The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation…Part Two

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A little over a week ago, I published an article entitled, “The Elites of The World and Their Surging Desperation”. The article focused on a small number of nefarious agendas the Elite are involved in. As well as, how desperate they are becoming. By the time I finished writing that particular article, I was only planning on publishing such an piece once a month.

However I have decided to reconsider those plans. There is just too much going on, related to the Elite’s agenda. Therefore, I will be publishing content, when I feel it’s a good time. This could even become a new type of article series on Taran Station, similar to the “Messages From Her” articles. But let’s take it slow for now.

The Elites and Their Great Fire

Does anyone find it suspicious, why the Canadian government is unable to put out a wildfire. Especially when they have the United States as an ally, literally right below them. Here we are in the current “modern age”, talking about sending people to Mars, and yet putting out a wild fire isn’t possible.. That should raise some eyebrows.

I mean really, the elites in the form of national governments, can find a way to monitor our social media posts, impose censorship, and roll out new and exciting technologies of control. But they can’t work together to put out a wild fire. Of course they will continue to spend endless amounts on never-ending wars, conduct nefarious biological research, and let’s not forget redefine terms such as gender…But they can’t put out a wildfire. They can roll out lab grown meat, tell us we should live in 15 minute city micro-apartments, and eat bug protein.. But they can’t put of a wild fire.

I could keep going on, but I think you get the point.

Of course they can put out the Canadian wildfires, and any other for that matter. It doesn’t benefit them to do so though, and so they don’t.

Climate Change and Carbon Taxes

In the case of Canada, we have a leader that is looking to impose Carbon taxes on their population. Let’s not forget this is an individual, who screams about racism, but has worn blackface more than once in their life. If we were living in a Game of Thrones episode, they’d be known as…. well I’m sure you can think of something creative.

It benefits the Carbon tax agenda, if the fires are allowed to continue to burn and pollute the environment. It softens people up for the approved climate ideology, and makes them more malleable, willing to pay endless amounts of their income to “Stop The Climate Change Menace”. A “Menace” that the elites, have cherry picked the causes of to impose more control.

After all, never let a good emergency go to waste. Even if you have to create them…..

The wild fires are only a single facet of the elites’s climate change agenda. Needless to say, it’s a great tool for suggesting everyone needs to be moved into urban areas, were surveillance and control will be absolute. The elite don’t want us breathing all over the place after all, all that carbon dioxide is detrimental to the planet…. Even though the natural environment thrives off of it.

If you really believe the climate narrative as it stands, explain to the rest of us, why the people screaming about rising ocean levels, are continuing to buy multi-million dollar homes by the coast. And have some of the largest energy footprints on the planet. They don’t follow their own dogma, why should anyone else.

We must find ways to take care of the environment, such as getting technologies released that would solve our issues. Not giving away our rights to a nefarious elite class.

The Elites and Their Artificial Everything

The Elites have once again decided that something artificial is good for us. I’m talking about the roll out of lab grown meat. It’s so good for us, they have been rolling it out, without labeling it in supermarkets. The truth is, they want to sneak it onto shelves, without it going noticed by large numbers of people. That way when it’s does start to get large amounts of attention, they can say we’ve been eating it for a good amount of time already without issues.

This sounds a lot like another experimental product. Remember the last one, where they didn’t want to release the actual science on for over 70+ years. If someone tries to sneak something into your body, chances are there is a good reason why they don’t want you to know about it.

Control the food supply, and you control the population. Do you really think certain billionaires are buying massive amounts of farm land because they actually need the property. Or they actually have good intentions for the average person. There are certain individuals who have lots of money but that’s it. They aren’t experts in anything, they just have money. Everything they touch get ruins. Education, Healthcare, Agriculture…etc

Can you think of anyone who has done this? I can.

It’s not just artificial food, now artificial wombs are starting to be talked about more often. Brave New World anyone? The push of gender ideologies makes more since now don’t they. You don’t really think, a bunch of narcissistic elites, really cared about the feelings of people they consider worthless eaters did you?

That term has actually been used by some elites to describe most the people on the planet. That should say enough about how they view the average person.

Personally I think the lab grown meat, was their alternative to bug protein. The idea of eating bugs turned a lot of people off, so they had to come up with an alternative.

The Next Pandemic… The Elites Fever Dream

Let’s brainstorm here a little bit. We all know they are going to try and sell another lockdown. I’ve heard more than one person, suggest that a new pandemic was on the horizon. Never mind the statical probability, of two global pandemics occurring back to back being mute.

In the US they have already tried to put thoughts of another Pandemic in the heads of the public. After COVID it was Monkey Pox, then it was Polio, then it was a Hemorrhagic Fever, then it was a Bird Flu, finally Malaria has been suggested.

The elites are not original thinkers, they typically stick to the same play book. But let’s give them some credit, they cause a lot of fear in the public.

Personally it won’t surprise me if governments claimed there is a new pandemic beginning. But I don’t think it would get the response from the people they want. Don’t get me wrong, there will be some people who would be happy to put the masks back on, and lock themselves in their homes without question. But overall, the number would be small.

Call me cynical, but in the US I wouldn’t expect this to occur until shortly before the 2024 elections. If it does occur, it won’t be right before the election. It would probably start sometime, between late winter and mid spring 2024.

One thing is for sure, expect some type of new emergency to be declared before the election. They are going to need a way to change voting procedures again. And I’ll leave it at that.

The Desperation Continues

I honestly wasn’t going to write, another one of these articles until next moth. They often cause steam to come out of my ears as I write them….. Joking, but sometimes I think it will happen.

I touched on some key topics in part one, but wanted to touch on a few more topics here. I wanted to get into the gender agenda more, and how it relates to Sex and the ability to have an orgasm. But to be honest, that would be more appropriate in a different type of article. Rest assure though, the beings behind the elite would love to prevent us from raising our vibration. And the inability to have an orgasm would be a way in which they would try to pull that off.

They are desperate to stop humanity from evolving, and reaching new levels of consciousness. When I say “elites”, don’t assume I’m just talking about nefarious humans. Consciousness is multidimensional, and the Earth’s history is full of beings seeking to control. The negative side is desperate, and they are losing the fight. Humanity will be victorious. This is how the New Era begins. Don’t fear the storm, dance in the rain and you will never fail. Every Wanderer knows this, despite what form we may take.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this article. As always, feel free to leave a comment or two :).

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