The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation

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It should be becoming increasingly obvious, that something isn’t right in our society. It doesn’t matter where you live on the planet, there is a prevalent feeling that something hasn’t been right in a very long time. Although, there will always be those who are behind the eight ball. Though this group of people are becoming an increasing minority around the globe. Resulting in the Elites of the world becoming more desperate.

Before I continue, I want to be clear, this is going to be one of those posts that may trigger some people. Therefore consider this your only trigger warning. Though I believe more people reading, will agree with me than not. As I’ve mentioned before, I like to do these types of articles in small doses. But I’ve been feeling that I should do them more often. As such, I’m going to try to post a short current events article, once or twice a month going forward. These types of posts will have a “Society Today” category tag below the headline.

Naturally, my content will be US centered, but I will attempt to draw attention to other events which have wider effects. Make no mistake though, anything occurring in the US, will be occurring in similar ways others places. Especially in Europe, so it is all relevant. Anyways hold on and buckle up, here we go.

Elites In DC and Their Failing Illusions

Like many nations of the world, the United States is at a cross roads currently. The DC elites, who have successfully controlled country through division tactics for decades, are beginning to frail. The number of people, who actually believe there is a two party system in the US is dwindling.

The “Uniparty” as it has been called, is on display in full force, and no longer can it hide behind millions of sleepy unaware Americans. Marriages of connivence are everywhere in DC, and it’s obvious. To make matters worse for the elite in DC, the media’s influence is a faction of what it was, even a decade ago. Despite the constant parroting of US elections are secure, and there is no evidence of election fraud. Increasing numbers of Americans are not buying it. The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation

Even in more liberal circles, the current administration’s standing is starting to tank. It’s actually been tanking for sometime, but the media does a great job at covering for the Biden administration. But they can only do so much. The more they cover, the more people they wake up. The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation

The DC elite actually believe, they are going to continue to control the country… This is not going to be the case, and as it becomes more obvious to them, they will become more authoritarian and desperate. At some point, their own actions will be their undoing, and no amount of security or money will save them. They will reap what they have sowed, but how that plays out is still to be seen.

Timelines are constantly changing based on our collective decision making. Rest assured though, the timeline of the Elite’s Orwellian Hunger Games fever dream has collapsed. Only remnants remain across the multidimensional spectrum, and these will never result in anything but failure for them.

The latest drama of cocaine being found in the White House, only makes a mockery of a collapsing administration. No one actually believes they will never find who the culprit is.. Unless you are pandering to extreme bias, and are still fast asleep. They already know who it was. The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation

War Mongering Elites and Ukraine

Before I begin here I want to say, what has happened to the Ukrainian People is a tragedy. The elite have used them as pawns, in an attempt to keep their nefarious activities in the region going. I want to be clear, what’s written in this section is in relation to the elite, not the Ukrainian People.

If should be very clear by now, the vast majority of the planet does not want to see a World War erupt over the situation in Ukraine. Yet the DC elite keep pushing for US escalation in the region. The US has even agreed to provide cluster munitions to Ukraine, which have been banned by many nations around the world, due to their massive collateral damage. The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation

It amazes me how many anti war personalities, have flipped to continue to support such an effort. The elite are desperate to keep this conflict going. They have even been pushing the idea that a Nuclear war may be possible over this.

No one wants WWIII except the elite. They are pushing for a massive war in various ways, in an attempt to distract from their nefarious behaviors. They can then use it as a way, to push us into a totalitarian nightmare. And they would justify it, as a way to prevent any other wars, like they ones they themselves started.

Social Media Shenanigans

I’m not going to waste much time on Social Media. I honestly can’t stand it, and limit my activities using it. But It’s interesting that there are so many distractions around it. From the hype of a possible cage match between Mark Zuckerberg and Ellon Musk, to Zuckerberg rolling out a Twitter replacement called Threads. The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation

When the elite in Rome, wanted to distract the populous from their activities they used the colosseum. I even believe they used the term “Bread and Circus”, to indicate they would give the people food and games to keep them happy. Or to distract them. This is exactly the same technique being used today in or modern society. Not just with the drama in the social media would, but with sports and other forms of entrainment we enjoy. Keep the people distracted, and you can do what ever you want in the background. That’s the mentality of the elite.

The Elite’s Moral Degradation, Inversion and More Distractions

I’m not going to waste time here either, I’ve written a number of articles related to the subject at hand. You can read any of them by clicking the links below. What I will say, is the this is ongoing, and it’s up to the peoples of the world to spot it, call it out, and not stay silent about it. Fortunately this is happening in mass.

One thing I recently saw, was Snopes posting content giving credence to the “MAP” BS. Let me be clear, I wouldn’t trust Snopes to tell me the time of day in a room full of clocks. But many people still think they are unbiased and legitimate. The below says enough about Snopes, and their ideology. The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation

The Downfall of Icons

I’m going to finish on a special note. Currently it’s Summer in the United States, prime movie going season. Yet, the movie industry hasn’t been the same since the COVID lockdowns. There has been more people returning to the theaters, and I’ve gone number of times myself. But not to the degree that I did before prior to 2020.

I’m a huge movie fan, I loved go to the theaters, and would go many times during a given year with friends or family. Films have been becoming increasingly political, even before 2020. This phenomenon killed the Terminator franchise, and has done damage to Star Wars, Star Trek, Ghost Busters, and others. By far though, Terminator Dark Fate, was the most blatant attempt to kill an icon.

It does not make me proud to being attention to such things, but it’s a reality of our current situation on the planet. Everything seems to be going south, but it’s simply just the passing away of an old system.

I was disappointed to hear, that even the latest Indiana Jones, appears to have suffered at the hands of insane mindsets. I’m not sure if I will see the film. I really don’t want to be disappointed by another politicalized agenda, being put forward in a film that was an icon for a generation. The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation

Final Thoughts

I would encourage everyone to get out in nature this year. I recently spent some time hiking, and it was the most enjoyable time I’ve hand in a while. It was an excellent to unplug and disconnect from the constant array of distractions.

The elite still believe they can control the planet. They are sadly mistaken, Earth is going though a birthing, everything that is occurring is apart of that process. There is a New Era coming, one in which the old guard, will not survive. Let them screen and shout, they are but children clinging to a dying dream.

After completing this post, I’ve decided, these will be a once a month deal. Finally, I would encourage everyone to pay attention to France and Europe in general, things may get more interesting.

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