Spectacular Elemental Charts; A New Type of Reading Coming Soon

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Hey there Everyone! Today I’m going to share some Taran Station updates, as well as give a brief introduction to Elemental Charts. I suppose I’m getting ahead of myself a little bit, so let me slow down and get into the site updates :).

Over the last week, I’ve been busy trying come up with ways to make Taran Station even better. Don’t get me wrong; Overall, Taran Station will always be the place for Aurora’s Story and some of my other creative writing projects. But I would like to continue to expand, and come up with new creative offerings.

That being said, I’ve decided to slowly introduce a small “Store” on Taran Station. Small is probably an understatement. Think of a very small speciality shop you would find in a small town. If you can visualize that, it will give you an Idea what the Taran Station Store or Shop will be like.

You may be wondering what I would offer, or perhaps what Elemental Charts are. If you are, then I’m not going to keep you waiting, here we go.

Introducing The Taran Station Shop

If you have visited the Site within the last week, you may have noticed the “Taran Station Store” link on the home page. If you haven’t, you can click here also to navigate to the store. Currently there are no items or services available for purchase. But you can see a basic description of the shop, as well as a link to what will be Taran Station’s Refund Policy.

As a general rule, I never enjoy charging for any services, such as readings or other creative content. But in recent months, I have been trying to come up with ways, which would allow me to spend more time working on the things I truly enjoy. While I’m having this Human experience during this period on Earth. Unfortunately, life on the planet, requires income to be able to function. That being said, I’ve decided to exit my my comfort level a tad, and introduce this new creative effort on Taran Station.

Elemental Charts and Other Offerings

I’m still in the process of trying to decide, what I’ll be offering on the store. Overall though, I’m leaning towards service based products, at least to start off with. Or products that will be delivered to customers electronically. I’m not ready to take the plunge packaging or shipping physical products.

That being said, my early products will most likely be things such as; Tarot Readings, and Elemental Readings, which combine Tarot and Numerology to generate a custom reports. I may also, create season based exclusive writing pieces, that I offer access to for a one time price. Though If I do this, I would not offer these, until I’ve completed work on the writing pieces included in the “Season Pass”.

I’m also a fan of Photography, and have a number of cool photos I’ve taken over the years. I may decide to offer a Macro or Nature photo every now and again for purchase. If I did, there is a good chance they would be a physical product, because I don’t want to just hand over my digital content for someone to potentially make multiple copies of.

Of the above, the first product I offer will most likely be Elemental Chart readings. I’m still working on creating a template for these, and have a few charts on hand. One of which I’m going to share below, so readers will have an Idea what they will look like. These of course, will be delivered electronically.

Elemental Charts; The United States In 2023

If you’ve been waiting to see a what a Elemental Chart currently looks like, then this is the part of the article you’ll probably enjoy the most. This is going to be a general overview of the chart elements, and a little bit of knowledge of how these are generated. I’m not going to go into the full process of generating these charts, as my methodology could change as I make improvements.

When I generate these charts, I use a custom application to crunch all the Numerology calculations, which are then translated to Tarot elements, and finally their Elemental components. The application I use is home grown, and is constantly being updated for my own research purposes. Many of the calculations are known basic Numerology calculations, but I have modified some of them to generate cool custom aspects.

Next, I take the values generated and put them into a custom Open Excel document to generate the various charts that make up the Elemental Chart as a whole. This process take some time, usually between 1.5 – 2 hours to generate the charts, and to make sure things look at least decent on the Excel sheet.

I then have to go back and create a summary of the charts for the customer. Which will most likely be an Open Office document with the results explained. In a few trials I’ve ran so far, I’ve actually did the summary section via a voice recording. Which took me another hour to complete. On Taran Station, the summary will be written.

Elemental Chart Screen Shots

For your viewing pleasure, here are some screen shots of the Elemental Chart for the United States’s 2023 period.

When you first open the Chart Document, you will see a Demographic section which displays the person’s name and DOB (These are required to generate these charts). There is also a Delta guidelines section. The Delta values are mostly for my benefit when I’ve filling in data, due to floating point Math that is generated in my custom application. I use some manual calculations to make sure everything looks as expected when loading data into the spread sheet.

The first chart you will see, is a basic elemental bar graph of the elements found in your Birth Elemental Chart. Again these values are calculated in my custom application.

The Second graph you will see in the chart, will be a graph of the Major Arcana Tarot elements in your Birth Chart. I will list values, but in the summary section I will focus on the three or four elements present the most in the chart. However, I provide all the values, in the event you want to do some of your own research into the elements.

The third graph will display the person’s specific period values. The overview will then talk about the configuration of the elements, specifically related to the positioning and quantity on the chart. These net types of graphs are great. If you imagine yourself standing in the middle of the net, the elements would be around you, and they all have different meanings.

Next I will provide an Elemental bar chart, of the elements in your given period. This chart will be similar to the first graph, only the source on information will come from your period calculations not the Birth Chart calculations.

Next, the chart will give a little bit more in-depth description of where each Element’s aspects are located in the chart. In some cases you may not have an element present, which will add another dynamic to the chart. Again these net charts are great, and they are a new addition to my process.

Finally, the chart will compare your Elemental percentage between your Birth and Period values, as well as give you a look at where all your period elemental values would fall on a net graph. Naturally, the summary section would provide sights on these graphs as well. As will it with all graphs mentioned above.

Elemental Charts Conclusion

In conclusion elemental charts are pretty damn cool, and they will be the first reading I will offer on Taran Station. I’m not sure when they be available, but I’m aiming to start them this Fall or a little sooner. So within a month or two.

I’m not sure what I will charge for them yet. But there will be an introductory reduced price, when I first offer them. These types of readings do take time. For example, if each chart takes me between 3.5-5 hours to generate, I need to choose a price that is worth that time. At the same time, I don’t like it when others change absorbent amounts for these types of services.

This isn’t absolute, but expect a full price of between $50 – $75 US dollars. If 5 hours of work is required, that would be between $10- $15 an hour. Again this is just an estimate, not a final price. You will have to wait to see what the price is, once I start offering them.

Anyways I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief Introduction to Elemental Charts.

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