Freedom and Love On The Planet of Tara

Freedom on Tara According to Aurora

There is a point in every Taran’s life, where they question their place in the cosmos. Our elders tell us this is natural, that we’re meant to have questions, and then to our best ability seek out answers. From the moment a Taran is born, they are encouraged to explore, both the inner and external worlds. We’ve found that many places in the cosmos, are still stuck with trying to discover what true freedom is.

On Tara every child is free to choose their path. There is no governing authority that enforces a predetermined array of “Truth” on youth. Nor does one come into existence as a Taran progresses on their Journey. Every Taran is free to choose, how they want to contribute to the orchestra known as Taran Society. If they are unsure, then they simply continue exploring, until they find a path that calls to their heart. There is no rush.

One particularly unique thing Tarans do, is we start working with nature early in our development. It’s not uncommon for a Taran to find themselves drawn to one aspect or element of nature. We believe that the natural world is an intricate part of our souls, and thus we ourselves have a responsibility live in balance with nature. Some Tarans spend vast amount of times in the jungles and forests of Tara, exploring and tending to them. Others such as myself, were drawn to the oceans, and started our journey exploring the depths of Tara. There are even some Tarans, who are profoundly drawn to the plasma that comes from our Sun. We call these Tarans, Solar Fire Guardians, if they ever decide to follow the Guardian path. More on this another time.

Taran Love is Intensley Profound

Relationships on Tara are vastly different than they are most places. Love is considered by our elders to be the most powerful force in the cosmos, and we have a deeply spiritual nature when it comes to experiencing Love. When two Taran’s bond with each other, it’s on a mind, body, and soul level. The focus is not just the joy of the physical experience, but the bliss of touching the soul of another. The end result is a deep flowing connection, that results in both individuals leaning how connected life truly is. This is not to say, that Taran’s can’t get caught up in physical encounters elsewhere. Only we experience many different levels of intimacy at once.

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