The Matrix and The Remarkable Red Pill

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Throwback To The 1990s… Ahhhh Yesss

If you’re fortunate enough to have grown up during the 90’s, as I did, you probably recall a wide range of childhood pleasures that no longer exist for kids these days. The internet was still new, cartoons were still actually good, and children still actually played outside more than they spent time in front an electronic device.

There were no smart phones, at least none widely available for the public consumption. There were no streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu, and to be honest online content was still fairly basic as well as boring.

Let’s face it, there was not much you could do over a dial up connection. I have fond memories of my sister drying to download a handful of songs, and having to wait 5+ hours.

My sister and I used to spend our Saturday nights watching Nickelodeon SNICK. Often in our basement, in front of a small (probably no more than 12 inch) television. By the time the classic “Are You Afraid Of The Dark” aired, the basement was dark, and we shivered in suspense as creatures of all sorts appeared on the glowing box sitting no more than 10 feet from us.

The Matrix and The Red Pill

On March 31, 1999 the Matrix aired in theaters. Although I didn’t waste time to go see it, it would be many years before I fully understood the implications of film. Before I continue, I want to stress that this isn’t going to be an article on the movie, other than what some of you may have been able to derive from the title of the post.

If you haven’t seen the film, I STRONGLY recommend it. It has a strong hidden message, which ranks up there with films such as “They Live”, and “Eyes Wide Shut”. “Eyes Wide Shut” also came out in 1999, only a handful of months after the Matrix. “They Live” is an 80’s film which was released on November 4, 1988. In my opinion, all three are classics that should be watched.

Anyways, one of the most profound scenes in the Matrix, is the scene where Morpheus gives Neo the choice of taking the red pill and being fully awoken, or taking the blue pill and going back to “sleep”. You could feel the tension in the theater during the scene, and I suspect everyone watching was trying to decide for themselves what pill they would of taken. Of course everyone knew Neo would take the red pill, otherwise there would have been no film.

Red Pill Mentality

I would of almost preferred that the pill colors were different, only because there will always be some who try and correlate some political preference to them. I don’t want to get overly political in this article, but sometimes it can be difficult not to bring up topics of a political nature. Especially in our current state of affairs, so be warned I don’t censor myself. 

In recent years, you may have noticed that the term “Red Pilled” has been going around a lot. This usually relates to someone who is awakening to higher truth, whether it be spiritual and deeply personal, or they have begun to notice that something is off in our society.

It has also been used to describe, the increasing numbers of people who no longer trust the MSM (Main Stream Media), and who are beginning to question the official narrative on everything. Simply put, if you no longer are willing to be told what to believe by Governmental organizations, media outlets, or academic institutions, then you have taken the red pill. Red pill mentality is one that questions everything, has an open mind, is willing to listen to all possibilities, and is willing to adjust their world view accordingly.

Blue Pill Mentality

The blue pill mentality is the opposite of what I described above. It is one in which an individual still is entrenched in the “American Dream” mentality. Where anything that distracts from the norms of society, should be ignored, laughed at, or demonized. Concerns of making money, advancing in a career, and some day retiring will weigh more on an individual’s mind.

Individual’s still taking the blue pill, often believe that all the information they need is given to them by an authority figure, and it’s always true. So there is no need to think further about it. They may come home from a busy day at work, turn on the MSM for an hour before bed, and believe there is nothing else of importance they should know about. 

It may seem I’m being critical of the “blue” pill. However, I want to be clear that everyone started off at some point taking the blue pill, and individuals who are still haven’t embraced the red pill should not be thought poorly off. The vast majority of them are wonderful people, who have yet to awaken. 

A Growing Red Pill Population

One thing I’ve noticed, is the number of individuals opting for the red pill has increased greatly. Increasing numbers of people are starting to look up from their smart devices and ask questions. As a result the “Control System” or “Powers That Be” have been getting desperate in their attempt put humanity back to sleep. Since that isn’t going to be possible, they’ve gone into overdrive trying to get us to fight with each other.

I don’t know how many times, I’ve seen an MSM news alert come across my phone, that was full of distractions, promoted fear, or pitted one group of people against the other. As a result I’ve blocked the majority of MSM apps from sending me anything.

The attempts to divide us on the basis of race, gender, and social status has been extreme over the last few years. Fortunately the effort has largely been ineffective, but there are small pockets of people who eat up everything they are told, and then emotionally react without thinking.

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t want to get political here. Although, I would suggest everyone still taking the blue pill, look at what’s going on, and read between the lines. Don’t get your opinions from the strictly from the MSM, and don’t let your biases blind you. Now ask yourselves, does something else seem to be going on?

Note: This Article Was Originally Written In 2019, I’ve slightly modified it for Taran Station. To read more on my thoughts about the Matrix, read my Children of The Matrix and New Earth Energy article.

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