About Taran Station

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Updated March 2024:

Hello visitors! Welcome to Taran Station, the Home for Aurora’s exciting story. Taran Station is a multidimensional experiment in creative expression. That being said, the site is still in its infancy and much work is planned to bring out its full potential. However, I wanted to drop in and talk about Taran Station a little bit, just to give you a preview of what you may see here.

This will be a place where I work on my creative writing, or “writing on the fly” as I call it. There are number of writing categories on the site, and you filter specific writing pieces related to each, by using the menu bar on the Home Page. The Home Page it self, contains my unfiltered writing pieces.

Over the last couple years, Taran Station has undergone many changes, and I’m pleased to announce I will renewing my hosting agreement for another year.

This year I have decided to introduce a new sub-category to Taran Station called “Taran Ascending”. This is directly related to the “Journeys of Tara” writing pieces, but will a creative story about Aurora and others in a more traditional way.

Each post in this new category, will be written more as “sort episode”, related to Aurora’s Journey. Think of a short episodes about our Galactic History. BUT expressed using creative writing. I’m excited to work on these writing pieces this year. I will also continue working on my other writing pieces as well.

I will also be posting a site update, which will for the first time ever, give a short overview of each category on the site. You can view that post by clicking the link below. Welcome to Taran Station 😊🙏🏻.