The Devastating Negative Path And The Truth About Inversion


About a week ago, I published my latest article in my Pioneering Collapse series. If you haven’t read that piece and would like to, you can do so by clicking here. I’m going to be honest, I don’t overly enjoy spending a lot of time writing about such topics. Nor do I enjoy having shades of politics in my articles. Ideally, I would rather focus on just the atypical, metaphysical world, as well as, more of my creative writing projects. However, there is a truth about the negative path and inversion that I feel can’t be ignored. As such, more of my articles will probably touch on these things, at least for the near future anyway. My more “fun” content, will still be worked on, but be prepared for more potential triggering content as well.

In either case, my content is based on real metaphysical, and paranormal experiences. My opinions come from these deeply Clairvoyant and Clairsentient episodes. Some may find them triggering, as they don’t an align to their political values or world views. But to be honest, that isn’t my problem, and I’m not going to hold back because of it. The negative path is full of people and beings that wish to divide us, and use intimidation to shut down free thought to keep us from common sense.

On that Note, this article may be a little blunt for some, while others may enjoy it. Either way as always, these are my expressed views based on the experiences mentioned above.

The Negative Path;The Fall of Liberalism?

You know, some of my friends would probably say I have become more conservative as I’ve gotten older. Every time this has been suggested, either directly or indirectly, I have had a good laugh to myself. I have always considered myself a classical liberal, for those who need a label for people of course. I’ve been one for balanced technological progress, as well as never believed that religions should dictate how everyone must live their lives. I believe in the freedoms of being able to live your life, and treating people as you would like to be treated. With people being judged by their actions and not by the way they look. While it may be true, that I no longer vote “D” across the board without thinking (such a toxic practice on both sides of the isle), I have not changed my views very much.

Instead liberalism, has been become co-opted by a radical agenda. One that pushes us closer to a negative path, or negative timeline. One that inverts classical liberalism, and wishes to push us into a Socialist/Communist dystopia. To be blunt, every time I hear most progressive liberals speak, I hear Wetiko in the background. A mindset of inversion, being touted as fair and proper.

The Negative Path’s Society

I’m going to be blunt here. If we go down the path of a negative timeline, we will ultimately see the abandonment of nature. It will be a world of the synthetic, over a world in balance with nature. There will be a lack of balance, that hasn’t been seen since the fall of Atlantis. It is a world where the average citizen will have no rights, they will have no sovereignty, there will be no prosperity or individualism, there will just be conformity to the state’s will or death.

All of this would come to be, over a relatively short period of time, under the disguise of words and policies that fool people into “feeling good” about themselves.

If those pushing this agenda told you, that they wanted the average citizen living in a micro apartments, owning nothing, and eating bug protein, I would think people would revolt. Yet, they have told us this, they just haven’t stood outside the halls of Government and made a declaration yet. They communicate this desire by writing white papers, and holding annual conferences where it’s discussed. Spinning a positive tale while doing so.

Keep that in mind, they always tell you what they are going to do, or a least try to do. Always!! It’s up to us to see it.

Dimensions of The Negative Path

I’ve already mentioned that Inversion is the preferred weapon of choice for this group. As well as promoting division on a target population. I talk more about this in other articles on the site. I’m not going to spend much time repeating what I’ve already talked about. But rather will touch on a few examples that keep coming up in our everyday lives. I also want to briefly discuss some real life experiences I’ve had recently.

The Keep Repeating The Lie or Mistruth Dimension

This is constant. You can’t turn on any form of mainstream media, without seeing this play out everyday. I don’t typically watch the mainstream media. Yet, I come across articles or clips daily, just simply browsing the net. I gotta love the most recent crap, they are still trying to promote the idea that Trump should be taken off the ballot this November for participating in an Insurrection. This is even after a 9-0 ruling by the supreme court. Uhhh and he hasn’t even been charged with insurrection, never mind being convicted.

Every time something stands in the way of “The Agenda” the Communist personalities in media, demonize the obstacle as illegitimate. Does it surprise me? Not at all! They keep repeating a false narrative to only stir emotions and desensitize the public. It’s something the Nazi’s did in WWII, and we all know what came of that. They just kept repeating the same BS, and the population went along for the ride. So why wouldn’t the elite try the same thing during this period?

