could ask too many questions, she told me to go look outside.

The Rebellion Underway

Without hesitation, I walked outside and looked around.  What I saw was Europe in mass protest, people flooded the streets in anger, and clashed with authorities.  The control structure was crumbling all around, and with it freedom was inevitable. 

At one point, I noticed a large rock in the ally I was now standing in.  The “girl” then appeared by my side again, and suggested I throw it at something.  I picked it up, and threw it at what appeared to be a hovering drone.  As soon as I did, crowds of people cheered, and the girl smiled before vanishing.  I awoke moments later.

The dream appears to have been, a way to get me to contribute in some fashion as the Ascension event approaches. I got the impression, what I was observing  were events that would be going on as we got closer Ascension.  At the time of the dream, uprisings in Europe were non-existent.

However, in the last few years they have started, and I expect they will intensify.  Additionally, the populations of France, Spain, Italy, and more appear to be on the verge of protest.  France started with the Yellow Vest protest, and it’s only a small indication of things to come.  Strange how the media in the US barley mentions any protest against the estliblishment……..Or not so strange, if you’re able to see what’s really going on in the US. Americans will also be in protest, before the end of this process.

The Positive Choice of The Two Timelines

I don’t what anyone to think, the positive timeline isn’t an intense one. It is. The main difference, in my opinion, is that we will not go into a totalitarian nightmare before ascension. We may come close, but too many people awaken before the most extreme of  Orwell’s world can come into being. 

This timeline will be full of uncomfortable situations. From extreme weather, to people acting in insane ways. As the Ascension energies continue to increase on the planet, everyone’s personality traits will be amplified.

Protests of various kinds, will come into being in ever increasing numbers. Some will to be to benefit humanity, while others will be orchestrated by a dying hidden hand, which wants to push the planet into the negative timeline. 

Worldviews Will Collapse

There will points along this timeline, where we think we are going to destroy ourselves, and the fear being perpetuated by the majority of media will amplify these feels. Division among peoples will be common place, yet there will also be a drastically growing awareness among individuals who look above the smoke. 

Horrific crimes will be exposed, little by little at first, but eventually the dam will break. As a result, many people will be shocked so badly that it will take them some time to recover.

By now you can probably tell, that the positive timeline is not all rainbows and sunshine. Yet it is one where the hard work gets done, and I’m convinced we are in that timeline now.

Many relationships will end between people in this timeline. Primary due to people subconsciously preparing for Ascension.

The challenge of this timeline, is one of inner work. The more someone does the inner work, the easier the transition into the new era will be. I also want to be clear, the coming era, is not one of anything we have seen so far.

An Ascension Event In Timelines

The actual Ascension event, has discussed in just about every major religious and spiritual text. However, it will still take people who have studied the material by surprise. I do not believe, it is possible for us to know the full extent of what will play out. 

However, I do believe this event will be influenced by our collective consciousness. Meaning, we will choose how the event will play out. The event cannot be stopped, but how we experience it is influenced by our collective pull. The more Love and Harmony we show each other, the less physically destructive this event will be. 

Note: This article was originally written in 2020. I’ve updated it a little bit for Taran Station. I hope everyone enjoys.

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