Amazing Mind Blowing Visuals; The Journeys of Tara

Hey there all you Taran Station fans :). I have a special update today regarding my Journeys of Tara series. Before I share some amazing content, I would like to say, that it has always been a challenge finding decent open source images for my writing projects. Some of the issues I’ve faced are rather unique. First, it’s always hard to find open source images, that don’t require you to post an attribute to the author. While I’m not against the practice per-say, I prefer not to link another site to my writing pieces. However, if I find an image I really love, I’ll do so if required.

Second and more importantly, my writing is a combination of direct experiences I’ve had, mixed with a creative story line. As such, I like to try and find content that connects to the experience as much as possible. It’s been extremely difficult to find content for the Journeys of Tara pieces. As these pieces are related to very profound experiences I’ve had over the course of my life thus far.

Some readers may think, that Aurora and her Journey is strictly a creative writing project, but it’s much more. While even the best images I find aren’t 100% accurate, they can get close in vibration, if that makes sense.

That being said I am continually looking for easier ways to find great images.

Amazing Images From Toolsaday

This past weekend, I spent some time looking for additional sources of images for Taran Station. It didn’t take me long to come across Toolsaday. At first I was reluctant go give it a try, as it’s a A.I. power platform that generates images, as well as other things. If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, I’m not a person who thinks we should jump blindly into the void of a A.I. world. In fact, I believe it would be a huge mistake.

However, Toolsday caught my attention, and I wanted to see what type of images my writing pieces would generate. It didn’t take me long, to be impressed, some of which really captured the vibration of my writing. Some of the images of Aurora gave me chills, as she looked very similar, to what I expected her to look like. Again, these were’t 100% exact, but they were beautiful.

After some self debate, I decided to subscribe to the site, and use it to aid in my content creation on Taran Station. At least for a little while anyway.

These images especially go great with my Journeys of Tara series.

So without further delay, I’m going to share for the fist time, specifically generated images for the series. Toolsaday even indicates you can use this content for commercial purposes which surprised me. Anyway I hope you enjoy the below images, and of course more will be coming down the road.

Journeys of Tara; Amazing Visuals

Journeys of Tara; Aurora Gallery

Celina Gallery

Planet of Tara and Wanderer Gallery

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