Aurora’s Evolving and Amazing Journey; An Awesome Visual Journal

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The path of a Taran Wanderer, is ultimately one of exploration and service. Though it’s also important to have fun as well. When I first started writing about Aurora’s evolving and Amazing journey , I had no idea which way I would take it. I also had no idea, what I would share, and what I wouldn’t. Nor how much would be combined in a creative journal of sorts. I suppose all of my writing pieces, or the vast majority of them bridge the line between creative writing and a journal.

Aurora has always been in the background, communicating in various ways. How interesting that the name I’ve given her, also means, “Sleeping Beauty”. Sometimes a hazy barrier separates the communication, though one only needs to feel and pay attention to hear.

We’re often are stuck in the mind, ignoring higher senses, which causes us to question ourselves.

Aurora would probably say, we are all One. So creativity is absolutely a wonderful way to express anything. It goes beyond the absolute, and connects to a far more fluid level of reality.

Today’s post is another one of visuals. As I wanted to introduce another way of telling a story. One that has far less words, and allows the “reader” take in the images and let them ponder Aurora’s Journey.

Aurora’s Evolving and Amazing Journey; An Evolving Gallery Part One

I’ve already introduced some creative images, for Aurora’s Evolving and Amazing Journey in my previous post. If you would like to check them out, you can do so by clicking here.

In this post, I’m going to introduce more realistic images, that were generated using Stable Diffusion. These images took some time to generate, as I had to find the right word combinations, as well as find the right word combination that expressed what I had coming though me.

Again, as I indicated in my previous post, no image in 100% accurate. But they are beautiful none the less.

I hope you Enjoy :).

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