A Pioneering Collapse And The Frantic U.S. Government; Part One

What I’m going to talk about today, will make some people uncomfortable, but in reality that isn’t my intention. Therefore I’m going to call what I see, a Pioneering Collapse. My intention is to share a little more of what I see coming. Clairvoyance can be both a blessing and a curse. AND nothing is ever set in stone, timelines change based on the collective will. That may be hard for some to understand, but it’s the reason why predictions have never been exact throughout history. Timelines are not static…But are fluid and subject to change.

I also want to make it clear, that what I’m going to write about, isn’t limited to the U.S. Federal government. It will be a world wide occurrence, with each region experiencing similar events, but some with be at slightly different times. In the end, no region will be untouched. However, I’m going to focus on my own country. Also, this will be a multi-part article. It would be a challenge to condense everything into a single post. With all of this being said, let’s get started.

Why Call It A Pioneering Collapse?

When I first started having, clairvoyant and clairsentient impressions about our pioneering collapse, it was very uncomfortable. I was pretty young at the time too, which made it harder to process. I was in middle school when I started to get impressions about this particular event. However, over many years and much time to observe, I’ve realized that this collapse leads to a bright “future” for humanity. It will signify the beginning of a new age for our civilization, that will ultimately result in a civilization that will be galactic and consciously multidimensional. Though they are two in the same.

However, for us to get there, we will have to go through some growing pains. Some of which will be considerably uncomfortable. At least for a period. If you were to ask, well for how long? I wold say.. It depends on us. Although, our journey will expand for many generations to come. As a result, the current generation, or more simply put, the people living in the country currently will have to go beyond the “I”.

No worries though, we will see many inspiring things come to past. The next eight years alone will be a journey in itself, and from there we will expand out into the beginnings of the a New Era. This will truly be a pioneering journey.

Remembering The Roman Empire

I’m not going to spend a lot a time talking about Rome, but I will at least draw some comparisons. Rome’s fall was multi-faceted. Their Economy, Citizen’s Blissful Unawareness, Borders, Governmental Corruption, and more all played a part. Let’s think of this for a moment…. Governmental wise, Rome had periods of being a Republic, and periods which the Emperor’s had much more control. Rome even had periods where they would appoint a “dictator” like head for periods of time.

The Roman Senate was typically full of ambitious, and wealthy people who would just wanted more power and control. As such the political elite in Rome were deeply disconnected from the everyday citizenry. In the end, most of the political class didn’t see Rome’s fall coming. But as it got closer, they did everything to preserve their own power and survival, at the cost of the people. They eventually disregarded the will of the people completely.

Now let’s take a look at the U.S. Senate for a comparison. The comparison should be obvious….Senators are more concerned with nations thousands of miles away, than their own borders. It’s about money and power. It shouldn’t be a surprise, why so many of them never retire, even when approaching their 80’s or beyond. Most of the senate doesn’t vote based on their constituents desires anymore, they vote based on the desires of lobbyists, intelligence services, and dark actors. In exchange, they get perceived power and money. It’s all about them, with few exceptions. Do they see a fall coming, not at all, it’s just as it was in Rome.

The Blissfully Unaware Masses

It’s fitting that I’m writing part one of this article, only days after the Super Bowl. There is no greater example of “Bread and Circus” in the United States. If you’re not familiar with that term, it goes back to the Roman Emperors. Who would bring about Roman games in the colosseum when they wanted to distract everyday Jane & Joe from what the political establishment was doing.

“Bread and Circus” basically stood for: Food, Drink, and Entertainment. It’s pretty ironic, that while the Super Bowl was going on this year, the U.S. Senate met to pass yet another foreign aid bill, totaling just under 100 Billion dollars. The Senate doesn’t usually meet on Sundays. It was extremely rare, but it was perfect timing if they didn’t want much attention. You can’t make this up. It’s literally a perfect example of “Bread and Circus” programming.

The vast majority of the Roman public, had no clue the Empire was going to fall. Though we can speculate that perhaps some did pick up on its demise. In the United States, I believe there are a good number of people who realize something isn’t right. Who can feel something drastic is coming over the horizon. Hell, I’ve heard a lot of people say as much. However, the vast majority is still blissfully unaware.

The difference between the fall Rome, and the pioneering collapse we are going to see is the degree of discomfort. When Rome fell, it was a complete and utter collapse, that led to drastic consequences for regions which the empire had controlled. The same will be true for the United States. However, it will be the U.S. Federal Government that takes the hit. The Structure of the U.S. is such that, regions and States may actually remain intact, with boundaries changing. There will most likely be some form of organization that remains, and can be built upon. Thus I don’t believe we will see a complete collapse.

