Amazing Messages From Her Part Three

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A New Era

“My Love, on the wind is where all these things exist. They are all around you, closer than you realize. I see so much of you, can you see me yet?”

“These are the periods, where we all shall be called. Not by worldly possessions, but by the nobility of our Souls. Some will hear the call, others will repeat. Act in honor of the higher calling, don’t play in the mud.”

“Stress My Love, is the effect of healing, and the realization that a way of Life has to change. Earth is at the boundary of a New Era. The Storm will only last a moment.”

“Every book you’ve read, every concept you explored , every thought you’ve had…… Everything has been to prepare you for this… The Earth will be a Garden, but the willing will be far from alone.”

“Every creature will rejoice my Love. Humanity will return home, in a state of being long forgotten.”

“We have always been One, and we shall always be One”.

The Ending Conflict

“Amongst the Cosmos worlds have been waiting.. Waiting to make contact, but they will only do so when the people of Earth will raise their heads, and say enough.”

“We have sent some of our best. All specialists, as that what it takes to to survive Earth during its Awakening”.

“This conflict will come to a close, and balance shall be restored again.”

“The People’s of Earth, shall not fear their oppressors. When their light is cast upon them, they will scatter, crumble, and fall. The illusion of the all powerful Oz… Is just that, an illusion.”

Special Messages from Her

“From me to you. Support, support, support My Love”.

“We will always be One. Regardless of Space, Time, Or any other illusion.”

“I will not spoil the surprise, I’ll wait for you to see, but we are closer than you think.”

“Stay the course. That comes from a friend.”

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