An Awesome Update To The Amazing Taran Ascending Story


Hey there all! It has been roughly a full month, since I’ve posted an episode of Taran Ascending. As such, I wanted to post a quick update. The past month, has been full of thoughts about life for me. I’ve slowly been preparing myself for a potential move, in the not so distant future. Although, I’m not sure if it is a done deal as of yet. I’ve been also taking more time, to reflect on the energy hitting the planet currently.

Needless to say, I’ve needed more time to simply sit back and relax. Any who, let’s get back to the Taran Ascending update. I’m planning on completing Episode 9, within a week or so. So make sure you check back to give it a look. In the mean time, I’ve created some cool images using stable diffusion to go along with the Taran Ascending story. I hope you enjoy the images below.

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