The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation…Part Three

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Hello all you Taran Station followers :). Taran Station many be a small site, but I know I have some people who follow it. Or at least visit from time to time. After a little bit of a rest, I thought it was time for another post about the elites. After all, my first two publications were popular, at least from the stand point of site analytics.

Additionally, a lot of rather unpleasant things are going on as well, and increasing numbers of us know it’s not a coincidence they are occurring. Before I begin, if you haven’t read Part One and Part Two of the series, you may do so by clicking on the links.

Anyways lets begin, shall we :).

The Elites and The COVID Boogyman

It actually pains me, to still be mentioning COVID in my writing pieces. You would have thought, that the final nail in the COVID coffin, would have been hit this past Spring. Yet here we are, in late August 2023, and the establishment is trying to bring back COVID restrictions.

Of course they aren’t going to just bring them back, they are going to need a rational to do so. So once again, they will start pushing through the media, fear porn about yet another variant. They will never provide to the pubic, any clear objective proof of its existence either.

There will be no Government officials, nor scientists, presenting the exact genetic profile of the variant to the public. They will be no independent studies, showing the complete isolation and purification of the variant for public consumption. There won’t even be a clear indication of where the variant was first found, who found it, how they found it. Nor what led them to search for the variant in the first place. There will be NONE of that.

Instead increasing numbers of public officials, will just start repeating the same fear mongering lines, and they will be something like this…. “A New or Rare Covid variant has been detected in our area, and it’s more transmissible than any other. If you don’t feel well make sure you, test, test, test. And get the new Boosters!”

Soon afterward, every hypoconderiac in the region will think every sniffle they have is the new variant. And they will be the first to start mass testing. Using a test that isn’t even accurate. Of course if they test positive for the variant, they will religiously believe it’s accurate. But if they test negative, there will be doubts in their mind of its accuracy…… Sad isn’t it.

We all know what ultimately follows. Mask mandates, social distancing, and a shit load of gas lighting by the Government. After all, they need a reason to promote mail in voting or another type of remote voting next year…. This will be their test run, to see how many people will still just comply out of fear.

Will You Comply?

Fuck No! At least that’s what we all should be saying. It took the US Government three years to remove all the COVID restrictions. And now after three months of thinking COVID was a thing of the past, they want to restart them. If they do restart them, don’t think they are going anywhere. They will do their best to keep people in masks, and isolated at least through the 2024 election period.

So will you comply, or even participate with giving your mental energy to the COVID Boogyman?

I don’t think the majority of people, are going to be gas lighted into compliance this time around…… But we shall see how this plays out. One thing I know for sure, it’s not going to have the effect the elite want.

Climate Change Hysteria

Some may suggest, that the reason why the elite are trying to push COVID restrictions again, and ultimately lockdowns. Is because their attempt to push us into Climate Change restrictions have for the most part, failed. At least for time time being. Is this such a surprise?

It’s laughable to think, the vast majority of the public is going to take the elite’s climate change agenda seriously, especially when you have a bunch of narcissistic oligarchs, screaming that the oceans are going to swallow the coasts. But then go by multi-million dollar homes on thus coast…..

I want to be clear, we need to take care of the Planet. But Climate Change Hysteria isn’t about taking care of the planet. It’s about controlling the lives of the public. The elite want control of all the minutia of the public’s life. The want to control where we live, by trying to push us into 15 minutes cities. They want to control what we eat, buy buying as much as the farmland as possible, injecting cattle with mRNA, and slowly pushing lab grown artificial products. They even want to relax food labeling guidelines, so we never know what we’re eating.

These narcissists even want to exert more control in the financial system, buy creating a digital currency that is programmable. Thus, you will only be able to buy what they deem acceptable. Let’s not forget they salivate over putting chips in people, which contains a complete digital identity of the person. Can you say Logan’s Run?

Wildfires and Climate Extremes

The Earth is going through profound energetic changes as it progresses towards its Ascension. As such, some of these extremes are a result of these energetic changes. However, there is also a good amount of nefarious activities going on. Remember, the Elite have operated out of the mindset of “Order out of Chaos” for 1000’s or years.

