Surging Reports of Jaw-dropping Creatures

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Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been listening to a number of different podcasts, of people sharing stories of coming across “unknown” creatures. Most of these accounts are in National Parks, or the wilderness in general. I’ve always been a fan of cryptid stories, especially when I was younger.

What I find interesting, though it doesn’t surprise me, is the number of people coming forward talking about their experiences these days. It does appear, that there is a massive increase in the number of people having odd, and sometimes terrifying experiences with creatures in this wilderness.

If you are interested listening to some of these accounts, you can checkout one such channel below that shares them.

This isn’t the only place you can find accounts like these, but if you like to listen to such accounts, instead of reading about them it’s a good option. The question someone may have in relation to this phenomena, is are these accounts really increasing, or are people simply more comfortable sharing their experience? Personally, I think it may be a combination of the both, however, if you listen to the above, many of the accounts indicate they are fairly recent. Most of the stories I’ve noticed seem to have occurred after 2000, with many within the last five or so years.

As with anything, when reports of odd creatures or cryptids are reported, theories will fly around the internet. There are always a lot of people who want to know, what exactly is going on. The below are just my thoughts on some of the theories. Including what I tend to believe is going on.

The Cynical Skeptics and Creatures…It’s Uneducated People, Or All Fakes

Self proclaimed skeptics, are some of the personalities that I always get a kick out of. Many years ago, I used to frequent a number of paranormal forums. In every instance, there was always at least one hard core self proclaimed skeptic, that had setup shop on the forum.

In some cases they were decent people, who just were there to share their thoughts, and balance out the equation. However, in other cases they were highly toxic individuals. The type of person, who had a superiority complex, and had no issues telling everyone that their experience didn’t happen the way they said it did. When it came to cryptids, or “creatures”, the argument was generally the person wasn’t informed enough to make a determination of what they saw. Got to love that one. Anything out of the ordinary, seen by the average person, was simply a miss classification of what they really saw.

And If There Is Some Evidence…

If someone has some sort of evidence of their encounter, these types of personalities would get hard at work, suggesting the evidence was fake, or there wasn’t enough of it to draw conclusions. Often when the skeptic got done, listing all the ways the encounter could have been something else, It was more likely something odd occurred, in my opinion of course.

The thing about self proclaimed skeptics, especially the keyboard warrior types. They tend to stick to a Newtonian model of the Universe, ignoring cutting edge science, the kind that potentially relates to the “Paranormal”. If an actual expert has indicated there could be cryptids of a certain type, based on evidence provided, they will usually ignore it. I actually witnessed this, in a thread related to Big Foot creatures once.

Needless to say, just because there have been a few high end fakes over the course of the last 50 years, doesn’t mean you can claim that everyone is either faking, or doesn’t have the proper intelligence or education to describe what they saw. Overall I don’t miss these personality types, and it’s one of the main reasons why I don’t frequent forums anymore. Also, with the raw numbers of reports drastically increasing, they will have a hard time getting people to actually believe this is actually the case.

The Government Experiment Hypothesis

Another theory I chuckle about as well, is the idea that all of these creatures are the result of secrete government projects. Projects in which a chimera was trying to be created. Personally I think people tend to give the government too much credit, when it comes to this topic. It wouldn’t surprise me, if governments did research on this type of thing, or even conducted experiments with multiple species. But I don’t think they’ve gotten to the point, where all these creatures are escaping, or being purposely let out for some agenda.

Also if you look at some of the material related to Atlantis, chimera experiments are mentioned as one of the reasons why Atlantis fell. Some of the creatures were also mentioned in Greece mythology, as well as other places.

Now, when it comes to Governments being interested in all these sightings, that’s a different thing all together. I definitely think the Government pays attention to these sightings. Though, like organic UFO and Extraterrestrial phenomena the government has no control over the activity. Which most likely drives them crazy at times.

The Collective Conscious Hypothesis

One interesting theory, which I actually think may play a part in some of the sightings, is one related to the collective conscious. The idea is, that there are so many people focusing on these creatures, that they are actually causing physical manifestations of them. This type of theory, is one of the cutting edge in my opinion. We truly have forgotten how powerful our consciousness is. A simple example, related to the power of a single consciousness is the placebo effect. Now think of the power of millions of people focusing on a single thing…. Doesn’t it make sense why governments spend so much time programming their populations now? They easily spend Trillions each year trying to convince us, we don’t have any power. Everything is designed to get you, to give your power away to an external force.

A Universe is projected from inward out……. Not the opposite.

When it comes to beings or creatures, that are more etheric or rooted in urban legends, I definitely believe this is the cause of the sightings. Once such creature that I feel falls into this category is the Slender Man.

Dimensional Creatures Hypothesis

This is my favorite, and I do believe that most the sightings fall into this category. In a nut shell, it suggests that these creatures mostly exist in offshoot dimension, and from time to time cross into ours. As the energetic properties change on the planet, passages or corridors open more frequently and these creatures cross them. Only to return to their own dimension shortly afterward.

This also relates to the increasing numbers of people noticing organic UFO and Extraterrestrials as well. The are moving between dimensions, by altering their vibratory rate. Thus they can appear and disappear by what almost appears to be “magic”. When in reality they are still there, just outside the confines of our perceived reality.

Additionally It doesn’t surprise me, that many of theses creatures resemble something that may be seen in the Astral (Also has been called 4D by some). There are many mythical creatures residing there, what they look like may depend on the level of the dimension where they reside. The Lower Astral, can be a terrifying place, full of all sorts of beings, and it just happens to be fairly close to our dimension.

As the planet goes through more energetic changes, we will see much more of this type of thing occurring. You will know we are close to something massive, when sightings of various things become so numerous, it becomes mainstream.

Traditional Undiscovered Species

The final theory, which I also believe holds weight in some of these sightings. Is the idea, that some of these are species that live within our physical world completely, but for one reason or anther they have gone undiscovered by the modern world.

Probably because they live in some of the most remote reaches of the wilderness. The places that people seldom go. They also may be highly intelligent, and actively avoid humans as well.

Earth is home to some pretty remote places, some of which may even be closer than most people realize. I currently live not too far away, from some pretty large State Parks, and they can be intimidating due to their size. I’ve also been hiking on more than one occasion, and I felt as if I was being watched. Although I have never seen anything odd. Not while hiking anyway. However, I always do my best to stay aware while out in “The Woods”.

On a final note, I tend to think creatures that potentially fall into this category, with be more typical of closely related known about species. Such as large primates , where as more extreme descriptions may indicate something that is more dimensional.

Anyways, I hope everyone has enjoyed this post :). Also, if you would like to check out one of my Creature Features, from last Halloween, you can do so by clicking here.

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