Welcome To Earth: The fall of The System

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Not too long ago, I posted an an blog entry called “Amazing Messages From Her Part One“. In which I posted a quote from a conversation I had with someone close to me. The quote was the following; One thing I found interesting was a reference to “a fall” or “the fall”.

“How does change occur? It occurs, only once a repetitive pattern finally gets exhausting. The result is a entity who chooses to leave the pattern, for something new. There is forest, in secrete, and on the coast of a New World a City exists, which Transcends all of space and time. This new Era is not one of strictly a physical change, but also of a energetic one. There are no boundaries, everything is here and now. A Stream flows in an ever consistent multi-directional path, the river is never too deep, or too unknown. A fall is evident, but from it comes life, from it comes the unification of family. We have sent our best and brightest, for this is the call that drives us all. The one of Service, which cannot be ignored by the willing.”

The Fall of The System Is Ongoing

While it has been obvious for many, that the current “Systems” of control have been in free fall for sometime, the vast majority of people have remained unaware. However, with each passing day an awakening within the global population grows increasingly larger.

I’m going to speak about the United States in this post, but each county will have similar things going on. In the United States, distraction and gaslighting has been common place. Resulting in a brewing storm which cannot be avoided at this point.

This is the point in this this post, where I put a reader beware warning. I’m going to be speaking rather bluntly about a number of topics, related to current ongoings in the US. My insights come from a deep intuition and insight that I’ve had since childhood. If you don’t like what I say, then simply stop reading, it’s that simple.

The Fall and The United States

In the United States, there has been a continuous array of mass distractions, being pushed out by the political elite and media over the last three years. This is most likely in response, to increasing numbers of Americans waking up in the country. As people wake up, the BS pushed by politicians and the media is easily noticeable. Something is causing a greater awareness to form within populations. Here’s a list of some of the most frequent distractions and BS being pushed. My thoughts on the below will follow.

  • Everyone Is R…..
  • Protect The T…..
  • UFOs
  • Climate Change
  • Get Your Boost**

I could add more to the above list, but to be honest, I can only do these types of posts in small doses. I would rather be writing about more enjoyable topics. Such as the ones that I have historically posted to Taran Station. But since we are living in physical world currently, I figured I should at least talk about the what’s going on from time to time.

I understand that the list above, contains Item’s being mostly being pushed by the political Left (with the exception of UFOs). These are just the topics that came to mind first. The next time I do another “Welcome To Earth” post, I’ll attempt to balance out the list.

Anyway here are my thoughts on the above;

Division by Perceived Differences

I actually saw an article recently, that indicated that drinking coffee and having a clean pantry was racist. Every time I see articles like this, I just roll my eyes. These articles pushed by the main stream news, for which there are many these days, are usually written by some academic working in some well known university.

It amazes me how much shit, comes out of the minds of acedemics these days. If it’s not an academic writing articles like these, it’s a journalist from some “woke” news outlet using their position to push an agenda.

Overall this goes back to Tower of Babel, where outside influences were dividing humans and keeping them in a state separate from themselves. If a population is constantly a war with each other, they very rarely see the true nefarious influences around them. And there has never been a shortage of people who have inner wounds, willing to go along with the BS. People who are constantly playing the race card, are some of the biggest racists around. They are unable to grapple, or they unaware of their own issues, so they project what they don’t like about themselves on others.

The demonization of subsets of a population, is also a Communist tactic to stir anger in the population. Communists love put a population at war with with self, as they work in the background to try and consolidate power. Once they have total control, they then subject the population to the extreme. There are no exceptions, this mindset is of a wounded control freak, one on a predominately a service to self path. But they will certainly lie to you, and tell you they are for “The People”.

T**** Hysteria

I’m going to say something, that may be considered radical lol. It’s humorous to me that Truth can be radical, but so be it. The T**** hysteria gripping the country currently, is not organic. There are not vast amounts of people, who are looking to change their bodies, because they feel they are not the g*****they were assigned at b****. If there were, there would not be such a focus on trying to lead young children down the road of changing their bod***.

The identity of a soul, cannot be reduced to a g***** in my opinion. We are multidimensional beings, who are capable of connecting to infinite varieties of ourselves. Most of which, goes unrecognized in our current state of being.

However, T**** hysteria is not about spiritual understanding. In fact many people pushing it, consider themselves atheists. Thus the only way they can relate to higher states of identity, is via the physical body. That does not mean the relatively few people going through this organically, should not be treated kindly and supported. But there absolutely should not be an effort, to influence or confuse young children into making decisions, in which they will not understand the consequences of for many years.

Also, the elite don’t give care about anyone’s identity. They are using this to push another agenda. They are using it to attack the Divine Feminine, because it’s the Feminine energy on this planet that is child bearing. You only need to glance at books such as, Brave New World and 1984 to see the agenda they are pushing.

Why is there an a such an interest in creating artificial wombs, and at the same time, propagating the idea that T**** Women are organic. Again, another radical idea, T**** women cannot give birth, nor will they ever be able to give birth. The elite want no g******, that’s why they are pushing the T**** mindset. It’s a stepping stone for their agenda. To try to end natural birth on the planet, they need to corrupt the idea of a Woman, and the Divine Feminine.

