The Mystic Guardians of the Taran Home World

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On the central land mass of Tara, you’ll find a city engulfed in natural radiance. Watched over by the honorable Taran Guardians. who have achieved a state of grace, that would be considered a fiction by most.  You may even think of this city as a temple. As mentioned before, nature and those who live on the sphere are in balance.   It’s because of this balance, that Taran technology is often indistinguishable from nature.  Thus, re-iterating the concept of “Everything Is One.”

Various forms of Guardians exist across the entirety of the cosmos.  Whenever a civilization rises, the potential to achieve various levels of consciousness rises with it.   As higher states of consciousness are achieved by a population, structures come into being that represent a more harmonic way of life. As well as, the strong desire to be of service on a universal scale. The Taran Guardians represent only a single thread of this process.

On Tara, a Guardian may take on a variety of roles.  Guardians may choose to tend to an aspect of the biosphere, act as teachers, or provide guidance in other various ways.  These are not the only paths a Guardian may choose.  The ways of service are endless.  The one universal truth all Guardians abide by is, everything in existence is One with Nature and the Creator.

Choosing the path of a Guardian is a serious undertaking on Tara. Often taking great amounts of training on the part of Taran in question. While no one is excluded from walking this particular path, only a minority of Tarans make the decision to do so. When an individual makes the decision to walk the path, all of Tara honors them. They then begin the journey of determining how them may best be of balanced service. This journey often starts, with the Taran finding their unique connection to nature. However, this isn’t unique to the Guardian path, as mentioned previously many Tarans discover their connection to nature early on in their development.

Introduction To Guardian Types

One of the first questions usually asked, when a visitor to Tara learns of the Guardians, is does an alignment to a certain aspect of nature influence a Guardian’s role? The answer is never a simple one, but overall there are distinct differences how Guardians may choose to be of service, and a Guardian’s alignment to nature may help guide them on making the decision.

While a Guardian, or any other conscious being for that matter, cannot be grouped into a static definition, the below are some ways Taran Guardians may choose to express themselves. However, the table below is only an introduction to some of the Taran Guardians.

Guardian TypeAspect of NatureSpecial Focus Special Responsibility
Solar Guardians Plasma Uncovering and Understanding the secreters of Existence Defender of Freedom/Watch Over Planetary Systems
Terrestrial Guardians Biological LifeExploration of Planetary SpheresSeeding and Maintaining Ecosystems
Kailani GuardiansWater & AetherExploring Emotion and Psychic Ability Wanderers

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