The Great Ascension and Current Events

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There is a saying on Tarra which is so sacred, all reflect when it’s spoken. “The Great Ascension, comes for everyone eventually”. There is no getting around it, no matter the situation, every civilization in the cosmos will will go through it. Even in places, where those who dwell believe they are alone. Cosmic Law cannot be bypassed, no matter how badly the “Dark Side” wishes it. They themselves will reap what the sow. The glass ceiling cannot be obscured.

Eventually everyone in a civilization, will realize they are the Hero’s they have been waiting for. As the Hero’s Journey is a complex one, and full or many adventures.

When the illusion of time grows short, those who have chosen a less than Nobel path will panic. They will become a more profound catalyst, designed to awaken the overwhelming numbers in a population through their misdeeds. This process is not only enacted by individuals, but by governments organizations, and collections of entities.

On Earth, the role of catalyst has increased drastically, as time has grown short. The degree of which the catalyst is taken, is dependent on the People. Everything occurring now, is designed to have the People take their power back, and realize how truly powerful they are.

Violent revolution, while common place on Earth, is not necessary. The People have given their power away. The Elite have no power, and when the People remember this, Earth will be reborn. The Earth awaits it’s people. We are all watching… This will occur, but the timeline is dependent on the people.

The Catalysts of Earth and The Great Ascension

The catalysts will vary, but all will be aligned towards developing, and acting methods of control on the population. As dark actors see their power fading, they will risk everything to recover it. The more it fades, the more desperate they will become. Through their own actions, everything they wish to prevent, will only be expedited.

While these catalysts will be going on all over the world, I’m going to focus on the current situation in the United States. As the US has influences all over the place, and I’m currently residing within the country. This makes it easier to talk about, as I’m experiencing it in real time. Again, these catalysts will be going on all over the world, but the exact details of their progression may be different.

The Realization of The Singular Party

American politics are in an uproar. Vastly more people have realized that The US doesn’t have a predominately two party system. It has a one party system, which is structured to make the American people believe they have organic choices. The weaponization of the government and governmental institutions is at an all time high.

Although, I would argue that this has always been the case. The only difference now, is vastly more Americans can see it.

There are many Republicans, that feel that it’s their party that is being targeted. This is not necessarily the case. The “System” targets anyone who they consider a threat, just like in “The Matrix”. Currently they consider anyone who believes in the idea, of a Constitutional Republic a threat. Anyone who believes in the US constitution is a threat.

There is reason why civics isn’t taught in the schools anymore. They don’t want you to truly understand how the country was setup.

Anyone who believes, the Government or “System” should have less authority is a threat. Anyone who doesn’t want to be subjected to extreme forms of bureaucracy is a threat. AND anyone who questions the narrative is a threat.

It just so happens, that the majority of people who are in these camps, currently happen to be Republicans.

True change in the American political system, will only occur, when the American people have had enough. There are still decent people in the political process, but many leaders are drastically corrupt.

The Token Victim and Nefarious Agendas

If you live in the US, you may have noticed there always needs to be a victim. Politicians and the media apparatus are great and pitting the population at war with itself. In the name of inclusion, they do their best to create villains, and blame a specific group of people, for all the issues another group may have.

This will continue, until the people realize it’s been done on purpose, and they alter their focus to address the real issues in society.

There have been influences on Earth, along with their proxies, that have been playing the population against each other for eons. They always change the “Token Victim” once the previous one looses its emotional effect on the population.

Currently the victim of choice, is the “Trans” community. As a result, the amount of propaganda being pushed related to the topic has exploded. The organic Trans population is extremely small, yet propaganda being pushed is designed to make the public think, that a large percentage of the whole is secretly Trans. Simply put, this is not the case.

Additionally, if you pay close attention you’ll notice, most of the noisy, nasty, screaming “activists” who are promoting the narrative are not even Trans themselves. They are straight people with narcissistic personality disorders, who are looking for a cause to promote their own authority. They are mostly people who are not doing their inner work. Thus, it’s another effect of the energies of The Great Ascension on the population.

The Trans agenda gives the Elite a multifaceted way to advance their goals. They wish to reach a goal of “No Genders”, so they can further indirectly attack the divine Masculine/Feminine, and push a Transhumanist mindset. They are aware, if they get the population to go along with their plans, they can alter the timeline to be more beneficial to their control.

Make no mistake, when I say “Elites”, I’m not just talking about nefarious human actors. But also a service to self collective, which sticks to the shadows.

This group has maintained control, by playing off the wounds of their human proxies. There are additional rationals for the elite to promote the Trans agenda. But I will let the reader, ponder what it may be for the time being.

Distortions and Animalistic Reactions

One of the major effects Ascension energies have on the public, is they bring every wound someone may have to the surface. When this occurs, the entity in question has a choice. They can either do the inner work necessary to heal themselves. Or they can externalize the wound. When they choose to embark on a journey of healing, they discover new dimensions of themselves.

The journey is not aways easy, and many times it’s not, but the end result results in a refreshed entity which is able to handle the Ascension energy in a more harmonic way. The entity which chooses to externalize their wounds, will find themself caught into the traps of increasing mind control and illusion.

Getting caught in these traps, is what the controllers on Earth want. A person who finds themselves externalizing wounds, rarely realizes that’s what they are doing. You will find they may take on a more profound “Cypher” personality, as I describe in Children of The Matrix and New Earth Energy, or they will get stuck in Animalistic consciousness. Or even both.

When I say “Animalistic Consciousness”, I’m talking about people who resort to a 2nd Density consciousness, where their sense of self is more routed in group think. Normally, an entity progresses from 2nd density to 3rd density, not the reverse. But none the less, there will be many people who are either unwilling to have thoughts outside of what authority tells them, or in more extreme cases will not be ABLE to have such a thought. As they truly are stuck in 2nd density consciousness.

Many of these entities, are found on the “battlefield” of activism as mentioned in the previous section. They will not want to have any conversation related to opposing viewpoints to their own. They will not even be able to handle the thought of it. Thus they have become a real life NPC. This will be, until they choose to address their wounds.

Until that point, they will only repeat what others have told them, and they will be militaristic in promoting it. Do yourself a favor, don’t get drawn into the trap, work on your own inner work, and prepare for anything.

It’s everyones responsibility to heal themselves.

The Great Ascension and What We Can Expect :

I could talk about these topics, and more for a long time. However, It’s best to write these types of posts in small doses. With that being said, I’m going to end today with a little bit of what I think we can expect over the next two years. Rest assured, that although things may get intense, this is only beginning of our Great Ascension, and as I stated before. Everything occurring now, is designed to get the People to awaken and take their power back.

Here is some of what I think we can expect:

  1. As we approach the 2024 elections in the US, there will be more “Emergencies”, but most of which, if not all will be manufactured.
  2. There will be an increased demonization of people who believe in the Republic and the Constitution.
  3. There will be be further attempts to modify election laws, and revised calls to remove the electoral college.
  4. Gaslighting by the current administration and it’s allies will reach new levels.
  5. There will be vastly more people waking up.
  6. Don’t be surprised if they try to push another pandemic, especially if the WHO pandemic treaty is singed by the US. Again, if this occurs it will probably be close to the 2024 election.
  7. The people doing the inner work, will seek out more liked minded people.
  8. Nefarious actors will start to age more drastically.
  9. There will be more strange earth events, watch the SUN. It’s only the beginning.
  10. Although things will be intense, as people Awaken the people’s power will increase. Remember the last three years, didn’t go the way the “elite” wanted. Too many people were awake. They are rushing ,and through their own actions, they will expedite what they seek to stop.

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