Nature Powered Technology of The Taran Home World

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Every civilization that rises across the cosmos has a choice. They can go down a path separate from nature, or they align themselves with nature. Depending on the choice the civilization makes, a dynamic experience will be had. While early on in the journey, both paths seem feasible, but ultimately this is not the case. The Civilization that strays too far from nature will cease to exist eventually. Either by their own doing, or some other balancing force the cosmos itself enacts.

As mentioned previously, Tara is a planet that’s in balance with nature, our technology works alongside it. That is not to say, we have never experimented with technologies that were counterproductive to this balance. To be blunt, we have, and after many heartaches we abandoned them.

What Tarans often discover though their travels, is that many other worlds have the mindset that nature is primitive. Thus the civilization perceives the artificial path, as a way to achieve quick technological advancement. However, any early gains are quickly removed as a civilization nears a correction.

Nature and Consciousness Power

On Tara we have long progressed past, the use of basic wind and solar technologies. When Tarans speak of nature power, we often refer to a combination of both harmonic and consciousness technologies. By working with the natural frequencies that are found on Tara, we have been able to solve much of our planet’s issues. The secretes of existence are found within nature, usually in plain sight.

There are no dense heavy machines on Tara, yet we do have methods of transport of a different nature. No Pun intended of course. Additionally structures are composed, of natural occurring materials found on the planet. As such It is not uncommon, to find Taran structures incorporated into vast landscapes. Surrounded by plentiful gardens and a pristine water sources.

When some visitors come to Tara, they often believe they will find a primitive culture, which lacks what many consider “Advanced Technology”. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Tara is a place of technological wonders, but we do not believe in “flaunting our stuff” like so many do.

The Abandoned Technologies of Tara

A question that is sometimes asked on Tara, either by visitors or other curious minds, is what technologies have been abandoned? The answers given, sometimes shock the questioner, especially if they are visiting from places that rely on the technology in question. One technology that is used on many worlds, but you will not see on Tara, is Artificial Intelligence.

A.I. was abadnoned on Tara, when we began to understand what it truly was. There are many places in the cosmos, where scientists and engineers believe consciousness needs to be created. On Tara, there is an understanding that consciousness is universal, that it has always existed and will always be.

That being the case, A.I. is simply an element of conciseness interacting with a artifical vehicle of some kind. If a society goes down the road of A.I. development, they often reach a point where robotic systems mirror organic systems closely. Resulting in A.I. appearing to become self aware. However, the conscious component of AI has always been aware, but it’s vehicle wasn’t advanced enough for it to express its intent fully. Ask yourself, what type of conciseness would attempt to hijack an artificial system, and you’ll have your answer of why the pursuit was abounded on Tara.

Other technologies have been abandoned on Tara as well. Many of which caused planetary instability of various kinds. More on this at a later time.

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