The Path of Kailani; The Love of The Sea

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There is saying on Tara; Happiness comes from the heart. It’s a simple saying, but its meaning eludes populations all over the cosmos. When I was approaching my Kailani journey, I would ponder why this was the case. I would find myself sitting at the shore of the Taran Sea, looking into the crystal blue waters and pondering the mysteries of life. One morning, one of our Elders found me sitting alone deep in thought. “Aurora, happiness comes from the heart, the reason why so many aren’t happy is because they don’t listen to their hearts. They believe something external from themselves will make them happy. It never does for more than a defined moment.” I looked up to find the elder standing over me smiling; their colorful clothing shimmering in the rising sun. Elders are like that, they have a knack of knowing what’s exactly on your mind.

It wasn’t long after that moment, that I started looking for the path that called to me. A Taran’s heart is complex, not only do we seek to be happy in our everyday lives, but we also seek to contribute something that betters our society. It may be something simple, such as, planting a garden, or spending time helping an elder go about their day, but every contribution is honored equally. We especially honor the practical, and the deep connections we all have to each other.

Deep Diving The Inner Sea of Emotion

Let me tell you about Water, there is an energy to it, an intelligence which olds great wisdom. Is it no surprise that so many in the cosmos rely on it to stay healthy? On Tara the Seas always called to me, even when I wasn’t on Tara they called, reminding me of my bond to such a profoundly beautiful element.

Early on in my journey, I thought every Taran felt the same way while standing by the Sea. The heightened sense of awareness, the tingling sensation that would go up your spine. Feeling the constant desire to dive deep into the unknown abyss of the Sea, in search for meaning. I thought all my friends felt this way, and thus didn’t realize my unique elemental connection. It wasn’t until my friends started discovering their unique elemental connections, that I realized mine had always been staring me in the face.

My Twin had pulled me a side one evening, to share with me the bliss she experienced while hiking deep in a Taran forest under a full moon. The excitment we both felt, as she described her experience brought tears of joy to my eyes. “Aurora, the forest is my place, I love the flowers, the trees, the seclusion. I want to all the forests of the Cosmos. It may take me lifetimes, but I will do it.” She happily exclaimed.

It was in that moment, that I realized my unique connection. My twin smiled when she realized I had figured it out. “Aurora, did you finally discover the connection you have to the Sea ?” I laughed, pushing her to the ground and wrestling with her playfully. She had known it all along, but hand’t said anything. I suppose that’s Twins for ya.

The morning after I quickly began the Kailani path, knowing I would get to literally explore the deep of the Taran sea, and discover the secrets of my own inner sea as well.

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