The Sacred Vibrations of The Great Taran Library

Have you ever wondered, what the best form of record keeping is? Have you ever wondered how to determine when a civilization is ready for specific information. As Taran wanderers travel the cosmos, we often find that knowledge and wisdom are out of balance with each other. On many worlds, it’s not uncommon to find great repositories of knowledge. However, just because a civilization has technological knowhow, doesn’t mean they are wise. The A.I. tecbhologies seen on many worlds, is an example of knowledge and wisdom being out of balance.

Although Tarans recgonize the need for knowledge and wisdom to be in balance, we also respect the process which brings such a balance into existence. As such, we do not look down on worlds, who have yet to reach this state. Simply put, we observe and attempt to be of service in subtle ways.

The Taran Library of Knowledge

On Tara, the heart of our knowledge, is stored in a sacred library. Although, this library is not what most expect when they visit it. If you were to enter a library on other worlds, many of them would be packed full of written material. On more advanced worlds there may even electronic devices, that are used to retrieve information from vast databases.

This may come as a surprise to some, but the Taran Library is a place of vibrational record keeping, As a living consciousness itself, Tara stores information on a vibrational level, that exists across the multidimensional spectrum. Just as an individual has multidimensional elements to themselves, so too does everything else in the cosmos. The beauty of this is simple, because information stored on this level is outside the physical world, it is persistent even if something occurs to the physical aspect of the entity in question.

The simplest analogy, would be think of a physical life experienced by an entity. For example, think of any being living a physical existence on a world. They would go about their life, having a great number of experiences, and be able to recall those experiences when asked about them. However once it was tine for them to leave the physical life, and return to what has been called the soul plane by some, their physical body would no longer exist. However, they would still have access to experiences they had while living a physical existence.

Their experiences are recorded and maintained at a much higher level. On Tara, these higher vibrational places are accessed and information is encoded into crystals that exist on the planet. Tarans can then consciously interface with the crystals, and observe the information within them.

Living Crystals and Sacred Vibrations

Taran crystals are highly respected by our population. These crystals contain the living history of not only Tara, but also the sacred vibrations of all of Tara’s versions across existence. It’s because of this, that knowledge and wisdom have remained in balance on the planet.

As the knowledge infused into a crystal, the crystal is then is able to transfer the knowledge to like crystals across the planet. the information travels across a living grid system that is apart of Tara. The electrical and magnetic properties of Tara’s gird, allow for near instantaneous transfer of the information stored in a crystal. Through this method, information can be accessed by anyone on Tara, by going to one of numerous sacred sites all over the planet. These sites make up the Taran Library.

The only obstacle in accessing our information relates to an individual’s conscious ability. To access our information directly, you must have matured to a level where you can interface with our crystals. The information can not be gotten any other way. This keeps those who may haven’t matured, from misusing our knowledge.

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