The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation….Part Five

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Welp, I really tired to stick to just the Dream Journal posts for the next several months. But I decided to integrate some additional posts into the mix 😂. I am going to be continuing with my Dream Journal project, and will plan on making those posts once a week. However, I just couldn’t help but start to slowly add some additional posts here and there. So if you were a fan of Aurora and the Tarans, Messages from Her, and of course the Elites of The World writing pieces…Then you won’t have to wait months for a post. There will also be other topics, I’ll introduce this year as well 🙂🙏🏻.

To start with though, it will be yet another episode of those pesky Elites… Welcome to part five of the series. I actually looked back, and realized part four was published last October. Thus it was time for an update. Additionally, I swear, every day I hear more “stupid crap” going around….. Yep it’s an election year too, so you know it’s going to be a wild ride this year. Are you ready for it? Anyways lets get into the post shall we…

Election Year 2024….. Bring on Alligator Tears and Cognitive Dissonance

Before I begin, I want to mention that these posts, are probably the only ones where I’m very “Human”. I don’t hold my opinions back, nor do I hold punches, nor do I care if someone get’s triggered by what is written. There are too many people in the country, that can’t handle reading, watching, or hearing anything they don’t agree with. If you’re one of those people, read with caution. Or perhaps don’t read, and call up some liked minded souls, for a game of Millennial Monopoly instead. For everyone else, as always everything written here is my opinion, so it should be taken with a gain of salt.

Sometimes you just have to laugh… even if you really want to cry 😂.

Has anyone noticed the complete and utter melt downs, many in the media are having due to what has occurred in the Primary thus far. It’s TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) to the extreme. I told my friends and family, back in the 2016- 2017, that everything “the establishment” tried to do, to get trump would ultimately fail. That by their own actions, they would cause what they seek to prevent. Welppp….. here we are, 7-8 years later and that’s exactly what has occurred, and is still occurring.

I have to laugh, the same people are throwing the same tantrums, they did almost 10 years ago. I literally watched a clip of MSNBC’s “Roswell” Rachel Maddow, justifying not showing Trump’s victory speech in Iowa this month. Under the guise of he doesn’t tell the truth.

LOL, really, this is woman who for three years straight told her audience that the Steele Dossier was legit, and Russian Collusion was real. After which she cried on the air when it came out that it wasn’t. For someone who has blamed “Conspiracy Theories” for disinformation, she sure promotes them when it suits her ideology and world view. She is as biased as they come. Yet, she’s at it again, doing the same things over and over.

Wait….There Are More Media Elites Breaking Down

I’m not going to post about everything example I’ve seen, and you can easily find the examples I do mention online. In most cases a quick internet search will show them. Anyways, speaking of MSNBC, after the New Hampshire primary, I watched a MSNBC panel have a break down on air. Actually claiming Trump had a “break down” in his victory speech… I can’t make this shit up, these people project their own issues on the people they don’t like. Additionally, one of their guests, actually tried to sell the idea, that Trump had a bad night in New Hampshire…… Even though, he won the primary by over ten points. And they admitted that many Democrats were voting in the Republican primary against him.

Doesn’t sound like a bad night to me……. Disgruntled members of the opposite party, were basically voting in the opposing party’s primary to try and prevent Donald Trump from winning…… And HE Still won by over 10 points. Someone needs to tell MSNBC, that most primaries are not “OPEN”. Yet, they will never learn, at least not anytime soon. No wonder they have struggled to get even a million people watching during their primetime slots….. No one believes what comes out of their months, well No one who critically thinks. CNN also interviewed people, who indicated they were Democrats voting in the Republican primary to “Stop Trump”.

Sorry bro, all you’re doing is making sure her gets the nomination.

Ugh I really do a lot to avoid seeing any mainstream media content these days. But hell I can’t even peruse You Tube, without seeing at least a few media posts, with elitist titles riddled with TDS in them.

It’s sad that there are so many people, that actually listen to these nut jobs. But hey, they will learn eventually. Donald Trump will most likely get the nomination, and if he does behaviors like the above will only help him. I will say it again, what they seek to prevent, they will cause by their own actions.

I have news for extreme liberals, despite what the media says. You are not the majority, you just have “like minds” running most of the Media. Thus, they paint a fictional tapestry of the country. Sorry, the country is much more center right still. You’re just extremely noisy, giving the illusion of the majority.

The 2024 Election Going Forward

I want to move on from the Election, but before I do, here is what I think will most likely occur. Keep in mind, It doesn’t bother me if I’m wrong. I expect Trump will continue to do well, but the Media will do everything they can to spin his victories, into losses to paint an illusionary narrative. It’s not going to matter now many bat shit crazy loons, they bring out to sue him. OR how many weak legal cases they bring forward. It’s NOT going to have the effect they want. Biased Judges who do their best to circumvent political process will not hold water. The fact they are trying everything in such a shady way, tells you how desperate they are.

