The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation….Part Four

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Hey there all you Taran Station readers 😊. It’s time again, the next edition of the “The Elites of The World” series is here. This time around, I wanted to wait a little bit longer, before posting another article related to this series. These articles really take a lot of energy to write, even when they are short in length. In addition, the content in them can be difficult to write about, as they can be filled with trigger points for many people. As such, here is your trigger warning….. If you are a follower of the Main stream version of everything, this article is not for you. You’ve been warned.

The Elite’s Second Attempt At WWIII Begins

I’m sure I’m not the only one, who finds the current situation in the Middle East a little too convenient for the 1% around the world. Well the less than 1% in truth. After all, these types of people did create the Georgia Guide Stones, which listed their main tenant as reducing the World population to under One billion people…. And of course there have a number of books written over the years, such as, “Behold A Pale Horse” written by William Cooper, which discussed issues related to a hidden plan.

There is more than one point of reference, that talks about the Elite wanting three World Wars. With the third, specifically pitting the US and its allies against China, Russia and others such as Iran.

We’ve had almost two years of Ukraine war mongering, and now as support for that conflict is at an all time low across the planet, making the chances of an expanded war unlikely, we get hit with… Surprise Surprise…..A “Surprise Attack” on Israel….

Let’s be honest, very few buy the narrative, that the country with one the most advanced intelligence apparatus, had no idea that something was afoot. Not to mention it occurred in a region of the world, where surveillance is beyond extreme. I mean really, no one knew anything?……

It’s a horrible situation for the innocent people who lost their lives, and are continuing to loose their lives on both sides of the isle. But at the same time, the official narrative stinks on this one. And It is way too convenient for the Elite.

That being said, It’s not going to go the way they want. To put it simply, there are too many people playing attention, and the vast majority of people on Earth don’t want another World War. They are tired of conflict, and that will make it difficult for the Elite to achieve their goals, even through a new regional conflict.

However, they will try and expand it, with disastrous effects. Stay observant everyone, and pay attention to as much going on around you as possible!

The Elite’s “You’re Either With Us Or Against Us” Mentality

This is perhaps the greatest trap the Elite imposes on the population. If they can get you to “pick a side” in their nefarious game, then they can continually trigger you emotionally, and cause havoc on a population. Raw and unfettered emotions, also feed negative beings the Elite worship. Overall they seek to alter the vibration of the planet, to be more beneficial to the negative force of delinquents. They are trying to get the population, to choose a negative timeline/path for the planet, based on their collective vibration and actions.

This mentality always keeps the population fighting with itself, instead of seeing the real force behind the chaos. Instead of playing their game, we should strive to ask hard questions, going beyond our unfettered emotions and triggers. Doing this would make it much harder for the Elite to control the population. We have much more in common, than we realize.

The “Savior” Mindset

This is probably going to trigger some people, but I really don’t mind. I’m going to be blunt, humanity’s manipulation by unseen forces and their proxies…. Have focused on distorting Spirituality via the absolute control over religions. Even the New Age Spirituality “Love and Light” path have been turned into a religion.

The amount of people on the planet, waiting for some outside force to save them, or save us, is staggering. Religious people often want Jesus, or some other figure to come back and save them, the new age folks what higher dimensional beings to save them, and even the perhaps the not so religious folks want the “White Hats” in the government to save them.

I’m sorry to rain on someone’s parade, we have a ton of support from various beings already, but no one is going to come down here and “Save Us”. We need to contribute on a collective level to save ourselves, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

The idea that everyone is going to get to sit on the couch, eating their snacks and watching sports, while some external force cleans up our mess is ridiculous. We are far more powerful than we have been told. Our collective thoughts when in sync, are enough to move mountains. We could end the Elite’s fever dream in a moment, by simply refusing to play their game. The only reason why we haven’t is because of FEAR!…..

The fear of not being potentially comfortable, the fear of having to change our ways, the fear of taking responsibility for our thoughts and behaviors, the fear of our world view being a lie, and the fear of reclaiming our power. Because of this, we have allowed ourselves to be dictated over by other selves, who wish to control every aspect of our lives.

Once we collectively begin to free ourselves from our own fear, we will see more profound evidence of the support we truly have.

Forget the Elite’s Politics, It’s a Jerry Springer Episode….

The political arena in the US, as well as in many other countries is all for show. Yes, there are still good people in Governments, but the level of corruption that has infested most is staggering. Lobbyist and unseen pressures, guide most decisions in political circles. In the US, the current drama playing out for House Speaker is only an example of this.

Nothing is as it seems. Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole Speaker nonsense was planned, so they could just decide to appoint someone as speaker, without a vote. They would make the argument, that the house was too divided to come to an agreement.

Of course, this would be used as a template for later down the road, and at a higher level of government. Such as replacing a President, because of the fears of discontent during an election. Or because of an event that allows them to subvert the election process, under the guise of an emergency (again). They would naturally then turn, to what they called “success” in appointing a House Speaker in an attempt to gain public support for the decision.

I’m not saying this is going to happen, just that it wouldn’t surprise me if it did.

Needless to say, I do think something is going to occur, that affects the 2024 election process. It may be organic, or not so much. I’m betting on the latter, if it does occur. Again it would be too beneficial to the Elite’s agenda, to be just a “random” event.

I don’t think we are going to have to wait long, if something is going to occur, I think it would occur sometime in the next 24 months. More specifically between July 2024, and July 2025…. But that’s just my opinion.

Focus On What Truly Matters

As I’ve said time and time again, these articles are hard to write. Even when they are short. I went to end this one on a good note. As I’ve said before, the future is bright for Humanity and the Earth. But in order to get there, we must go through our collective storm.

I’m not entirely sure how this will progress, but I can feel the currents of the collective pulling in different directions. The imprints of the planet and the collective, as well as deep experiences I’ve had over the course of many years guide my opinions. We will rise to the occasion though.

As we progress on this journey, I recommend focusing on what matters. Reduce your time in front of social media and the “News”. Instead focus on trying to prepare yourself in what ever way you can. Do you have any emergency food or water? Do you a first aid kit, or medical supplies on hand? Do you have a plan with your friends and family, of where you can meet if there is an emergency? All of these things are beneficial to have. I’ve been trying myself to get something together, but I don’t have everything I need.

But any little bit always helps, and if you don’t end up needing something, no harm done.

Additionally, I always will recommend not letting others trigger you. Don’t get in mindless arguments over things like politics. It’s not worth it. Don’t hold on to toxic connections or relationships either, as they will only hold you down. This is the period in Earth’s history that we once again have the chance to rise to another level, of what it means to be human. I encourage everyone to at least try.

With that being said, I hope everyone enjoyed this edition of “The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation”.

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