Tara Rising; The Remarkable Eye-Opening Stories Of Tara;

I wanted to do something special today. It’s been awhile, since I’ve deviated from the main Taran Ascending story line, but after nine “episodes” I thought it was time. I’ve called this post “Tara Rising“, because it may have become obvious, that Tara and Earth have much in common. As always the statement “They Or We Are One” rings true.

There are probably many people who would think Tara is a myth, yet I’m not one of them. There are times, I’ve stood outside, either in nature, or in my own back yard and have felt the Taran sea, and could even tangibly smell it. I can feel Tara in the Sun light and hear it on the wind. Tara is all around us, but has remained hidden. The water ways of Tara run deep, the crystalline oceans of a world still rising, are there. Tara is more than a planet, it is way of life, it is a change in vibration, it is a whole other existence. Tara Rising is inevitable!

The Perception Of Tara’s Rise

When I first wrote an article over a dozen years ago, called Aurora. I didn’t think much would come from it, and I definitely didn’t think It would lead my down the road to Tara. Needless to say it has been a journey for me. One that continues to amaze me. That being said, I wanted to touch on some of my thoughts related to an increased vibration on Earth.

I can’t help but laugh at times, when I notice all the chaotic nonsense going on our society. Just about everything is one giant distraction, opposed to truth. It’s really simple when you think about it. The Earth is changing in vibration, and everything that isn’t in alignment to where the planet is going, is starting to fall apart. The amount of fear being promoted by the establishment is hilarious. Everything they do, is designed to create emotional chaos, which acts as an anchor while moving into higher vibratory energy.

We will have to change, if we wish to continue on this planet. Some of us will do just that, while some of us will find themselves other places, via a variety of different means. After all, it will come down to, are you more Service To Self or Service To Others. This is determined, by what is in your heart, not by your worldly identity.

My idea of Tara Rising, is directly related to the changing vibration on Earth, which I believe will eventually result in us shifting into a whole other plane. This higher plane, will be one that we will continue on our journey, and it is only the beginning of an incredible one. That being said, I’m not going to focus on the noise of chaos, but I did want to start recording my thoughts on what we may see or experience as we go through increasing tidal forces.

After all, as I said before Tara Rising is inevitable…..Ascension is inevitable.

Tara Rising; My List Of Thoughts

Despite the noise and chaos by the establishment, I don’t see a Mad Max timeline being a probable one. This means that I don’t see a massive World War being probable. We will definitely see challenges as we progress into higher vibration, due to our inability to let incompatible behaviors go. In the end, we will need to change our thought process, if we wish to remain on the planet.

I expect to see increased odd weather phenomena as we progress, and of course it will be blamed on Human activity as the old world collapses, but overall most people won’t buy that narrative. There is a subconscious knowing in the collective, for the reasons of the odd weather behavior. I would like to make a special note as well, and say yes, there are weather technologies at play, but not to the degree one may think.

Individuals or “Selves” that are unable to rise above what is considered second density consciousness, will have the most trouble with this transition. Animals and Plants have a second density consciousness, and as such are much more aware of the collective consciousness. However, the purpose of the human experience is to discover third density consciousness, which is all about individual identity, free thought and critical thinking in my opinion. If a person, cannot go beyond “group think”, meaning they don’t think for themselves, they are still having a second density experience.

Don’t misunderstand the above, the plants and animals will also ascend, my point was that the Human experience at this level of the process, is one where it will be easiest if you’re ready to make the transition to forth density. If you’re not, then you will continue on you’re journey also, but it may not be on Earth.

The Earth is on a positive Service to Others path, due to the vast numbers of people on the planet being aligned to this route. As such, individuals who have chosen to experience Service to Self path in the extreme, will ultimately not be able to handle the vibration of the planet. This is also the case, for systems that are opposition to the Service to Others path. As I mentioned above, we’re seeing the breaking down of those systems now, and they will continue to do so. As for the controlling elite. They can choose to change their path at any point. Or they can continue down the road of Service of Self, and eventually they will not be able to survive on the planet. Again, They won’t be able to handle the vibration.

The lifestyle of a forth density Earth, and even a Earth further along the transition are much different than our lifestyle now. The consciousness of the population will be much different. Being one of a profound new Renaissance. One beyond the confines of third density thought.

This process will being us closer to creation, with understandings returning that we lost eons ago, due to illusions. Any uncomfortable situations during this process…Is a choice. We choose how we react to a situation, we need only to change how we think to reduce the friction. The hardest emotion to let go of is Fear, release fear and the transition across the threshold will be effortless.

I want to leave you will a engaging thought today. If nothing else I’ve said resonates, then perhaps this will. Be a co-creator with your thoughts, don’t let others dictate what you create. After all in a sea endless potential, and endless worlds, you’re vibration dictates your journey.

With that, I’m going to end here today. Stop back again for more updates. Episode 10 of Taran Ascending will be done, hopefully within a couple weeks.

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