Remarkable Technologies of Tara; The Heart Centered Harmonic Field

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On Tara the technologies that exist, seek to bring every Taran closer to nature, and to their own unique connection to the creator. This was not always the case, there was a period, before our New Era where technologies ran rampant, and caused much disharmony within our minds. We too went though a period of profound disruption, before taking our place among the Stars. The remarkable technologies that now exist on Tara, will eventually be discovered on Earth once again. As Earth and Tara are One, as is all in creation.

As the peoples of your planet, reach for new ways of doing things, the old system will struggle to remain in control. Leaders will promote solutions that only partially solve problems, because if they were to provide complete solutions, or approach on them, their reign of control would end.

Remarkable technologies already exist on Earth, but are held for the few. The planet itself, provides ways to connect to spheres universal consciousness; Earth itself is aware. The planet holds, all knowledge within precise energetic pathways, which exist outside of your reality. However, they can be accessed and learned from within your physical world.

This knowledge is deeply protected by peoples, who remain in deeply tune with nature. The use of this technology, has not historically gone well for civilizations on Earth. As deviation from balance, can cause severe disruptive events, if imbalance is maintained for too long of a period.

As Earth advances in its Ascension, many revelations will continue to be brought into the public’s sight. It will be the population’s reasonability, to pay attention to what is being brought forward. Though there will be some, who choose to stay unaware of the Ascension process. Never the less, the Ascension will continue as planned.

Heart Centered Harmonic Fields

One Remarkable technology that exists on Tara, are Heart Centered Harmonic Fields. These are fields of energy used to heal any discomfort to the Taran form. These fields of energy our a natural occurrence on Tara. But over the Eons, we have learned to consciouslly tap into them, and with a balance of technology and mental ability use the fields to heal.

Great amounts of energy are produced by this type of technology, and while it may appear to be magic to some visiting Tara, there is profound universal knowledge behind it.

If a Taran is experiencing any type of discomfort, they are able to visit a sacred site on the Tara. There keepers of these fields, will help prepare the individual for their healing experience. This evolves becoming at peace with oneself. Once at peace, tidal energies are directed at increased intervals at the person in question. These energies flow though the sacred location, and can be focused using a variety of methods. Often using crystalline structures, weather they be obvious, or located thoughout different substrates of materials.

When in balance, these fields of energies help raise the the Taran’s vibration to a point were it it vibrates or oscillates if you prefer, to a much higher rate. Resulting in the Taran form reaching a state where energetic healing is easier. Think of a tuning fork, effecting a electric/magnetic field. The Taran is brought closer to nature, and then the needed harmonic is introduced to correct the discomfort.

Once complete, the vibration of the individual, is then returned to its base vibration without the discomfort being present.

During this process, the individuals state of mind, is in a super-conscious state. Where it can help direct the flow of these energies to the needed location. As such, healing is highly effective on Tara if it becomes necessary.

Earth’s Budding Remarkable Technologies

On Earth this technology may currently be seen as impossible. Yet the people’s of Earth use a variety of fields of energy to detect medical issues. These machines in principal, could be adapted over time to do more, though the consciousness component of the technology is further off.

The reason why these technologies seem impossible on Earth currently, is due to their misuse in the past. Tapping into the the Earth’s grid system, resulted in disaster on more than one occasion. If intentions were initially Nobel, they eventually were lost, due to the civilizations falling out of balance with nature.

Those who glimpsed their potential, were also often ridiculed by negative intentions. You cannot hold these technologies long, unless balance is achieved to large degrees. The Cosmos is full of civilizations who have learned these lessons.

Rest assured though, Earth will one way see these technologies re-emerge, and use them in balance.

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