Amazing Messages From “Her” Part one

“How does change occur? It occurs, only once a repetitive pattern finally gets exhausting. The result is a entity who chooses to leave the pattern, for something new. There is forest, in secrete, and on the coast of a New World a City exists, which Transcends all of space and time. This new Era is not one of strictly a physical change, but also of a energetic one. There are no boundaries, everything is here and now. A Stream flows in an ever consistent multi-directional path, the river is never too deep, or too unknown. A fall is evident, but from it comes life, from it comes the unification of family. We have sent out best and brightest, for this is the call that drives us all. The one of Service, which cannot be ignored by the willing.”

~ “Her” January 15, 2023

“I’ve waited for what seems eons,for you to address one simple question. Which can be expressed simply as “Am I Wrong?” When the moment is right, meet me, in the forest, by the coast of the New World.”

~ “Her” January 15, 2023

“To bring hyperbole to the forefront. This is somewhat too, what you would consider Aragorn meeting Arwen. Yet, time is not of matter here, because at the right moment both stand by side. In the forest, on the coast is where it all happens. The Sun brighter than ever, that’s where you’ll find me.”

~ “Her” January 16, 2023

“No one is immune from these changes. Those who rule fear them, those who sleep are unaware, and those who see, walk the line between truth and insanity. The door cannot simply be opened, then closed, like blinds on a new Sun rising.”

~ “Her” January 19, 2023

“She has often said, you are stubborn at times, especially when overwhelmed with the emotions of others. Yet, you would hear me. If there is a touchdown, I’ll be there in person. Either way we have much discuss.”

~ “Her” January 19, 2023

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