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Hello all! It’s been almost a month since my last post. A big difference compared to my blogging activity in June and July this year. While I would love to continue writing with that level of frequency all year long, the truth is, I like to take a break sometimes. Plus I don’t like to write unless I have something to say.

Over the last month, I took some much needed down time, during which I spent some time visiting the Ocean. I’m very much still a water person and will always be. As it’s the element that relaxes me the most. Reminding me of my true nature, which causes a profound since of freedom.

I’m going to share a couple pictures of my remarkable Ocean visit below. But before I do, I want to touch base on a couple things, so here we go :).

Some Quick Updates

Todays post is strictly a “quick update post”. It will be short and sweet. I’m planning on publishing a new post within a week or so. I’m thinking it’s going to be part three, of the Elites of The World Series. There is a lot going on. Including the potential for these individuals, to try and bring back the COVID restrictions this fall.

It makes me both laugh and cry at the same time. If they go this path, it won’t have the effect they want. But they will figure that out. More to come on this, and other topics in my next post. Look for it to drop, within a week.

Next, I’m still working on creating my Elemental Chart Process, but by October I would like to offer them in the site Store. I’ll post more on this as well, when we get closer to October.

Finally, I want thank the few people who have left some pleasant comments. I don’t get many comments in general, but I enjoy the ones I do get. I get a lot of spam in the post comments, but luckily I have a great system will making sure they don’t get through.

Overall site traffic is up considerably from this time last year, which I’m excited about. Taran Station is a small blog, so I appreciate the traffic. It has taken a lot of effort, to filter out all the bot traffic, and other unauthentic visitors. As such the stats you see on the homepage are mostly reliable.

Thank you for visiting Taran Station :). And now here are a couple Ocean pictures for your viewing pleasure.

The Ocean

My Element 🙂

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