They create or promote chaos in various ways, and then use it to bring about the changes they want. Or at least they attempt to. They are having a hard time, putting the changes into the place they want currently. Thus, one of the reasons why it’s been so chaotic on the planet. It’s been created.

The elite and the dark forces supporting them, don’t want to admit they have lost the fight. They are not going to be able to maintain a world were their vibration thrives here. So they are throwing a tantrum, causing as many problems as possible, in a last effort to maintain their vibration on the Earth. In the end they will crumble, and the Astral worlds around them will dissolve. As no one will want to play in them anymore.

Getting back to the frequent wildfires. Have you noticed officials often just repeat the same narrative about them. “It’s Climate Change”, and then they gas light the public, blaming them, because they won’t accept the elite’s Climate Change Agenda.

Use your intuition on each climate event. If a Government blocks any attempt to discover the root cause of an incident, or any inquiry into the incident, and they just repeat the Climate Change sound bite… Then something is off, and you should be suspicious. If agents of the elite then come in to a devastated area, and want to buy the land, and build expensive housing and resorts….. Your should be furious.

Again, I view these on a case by case basis.

Donald Trump and The Elites

Have you noticed, every time something comes out that lets you see how corrupt Joe Biden is, Donald Trump gets another indictment. It’s become blatantly obvious, to a degree where people have created timelines of Biden’s Misdeeds being exposed to the public, only to have Trump Indicted the following day for something else.

Honestly all the elite are doing, is trying to control the narrative. They need an excuse as to why the media isn’t covering Biden’s crimes. I try not to get too drawn into Political Drama, as I can see what they are doing. Overall it’s not going to matter. I’ve said it before in conversations, and I’ll say it here.

Everything they are trying to prevent, they are only going to expedite. They are trying to prevent the population from become more awake. The Donald Trump saga is more about a growing number of people in the population, that are not going to comply to authoritarian rule. As such, they are trying their best to go after who they consider the leader of the mindset is. If you believe in true freedom, and national sovereignty, you are a terrorist in the eyes of the elite.

In truth this has happened before, and history is just repeating. The question we should all have, is are we going to choose a different path this time around. OR are we going to repeat again.

History only repeats, when we choose to repeat a cycle.

On a final note, if you look at GOP candidates as a whole, not including Trump of course. They are all ideological clones of each other for the most past. All of them, want the system to keep on trucking as it has been for 200+ years in the US. That is not going to be possible, but they are sure going to give the Public the illusion of a variety of candidates to choose from. In reality, you only get the swamp’s pick.

As for Trump, he is going to play a role in the election, but I do believe they are going to try and remove him from the ballet. Though, how successful they are is depends on the public. As with everything the Elite touch in this period, it’s not going to go the way they want. Whatever occurs, Will result in a massive awakening. Exciting times for sure.

Insights of A Clairvoyant

As always I don’t like to make these posts too long. I typically talk about a few key topics, and then wait for the next iteration to continue on. I believe COVID, The Climate Change Agenda, and Donald Trump’s Legal battles are hot topics for part three of this series. These topics tend to trigger a lot of people, but realistically what doesn’t these days.

One of the major reasons why so many are so triggered, is because they subconsciously know the system is going to collapse. But they are so dependent on it for comfort, they don’t know what to do. Or they don’t want it to collapse. Thus, anything that brings to the surface a remote thought of their world view ceasing to exist, upsets them.

Think of the movie The Matrix, and all the people in the movie willing to fight for the system…. In this case, the system is going to collapse, and the Earth is going to Ascend. Everyone will get where they need to be in the end.

My final insight for now is this…. Get ready for a ride, because whatever the Elite do between Now and mid 2025 will be perhaps their last attempt at total control…. After mid 2025, they will only take a massive hits. There isn’t going to be a 2030 agenda. There is more I can say, but I’ll end here for now :).

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