The Crystal Cave and The Love Between Twins

Aurora’s Crystal Cave Meditation

She sat silent at the head of a crystalline pool, eyes closed, and with one arm resting effortlessly by her side.   The other struggling to stay slightly elevated, while her fingertips caressed her neck.  Colorful orbs danced around her body, time itself began to slow, and the crystal cave itself acknowledged her.   

The sounds of the rushing ocean outside, and the immense light radiating from nearby crystals no longer concerned her.  She had been training for years to reach such a state of  profound concentration, and it was in the scared cave of her people that she had achieved this pivotal accomplishment.

Known as Asao, the cave was scared to her people. The living crystals within it, contained the essence of the entire planet.  Time had no meaning here, it was a  place of true inward reflection, Only the Library of Tara could rival the cave’s energy, but the library was located far from the island.

Her mind now beginning to sync with the cosmos, her eyes fluttered rapidly as she let uncertain thoughts regarding her path interrupt her concentration.  While she had been able to make the initial connection for some time, she had never gotten much further.  As a result she  experienced only what she called “random images” of places and people that confused her.

Yet, she had been told by her city elder that all would make sense soon enough.  Although Aurora was never one to wait for answers. It was because of this, that she now sat in her favorite place contemplating the nature of the cosmos.

The only thing she truly knew, was this was only the beginning of her journey.  How symbolic it was, that it would begin in the scared place.

The Love of Twin Flames

As Aurora attempted to recapture her focus, the pitch of nearby crystals changed slightly. Before Aurora could begin to contemplate the change, the sensation of someone reaching around her back and covering her eyes broke her concentration.  “Hey there, guess who?”  A familiar voice whispered into Aurora’s right ear, speaking  loudly enough to get her attention, but not so loudly where the sacred space of the cave would be disturbed.

A smile formed across Aurora’s face, “Why could it be my most beloved mischievous charge in all the land?” She responded.   “That would be me!” The voice whispered excitedly.  Aurora arched her head upward, freeing herself from the hands that had been placed over her eyes playfully.  She opened her eyes to meet the gaze of Celina’s beautiful aqua blues staring down at her.  A wide grin stretched across her face which made Celina even more alluring, and Aurora knew it would be almost impossible for her to resume her mediation.

“How long are you going to spend meditating today, while your charge desperately waits for you to have fun?”  Celina spoke louder now, her grin morphing into a full blown smile. Aurora stood up and brushed the dirt off  her garments, before stretching to release the tension in her legs.  “I’m so sorry Celina, you know how much I can loose myself in this place, its mystery, its grace, its harmony”.   Aurora was going to continue, but her emerald eyes had made contact with Celina’s and she knew it was over… It was time to have some fun.

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