If Trump does get the nomination, they are going to go into high gear trying to circumvent the election. They are going to do something, probably under the guise of an emergency in an attempt to alter the voting procedure. I don’t think they will be able to cancel the election outright, nor do I think they will be able to roll out some “Phone App” to vote on. I’ve heard others mention this idea on various pod casts. No one will believe a phone application is legit.

They will stick to what they already tried. Declare an emergency, promoting mass mail in voting, censoring any opposing thought, repeating the lie, and counting votes for two months if they have to. They will then come out with something like “Joe Biden wins 150 million votes this time” or something like that, if Biden is even the nominee.

The problem with that plan is, it won’t work. There are two many people awake paying attention to the process now. On both sides of the isle.

If they choose not to go with Biden, then they will try to appoint someone. And it will be someone, who would have never had a chance of winning the primary. See a potential theme here?

It will be someone who is all for total government control…… YAY Communism 🙄.

Even if Trump manages to get the nomination and win the general election there will still be much work to do. But let’s leave it here for now. I’ll revisit this when we get a littler further into the election cycle.

The Elites and The World Economic Forum Are At It Again

If the political climate in the US hasn’t made you want to laugh, then maybe some of our favorite Bond villains will. It really does surprise me, that these people are still meeting every year. Trying to tell everyone on the planet how they should live. Finding someone who was elected to any position among them, would be like trying to find a needle in a thousand planet sized hay stacks.

Yet, if they weren’t trying to promote everyone living in fifteen minute cities, micro apartments, eating bug protein, and not owning a single thing, could we truly call them Bond villains? Probably not.

This year’s WEF Bull Shit, included… wait for it… Disease X, the demonization of drinking coffee, and those pesky home gardens. I kid you fucking not….

The Elite are once again trying to push fear, related to yet another potential disease. It’s so scary they haven’t decided what they are going to call it yet.. More realistically, they haven’t decided how they are going try to convince a much more aware population to lock down again.

Spoiler alert, if they try it, it’s’ not going to go well for them. Never mind that it’s just about statistically impossible to have two organic global pandemics a few years part from each other. Not to mention, the likelihood of them both occurring right before a major election in the US. To be blunt, too many see through it.

Let’s remember that towards the end of the COVID reign of fear, they literally tried to keep it going with things such as; Monkey Pox, Polio, and Hemorrhagic fever fear porn. Non of it worked, and as soon as it was clear that the majority of the population wasn’t going to buy it, these stories disappeared almost overnight.

I mean, NYC what ever happed to the Polio in the waste water?

These people, are just using the same narratives because they are out of ideas. Though I will admit, I still see people from time to time, walking around with face masks on. Even though the CDC has pretty much backtracked on everything regarding COVID. Certain demented little Keebler Elves, have even now suggested, that the whole Social Distancing protocol wasn’t based in “Science”. Hmmmmmmmm really, remember the below image. Do you think people like this, are still wearing masks?

It wouldn’t surprise me.

The Elites Say Coffee and Personal Gardens Are Bad….😂

Well if they say it, then just think the complete opposite and you’ll be correct. Seriously though, these are people with “Little Hitler” syndrome. The Elite are actually claiming that having a home garden, is worse for the environment than modern day agricultural methods. Oh don’t you worry, they are coming for that too. Just look at the Farmer protests in Europe. Surprised CNN, MSNBC or Fox isn’t covering that? I’m not, because it’s actual news.

I can’t take the below article seriously, I don’t know anyone who would either. But the elite will push what they want. The good news is, all you have to do is critically think to see past their Bull Shit. To even suggest that home grown food has a higher carbon footprint than industrial methods is a lie. I’m sure mom and pop growing a garden of vegetables in their back yard, is more carbon intensive than industrial agriculture… Which includes all the machines used, chemicals, and shipping resources. NOT!!! It’s such a fucking joke to even suggest it. But yet they did.

I’m going to be blunt, this is about control. They don’t want anyone have an inkling of self-sufficiency in their tool set. They want you locked into their control structure, with no way of objecting to it. Plain and simple.

Have you ever noticed, they always target things that much of the “common people” enjoy. Such as coffee. How many of these pompous asses also drink the most elitist coffee they can find. It’s like the chancellor from V for Vendetta banning butter, but then sitting in his complex eating fucking butter. The Elite have one golden rule…… It is, rules for thee, but not for me!

