The Powerful And Devastating Dreams That Remind Us;(Episode 4)

The corridor was narrow, powerful lights and holographic displays located on thermals flashed constantly. Sounds of various alarms sounded in the background, while men and woman wearing a variety of colored uniforms dashed about in a frantic way. The word Ascension, as well as a diagram of a dozen other capital ships were listed around […]

13 mins read

Aurora’s Simple Cabin; Seductively Beautiful; (Episode Two)

Driving through a secluded path to Aurora’s cabin invokes the feeling of an old horror novel. Restricted by the narrow path, I cautiously approach the cabin, my journey punctuated by the unnerving presence of shadows and the beauty of a moonlit clearing. When I finally reach the quaint cabin, full of secrets and Wanderer technology, Aurora greets me with warmth, suggesting a night of reconnection and discussions ahead. Episode two of “Taran Ascending” unwinds with an atmosphere of mystery and anticipation for the unfolding tale.

9 mins read