Proudly Excited To Be Introducing Solara:

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Solara Beta Version 1.o.2

Hello anyone who may be reading this. I wanted to post a quick note on here, regarding one of the projects I have been working on. I mentioned on TatanStation’s main page, that I may share some of my coding projects at some point. I’ve recently decided to share a Numerology and Tarot application I have been working on ( Code Name Solara lol). I had planed on uploading a video of a tutorial of the current version of the application, and then providing a EXE (for windows) and DMG (for Mac) to install the Beta application so anyone can check it out.

Unfortunately the video, although it was less than 25 minutes, was a massive size (almost 9GB). As such I don’t currently have a way to upload a file that size to my hosting server. As such I’ve decided to upload it to a spare Google Drive folder and then provide the link here for a short period of time. If you are interested in testing my application out, feel free to check out the video below. I will also post the (Mac and Windows installers below for download). If you’re going to try out the application, I strongly recommend you watch the video so you see the application in action first. However, It’s not a requirement, if you just want to install the Beta and explore the application yourself, go for it. This project is ongoing, and I will post updates every now and again. Anyways I hope you like Solara.

Solara Video & Installer Link

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