I think I’ve spent enough time on the WEF in this article. I will just suggest, if there is another pandemic pushed, that it will be because of rising “Medical Emergencies” related to something else that was pushed within the last few years. Enough said on that, it should be obvious.

Truther Community Distortions

I’m going to shift now, to a topic that has gotten much larger over the last 10 years. First, let me say that I have never been a part of the “Truther” community, nor the UFO community. Though there was a time when I considered going to work for a company, solely based on its connection to both. However, it was quickly shared with me, that I should not do it.

It pays to be the silent clairvoyant type. My Intuition has always been a strong guiding force in my life, and that will always be the case. Because of it, I have never gone to any type of public event related to the above, nor would I want to. Especially these days. I do however, follow a hand full of people and podcasts that I have listened to for years now. This list is small though.

Needless to say, there appears to be a lot of Savior Distortions in many of these communities. As well as other distortions. Many people want to be saved, whether it’s by Jesus, Aliens, or White Hats….. As the Silent Clairvoyant type, who has had many experiences over the years. Let me Assure you, that we all have to participate. There will be support at various levels, but here is no situation where everyone gets keep sitting on their ass, watching their weekend sporting events and eating junk food, without participating. This is the story of the Human Species, thus everyone will have to contribute.

The funny thing is, the more people contribute the easier it will be. If 80% (+) of the population of a country decided to stop playing the elite’s game, it would be over very quickly. A Simple NO, from the people would be enough. COVID passports didn’t come into being in the US, because enough people said they wouldn’t have it.

Simply put again, there is no situation where we get to sit on the bench, and wait to be saved by any other force. The quicker everyone gets it through their head the better.

That leads me to a few of my pet peeves…. I’ve actually gotten off my remaining social media accounts, because of the disharmony of the environment. I don’t know how many people are on Twitter/X posting BS posts that have been recycled for years. I don’t know how many times, I’ve seen a dickwad post a video of military equipment moving around, and claiming that something big was about to happen.

Or better yet, posted about that damn Q clock account on the platform. That damn thing has been reset so many fucking times, you would think people would learn. Yet they don’t, and continue to get emotional entangled with it.

Not to mention, the raw numbers of people claiming to be insiders, or part of the “Secrete Space Force”. Everyone must love a good LARP these days.

A Special Place Holder For The Quantum Financial System Bull Shit

Oh but my favorite, is the BS about the Quantum Financial System. This crap has been pushed for decades in one form or another, and it’s revenue for damaged souls every time. Some of these personalities have made a lot of money, lying through their teeth. Karma will be a bitch too for them when it comes back around.

Let me try to make it simple, Ascension is not about waking up, looking at your bank account and discovering that your now an instant millionaire or billionaire, because the QFS has come online and solved all your financial issues. There is NO baking system of any kind, in civilizations that exists at high levels of consciousness.

Ascension is about rising our consciousness, realizing how connected we are, and through that process we will change everything. Eventually as a civilization rises in consciousness, they cross higher dimensions, eventually reaching a point where thought easily creates anything needed. Though there are many steps before reaching that point, and the process is a journey.

I’ll say it again, Ascension is not about instant gratification, of becoming an instant millionaire or billionaire. With the way our consciousness is now, the first thing that would happen if such a system did exist. Would be this. Some asshole would raise the price of the $3 dollar bottles of water they were selling, to $50,000 because they would want more than they had and they didn’t feel special when everyone was a millionaire or higher.

I honestly don’t understand why so many people get trapped in the bull shit. Sure everyone gets fooled from time to time, but they should learn from it. Not keep believing BS. But I suppose, it’s a symptom of times in which we live.

Winding Down The Post

Every time I write one of these posts, I find myself chuckling to myself a little bit. We really must be an interesting and yet confusing civilization to others watching us. We have a lot of potential, yet the crap we get caught up on feels like it is endless at times. Not to mention, the nefarious individuals who have been able to capitalize on our distortions.

I also find myself, trying to decide, how much I should put in these articles. Over the last year, I’ve discovered that it is best to not over do it. It’s easier to focus on a few key topics in each post, and then to move on. I could probably write much more, but I think it’s important, to wait and see where our collective path takes us before continuing on.

This time around, I focused on the 2024 election cycle, the WEF, and the truther community. But by no means did I talk about everything, even in these topics. However, I do think, they are some of the most relevant topics for this point in time.

Overall as I’ve said before, the “future” is bright for humanity. The question we seem to be stuck on is, what path are we going to take? The Organic, Insightful, Connected path where realize how connected we are. Or the path of extreme distortion that will be sold as “Freedom”, but in reality will be a trap. The choice is up to us.

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