The Quest For Love; A Taran’s Perspective

Love is a fundamental constant in the Cosmos; It’s a fundamental constant all throughout creation. Love transcends the illusions of both space and time. Love is the highest vibration of all, yet the quest for love is often misunderstood. On Tara, Love is still being explored, as it is all over the cosmos. When a Taran goes out among the stars, they take the Taran concept of love with them, and compare it to how Love is defined in the places they visit.

Many who visit Tara, find the Taran concept of Love foreign. To us, Love is seen as an art form, and encompasses a range of expression. It is not seen as singular. When we simplify our concept of Love for others, the saying of mind, body, soul is an adequate expression.

Romance, Sex, and Love On Tara

One question that is often asked by visitors, is how do relationships form on Tara. There is no static way, in which a coupling occurs. However in many cases, there is feeling of familiarity between the parties involved. They may notice a subtle physical reaction when they are in close contact with each other, or they may simply be overtaken by a curiosity that is persistent. When Tarans start to go down the road of romance, the parties involved seek to explore each other in various ways.

While there are many places in the cosmos, where romance, and particularly sex has taken on a strictly physcial act. That is not how the concept of Love has evolved on Tara. Sex is a multidimensional act on Tara, Lovers not only use their physycal bodies, but also their energetic bodies to bring each other to greater levels of pleasure, as well as, to a deeper understanding of existence. Additionally Sex is considered one aspect of Love, it’s not considered to be definition of it.

Tarans also express their affection for each other, in ways other than physical acts. The deep emotional and metal bonds that form between Lovers on Tara, result in an intricate understanding of the other. As a result the approach of Unconditional love begins.

The Challenge of Taran Wanderers

There is one particular challenge, countered by Tarans while they explore the concept of Love. In most cases, the challenge arises when a Taran chooses the become and Wanderer, and goes out among the stars. Often they will come to words, where the notion of Love is not as it is on Tara. Even if the individual in question, has chosen to start a new life on the planet in question, they will still subconsciously hold the Taran concept of Love within them.

As they mature, they will be subconsciously drawn to seek out the Taran path of Love. If is absent on the world in question, the Wanderer often will face one of three outcomes. They will either find other Wanderers on the planet to explore the concept with. This is often an ideal situation for the Wanderer, as they will feel more at home. On the more challenging side, the Wanderer could feel a profound sense of loneliness, which could result in them entering many relationships in search of Love. If a relationship is not healthy, it will quickly fall apart, and the Wanderer may grow frustrated. Resulting in less that harmonic feelings about themselves.

Finally, the Wanderer may choose to avoid relationships on the planet, as they are fusterated that the concept they are looking for seems to be be void from others around them. To those who experience the latter two situations, always remember to never give up on Love. There are multiple meaningful explorations to be had while on your journey. Look within and find others that look within, together you can make a difference.

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