Communities will still exist with like minded people, and once the initial shock subsides people will be able to come together easier.

Finally, much of the infrastructure will most likely remain intact, as well as, our technology. However we will need to determine, who will do what in a society, which will most likely be going through a financial collapse. Again, we will need to let the “I” go, and work together if we want a less chaotic transition.

The Economy and Borders

Rome went broke! What do you think happened, when the establishment couldn’t pay the Soldiers? They went rogue, as well as deserted to take care of their own families. As such, the massive borders Rome had were overrun. The Elite also relied on Rome’s Military might to protect them personally. Once that was gone, they didn’t last too long.

The United State’s debt is not sustainable. Not only is it not backed by anything anymore, but we are at a point where lawmakers are’t even trying to balance the budget. They are just passing continuing resolutions to fund the government for little periods at a time. All while they become rich doing so. At some point the bubble will burst. Though I do think it will happen in Europe first.

At a bare minimum there will have to be a massive correction, and reversion to our currency being backed by an actual tangible asset. In a more extreme possibility, we will be exchanging services and going back to barter for some time, while we rebuild.

As for the U.S. border, well, we are just letting everyone in currently. They’re doing it on purpose for a variety of reasons. I always laugh to myself, when someone claims we need to be socialist….. Really, if it’s so great, why is so many in socialist countries fleeing to come here?

The mental gymnastics that some make, is insane to me. But hey, they are going to be changing their tune soon enough.

The Pioneering Collapse; Moving Beyond Rome

I want to move beyond Rome. I could literally talk for hours its collapse, and how similar the energy is here in the U.S. But for the time being, I will settle for the couple examples I shared above.

As I indicated briefly, I don’t see a complete collapse. Though I don’t see the Federal Government being around much longer. How long you ask? At the most, it has 8 years left in my opinion. By the end of 2032 we will clearly be moving into a New Era. Where we will be hard at work rediscovering what it truly means to be Human. It will be challenging, but exciting at the same time.

The other possibility is, we are too fearful to walk through the threshold of the New Era. As a result we will be marching into Orwells 1984. To the extreme! If this occurs, the Federal Government will still have fallen, because we would be living under some kind of Totalitarianism.

Every time I talk about this, I usually get one of three responses:

  1. The person get’s annoyed. Often saying they don’t want to talk or think of such a thing. It ruins their “Happy Place” in a sense.
  2. The person agrees with me. They may not agree 100%, but they at least get it, because some of their own experiences.
  3. The person makes nervous jokes, or ignores it all together.

In all the cases above, the individual or individuals know something is on the horizon. Some think if they ignore the feeling, or don’t think about it then it won’t be true. While others are much more open, and in many cases they have started to prepare themselves in someway or another.

Preparing For Our Pioneering Collapse

I’m going to be honest, I don’t think anyone can prepare for what’s coming completely. However by taking some simple steps, you may find yourself ahead of the game when things go south. Over the last couple years, I really started to try and prepare for what’s on the horizon. As someone who doesn’t have millions or billions to spend, and considers themselves “middle class” I do want I can.

My mindset is such, that even if it puts me 24 hours ahead of the game, then I did something right. Below is some of things I have done, to try to prepare.

  1. Forced myself to get out and talk to my neighbors more often. Just by starting up conversations and being friendly, will make it easier to work together down the road. I haven’t talked to every person around me. But the ones closest to me I have. That includes to the right and left of me, across the street, and behind me. As well as a few going down my street in both directions.
  2. I have some basic emergency materials: Food & Water (Not a ton), First Aid kits, some basic tools, some wilderness Water filters, and some battery backups for devices & a couple emergency radios. I also have items for protection if need be. Overall though my materials are not vast, but they will buy me some time while I figure out what my next move is.
  3. Finally I have a basic plan, that I have shared with family and friends. Trust me this was like pulling teeth to get people to talk about, but after many attempts we have at least a basic plan. At least they will know where I will be heading, if I ever had to leave my home.
  4. One final note, I’m currently looking at ways to store some extra gas, but I haven’t gotten the container I need yet.

Nothing I mentioned above, was hard to obtain. I continue to look for things in general, when I’m out and about. If you like my list, then feel free to follow it as a starter.

A Preview of Part Two Of Our Pioneering Collapse

I’m going to end Part One here. In Part Two I will begin to get into the more etheric dimensions of this event. I will begin to share how I think we will progress through the period, as well as what I think will happen to some of the political elite.

I’m also going to begin to bring another dimension into to forefront. This will shed light on the increasingly unpredictable behaviors we are seeing in people who have “issues”. Finally I will share some of my impressions of “The Future”.

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