Aurora’s Love of The Taran Sea

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The Love of The Taran Sea:

When I was much younger, I used to look out at the vast Taran Sea and tell myself that I wanted to be Water. To flow in every blissful state of power and grace, moving from one state of being to-another. There is an intelligence in water, one that is ancient, wise, and universal. After all, what is consciousness, but a vast sea of creativity flowing in a multi dimensional state experiencing everything in existence.

The waterways on Tara are beautiful beyond belief. The Taran sea is full of life, creating vast ecosystems that work in tandem with the rest of the planet to create a healthy living sphere. When I’m home, I often spend the vast amounts of time causing the waterways of Tara, exploring every nook and cranny. Diving deep into the sea, into my own being, continually discovering new things about myself and Tara. After all we are all One!

Flowing Through Creative Writing:

Every now and again, I like to give a short update on my writing projects. Currently I’m in the process of trying to decide, how this site should evolve. I haven’t posted in over three months, as the summer months have kept me busy, and I have been deep in thought about how I wanted to improve Taran Station. Obviously Aurora’s Story will continue to be hosted on this site. If you have read the handful of story updates on the site, you may have noticed that the writing doesn’t seem to go in any one direction. This is because Aurora’s Story comes to me in waves, and I truly free write when it does.

In addition to Aurora’s Story, I’m going to start writing a number of short stories, that may become part of a greater project at some point. However, for the time being they will remain mostly independent of each other. Also , I will most likely only share parts of the stories, as I want to protect my work as much as possible. But I do also love to openly share, that being said I need to find a balance. If you like what you see on Taran Station, please continue to check back for more updates. As we progress into the Fall, I plan to be writing more. For those of you who have visited, thank you for taking the time to check out Taran Station :).

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