This is also why they are so focused, on pushing the the acceptance of letting T**** Woman play in Women’s sports. Notice there is hardly any push, if any, of T**** Men playing in Men’s sports…… It’s either because T**** Men don’t want to place in Men’s sports, probably because they know it would be unfair to them. OR pushing it doesn’t advance the elite’s agenda. Again, corrupting the idea of Organic the Divine Feminine is their plan.

Are They Aliens?

NO!! Don’t get me wrong, I do believe there are other civilizations here now. But anything that the US government is shooting down, is not from some advanced civilization. Do we really think we have the capability, to take out any civilization’s craft that is probably eons more advanced than us.

Also, why is it that the US government is ready to talk about UFOs. They have spent the last 80+ years ridiculing anyone who speaks about them, and reaches a large audience. Yet, all of a sudden they are willing the talk about them openly.

I would also encourage everyone interested in the topic, to take a hard look at the individuals being propped up by the media on the subject. What are the backgrounds of these “Experts”? I think you’ll be surprised if you look into them.

The whole government narrative of UFOs and ETs, is nothing but a massive distraction. They are never going to tell the people the truth. Positive ET contact, will only occur with our civilization, once we get our shit together, or at least make huge improvements in the way we act. If they come before then, question everything!

Climate Change Hysteria

I’m going to start out here, and say it’s obviously important that we get our act together and become the proper stewards of this planet. The way we currently treat our environment is disturbing, and it definitietly needs to change. However, the Climate Change hysteria gripping the country, like the Trans hysteria, is being used to push an agenda.

I think you’ll find, nation’s have been hiding advanced technologies from their populations, that would not only resolve many of our planetary issues, but would redefine our society for the better. Our progression has been controlled. The technologies we have advanced the most on, are the ones that control us. The technologies that would free us from centralized energy, medicine, and the servitude of a 9-5 work day have been hidden. Anyone who thinks that it’s normal for some technologies, such as computer technology, to progress so quickly, naturally, in such a short period time. BUT technologies related to Energy generation to barely move in 100 years need to address their world view.

We are allowed to progress quickly, if the technology can be turned into a way to enslave us eventually. But as I said, anything that will free us from being dependent on a centralized source are hidden from us. Just go look at the number of patents that organizations such as DARPA has been responsible for shelving.

It makes no since to try and push things like electric automobiles , as a way to save the environment, while at the same time passing laws that limit solar panel efficacy. Let’s be clear too, when it comes to electric vehicles, the process of mining the materials for the batteries is using vast amounts of fossil fuels. The changing stations being used to charge electric vehicles, are mostly powered by fossil fuels as well. Anyone who drives an electric vehicle, and sports a superiority complex should look deeper into their impact on the planet. Is more substantial than they think.

Climate Change has been used to scare the people. Even NASA has noticed curious changes in the climates of other planet’s in the Solar System. Hell, they will even call them “Seasonal Changes” to try and down play them. Yet curious changes on Earth, are somehow passed off as being all related to “Human Activity”. If all the planets in the Solar system are changing, then something outside human activity is behind it duh! Let’s not forget about the Sun too, somehow the screaming mobs forget about the largest infleunce to our planet.

Finally, climate change activists have a weird way of only demonizing and pushing for change in the West and Europe. They rarely, if at all, mention the worlds largest planetary polluters. I’m not sure what they are thinking, and maybe the problem is they are not, they are just repeating a narrative.

It’s also worth mentioning, the alternative sources of energy being pushed, are no where near strong enough to power our civilization currently. Electric everything only gives the governments a better way to turn off resources to their citizens, if they deem it necessary. And they will, if given a chance.

Get Your Booster

The last topic I’m going to mention in this post, is perhaps the most trigger generating for a lot of people. Let’s be realistic, ever since certain companies were ordered to release their internal studies…. Studies that they wanted to have under lock and key for over 70 years, everyone should be reading what was released.

Do they? For the most part, No. I’m willing to bet that most people who continue to subject their bodies to an experimental v***** with no long term studies have not read the companies own released data.

Let’s not forget the number of athletes, in the prime of their lives, that have droped while playing their sport in question. AND the number of people who have actually collapsed on TV doing things such as presenting the news. AND all increases in excess deaths being reported by insurance companies starting in the year following C****. and all the defense the media has been throwing to protect big Pharma.

In the last year alone, I have seen articles written be main stream news sources claiming all the sudden h**** issues in the population were related to things like the following: Climate Change, Cold Showers, Gardening, Referee Whistles (especially related to athletes having heart issues), Pot Smoking, Long Term C****, and many others. Just about everything, expect an experimental vaccine with no long term studies, and where the companies who produce the v***** cling to blanket immunity from responsibility of any long term adverse effects.

Perhaps we should be paying attention who is sponsoring our news organizations, as well as just about every other major event in our society……… Take a look at it, especially since 2020.

The Fall Of The System Continues

The topics I mentioned above, are not easy to talk about. As I indicated in the beginning of this post, I would rather focus on other things. Yet, I feel that we are in a period where talking about them is necessary. At least from time to time.

Personally, I have been trying to spend more time preparing for the coming 6-12 years. There are a lot of people, trying to predict where all these things and more, are going to take us in the United States. I don’t think the American People are going to allow themselves be herded into a totalitarian nightmare. Though I do think, we are going to be taken to the brink, before the people react in mass. One thing is for certain, we are approaching a new Era in Human potential. It is up to us to choose our path. If you are just awakening to the reality of our situation. Welcome to the party, and welcome to the fall of the SYSTEM!!

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