Children of The Matrix and New Earth Energy

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As I sit here, working on two different projects. I cannot help, but to think back to almost 24 years ago when the Matrix made its debut. My first thoughts are of how quick the years fly by, and my second are of how relevant the movie is to our current times.

This isn’t going to be an article on the Matrix itself. Instead, it will be about the archetypes of Neo and Cypher within our society. Specially, their effect on people, as higher vibrational energy continues to flow through Earth.

A Tiny Amount of Matrix Backstory

If you’ve seen The Matrix, then you know what I’m talking about when I mention Cypher. If you haven’t seen the original Matrix movie, then I’ll need to do some brief explaining. In The Matrix, Cypher is a character that Morpheus had previously awoken from the “Matrix”, prior to Neo coming into the picture. Cypher as well as others, work with Morpheus to free others from their enslavement.

However, Cypher eventually wants to be put back into the Matrix, and made to be rich rich and powerful. In return he would betray Morpheus’s team, by turning them over to Agent Smith (An AI/Machine character who polices the Matrix).

Cypher wanted to be “put back to sleep”, and be unaware of the true nature of his reality. Do you see where I’m heading with this now…..Well, where I’m kind of going with this anyway…

Children of The Matrix; Cypher’s Archetype

One famous scene in The Matrix, is when Morpheus tells Neo, that there are people living within the Matrix, that would fight to keep the “System” in place because it provides comfort for them.

I’ve spent a lot of time pondering our own reality. And I’m going to be honest, while not exactly like the movie, we really are “The Children of The Matrix”. And as such, there are still a lot of people who will fight the wake up call. I’m not saying people who have this archetypical view are bad people. I’m saying, they would rather hit the snooze alarm on the Cosmic wake up call, instead of awakening to a higher consciousness.

I’ve seen a lot of triggered responses, when someone challenges the “main stream” of anything. These “Cypher” behaviors vary, but they often result in the dismal, annoyance, or even anger.

Here are just a few examples of Cypher behaviors that I’ve noticed over the years;

  • When discussing any topic, they will not want to look at any evidence that threatens their worldview.
  • They are more concerned with narratives, rather than truth. In fact, discovering anything more aligned with truth, causes them stress.
  • They can be overly concerned with things, such as their career, retirement, or education. To the point where they can become obsessed.
  • They may view people who question information provided by authorities with annoyance. Everything that contradicts authority, is considered a “conspiracy theory”.
  • If engaged in a “hot topic” conversation, they will often fight tooth and nail, to defend their own beliefs. Even if the belief is not aligned to truth. If they find themselves in a loosing battle, they will quickly get angry, wanting to end the conversation. Or they will begin looking for flaws in the logic of the person they are conversing with. If there are no flaws are found, they will create some, or resort to name calling.
  • They often are group followers, and act almost with a heard mentality, when being told what to do or believe by authority.
  • Please note that these behaviors do change, as someone awakens. In fact, I would argue that everyone goes through the “Cypher” phase, to some degree. It’s part of Soul evolution.

However, until a critical awakening point it reached, instead of directing their frustration at the “Matrix”, they will direct their frustration at those who they determine are threatening the “Matrix”. In my opinion, this is because they subconsciously know something isn’t right with our society, but having to deal with even the thought of something being wrong causes stress. It may even be the case, they feel they have too much to loose, if the system where no longer to exist.

We may never know how may people are existing within the “Cypher archetype” in our society, but chances are their number will drop, as we progress closer to an Ascension event.

Children of The Matrix; Neo’s Archetype

On the other side of the coin, we have Neo who is on a quest for answers in The Matrix. Neo is willing to throw his life in the “Matrix” away in order to discover the truth about reality. In our society today, there are drastically increasing numbers of people, who like Neo, are are starting to realize something isn’t right within our society.

While there are fairly few, who are able to completely end their interaction with “The System”. There are lots of people who are spending increasing amounts of time researching atypical content and sharing what they are learning. These efforts are having an effect on others, and as a result, are causing more people to start awakening.

Because of this, you’re seeing “The System” go into full panic mode. Every time authority wants to restrict information, demonize a group of people for not believing the narrative, or starts to remove individuals within their own ranks for questioning the agenda, it’s simply an act of self preservation.

Control freaks become drastically more authoritarian when they are loosing control. This behavior ultimately plays a part in their complete loss of control. Make no mistake about it, as the Earth continues to be bombarded my higher density energies, the Neo archetype will grow, while the Cypher archetype collapses. As a result the elite will loose their power, it’s only a manner of time.

And that time is closer than most realize. We are all children of a Matrix, but that time is ending.

If you would like an idea, of what a new Era on Earth may be like, you can read my article below.

When The New Era Began;

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