This isn’t just a Trump thing, they do it across the board. Climate Change, A Certain Jab, The Economy, The Border Situation….etc etc etc…. They lie about or invert everything. It’s obvious too. The people with the microphones make you believe, that their expressed view of “Truth” is held by the vast majority. In reality it’s not, you just have a bunch of puppets in charge of the media.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Communism

I’m going to be blunt here as well. As a base everyone should be treated fairly and with respect. The way someone looks should not dictate how they are treated. Their behaviors should be the litmus test of their character. Plain and simple, the Golden Rule stands true.

Yet, somehow the group of people who overly pride themselves on being tolerant of others, become the nastiest people around when you disagree with them. They are constantly obsessed with the way someone looks, or where someone lives, over an individual’s behavior or character. This is on both sides of the isle to be honest. But the progressive left toot their own horn, on how accepting they are towards others, when in reality they aren’t. Only if you agree with them, are they accepting. This is tribalism at its roots, as well as animalistic consciousness. Again, I don’t want to pick on just the progressive side, it’s all over the place.

This mentality has been used to promote Communism as well. The elite always like to create buckets to place people in, and then they stir the emotions of the population to have the individual buckets fight each other. I.e Oppressor Vs Oppressed in China’s Communist revolution.

Finally, the negative path uses terms like Diversity, Acceptance, and Inclusion to promote people being accepting of each other. Which at its base value, it makes sense….. But then they will try to justify some of the most unacceptable behaviors, and tie them into the mindset of the above.

Case in point, they are once again trying to soften the language of pedophilia. By rebranding it as “Minor Attracted People”. Thus, they eventually will try to tack this onto LGBTQIA+ and tell us we have to be inclusive……… If you think I’m making this up, look what’s going on in Europe currently, it’s obvious. They’re trying to pass laws, resulting in prison sentences if someone “Mis-Genders” someone. They are becoming more extreme with political correctness, and it’s all designed to get people to accept more extreme mindsets. Accept it and not oppose it. Otherwise they will label you as a racist, bigot, homophobe, transphobe, or better yet, an Extremist. Can you say projection? Whose ideologies are the most extreme?

The Fear and Guilt Trap Of The Negative Path

Everything the elite promote, along the negative path, is defined to make you fearful, and to feel guilty. This is done in an attempt to make you feel powerless against them, and as a result they hope the population doesn’t stand up to them.

The weaponization of fear should be obvious. There always a boogey man to be terrified of. Just look at the last 50 years in the US. Warrior on Terror, War on Drugs, Multiple Wars, The Republicans are going to take Grandma’s Social Security, The Democrats are Godless, get the picture? Who is actually responsible for the majority of these talking points?

The weaponization of guilt may not be as obvious, but let’s think for a minute. In the last few years alone, we have been bombarded by propaganda designed to make us feel guilty for just living. I.E. You shouldn’t have gas stoves… because of climate change. Shouldn’t eat meat because of climate change…. Shouldn’t own a gas power vehicle….Because of climate change. If you’re a traditional heterosexual male with a good moral compass and are confident….. That’s toxic masculinity and you should be ashamed. Now there even demonizing “Toxic Femininity “… After all how dare you not want men invading your sports.

It’s ridiculous, all of it. My favorite is, “How dare you believe in the US constitution and the ideals of a constitutional republic, you should be ashamed…..Extremist”. I honestly don’t get the mindset, but there are people who would say things like that, and have. Just look at social media. It’s full of people infected with distorted world views, and almost everything they say is an inversion.

If we don’t stand up, and stand united as a people to say “NO” to the elite, we will risk making Orwell’s 1984 look like a prime utopia. Some may disagree with my assessment, and that’s fine.

A Personal Example

I’m going to end this post, with a quick personal story, and yes this does relate to politics. So be warned lol. I recently was told about a group text conversation, that contained a number of people I know well. All of these people are pretty liberal, with a couple being super liberal. Apparently someone asked if Biden did anything over the course of his first term…. Basically they didn’t know anything Biden did or didn’t over the last 3+ years, and were asking the rest of the group.

Now what I found funny was, the most liberal of the group, chimed in and said something along the lines of. “He must of did something, we just didn’t pay attention”. This was a response, to warrant voting for him again. The person who said this, spent much of Trump’s term fuming. Hanging on everything the media said, true or not. Most which we know was not true now. I found it funny, once their candidate got into office, they didn’t even pay attention to what he did in over three years….. That is the mindset, of the progressive left in a nut shell. As long as their candidate gets elected, they pull a Rip Van Winkle, and snooze for 3 + years. Only to start paying attention again, as the next election get’s close…. Don’t do this…… It’s sad…… Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post.

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