Make A Special Call To The Spectacular Celestial Mountain

I sat in my living room yesterday evening, after a long day of mixed emotions. It should be no surprise to me, that when you work on this type of content, you’re bound to have bad days. Those pesky unseen negative influences do score some points from time to time. Whether they are emotional, mental, or physical points. Yet we all have the ability to ask for help; To make that call to the Celestial Mountain, when needed, and invite higher beings to shower us in their support and love.

This post is, is just one of my experiences with sure a thing. I have always been a curious person, drawn to all sorts of things. The content I write about on Taran Station, as well as other projects I work on, have often gotten the attention of pesky negative influences. Not all of the time, but enough times, that I know them to be a real phenomena.

For me it has usually been through distraction, or an attempt to trigger my emotions while I’m sleeping. I don’t know how many times over the years, I’ve sat down to work on some content, only to be hit with random emotions that come from known where. Or when I’m trying to rest at night, being hit full of evasive thoughts, which are related to things that irritate me.

This was extremely true in the past, when I found myself entangled with emotionally scared individuals. Yet eventually, I have always managed to make that call to the Celestial Mountain, even if it was late. And every time there has been a peace that shortly followed, that clears the influence, leaving me with a “Wow” look on my face.

Energetic Stimulation and Stress

I’m not immune from the energies hitting the planet currently, and their affect bring a lot of baggage to be cleansed. For me, it usually is related to frustrations of walking a path that few seem to travel. At least during this period in time on Earth. Because of this, my interests have always been much different than most of my family and friends. Which has led to a profound sense of being alone at times. Even though, I am well aware this is not true.

I have never been alone. Though when it comes to being single, never having experienced that physical connection with anyone on the planet, but rather continually hearing about from others, has lead to temporary feelings of loneliness at times.

While at the same time, my counterpart who has always been with me energetically, would go unnoticed. While It’s hard to say at times, if she is physically on the planet as well currently, I get the feeling she is out there.

The feeling of being alone, while usually temporary have been excellent targets for those pesky negative influences. Resulting in stress and over energetic stimulation at times. Which is never fun. Anyways on with my story 😂.

Calling To The Celestial Mountain

Anyways, over the last couple weeks, I have begun working with some Oracle Cards, at least one evening a week. As a way to connect to my Higher Self, as well as other highly energetic beings. I’ve done this is the past, but often get so distracted that I’ll go long periods of times without doing it. The same can be said true about my energetic cleansing routine. Which is also a wonderful way to deal with negative influences.

The oracle cards I’m currently using are a Kuan Yin Deck I picked up not too long ago. They caught my attention in my local metaphysical shop. When I started using them, I found it amazing that every card I pulled related to my question, and the words used to describe the card in the guide book, hit home.

I had to laugh, because when I would ask about my Twin, it was almost as she was speaking to me. One profound moment was, when I asked a question related to where she was, and I got responses via the cards that said something along the lines of; “Have you been in the Spiritual Closet beloved?”

But it was as if my Twin was speaking, and strangely enough one of the names my Twin has had while in the physical actually meant “beloved”. If you want to hear more about the messages I’ve gotten from her, you can check out the Messages From Her posts.

Celestial Mountain

It was also indicated to me, that some of the music I listen to would be a good way to feel the connection to my Twin more often, and it would be helpful in communicating with her.

Additionally, these cards have been very helpful with grounding my energy, and relaxing me. I’ve actually been recording an audio blog when I use them, for my personal notes. The last couple weeks particularly have been very insightful, as I ask three questions and then reflect upon the answers with the very loving beings who have been working with me. It has been a great reminder, that I am not alone at all.

Loving beings are never judgmental, nor do they make you feel poorly about yourself. They always encourage you, provide guidance, and honor free will. Because of this, you have to ask for their help. Which I have never been great at, and I’ve been learning that it’s something I should be doing often.

It has been a truly insightful experience with these cards, and actually asking for help from extremely loving and powerful beings. I would encourage anyone who is having a rough time, to give it a try in your own way. There is nothing wrong in asking for help, and I strongly recommend it.

She Was Like Galadriel

I’m going to end this post today, with a personal experience I had with one of these beings once. A number of years ago, I found myself in a radiant city talking to one of these beings. She asked me, how it was going on Earth, and I certainly gave her an earful 😂. I have often forgot that many of these beings, have been in what I called the “field” before. They haven’t just been sitting in higher dimensions looking over everything.

Anyways, this being seriously reminded me of Galadriel from Lord of The Rings. Her presence was calming, wise, and powerful. But it wasn’t until I watched Rings of Power years later, did I realize how bad ass Galadriel really was. How “In the Field” she really had been at one point. So last night, I mentioned that to her and these other beings. And although her name may not actually be Galadriel, I said that was my name for her. Shortly after I indicated it, I felt a warm tingling go up my back. As if it was her way of saying she approved.

Perhaps, it was also further validation that I have never truly been alone 🙏🏻. Anyways I hope everyone has enjoyed this post. Have a great weekend, and be sure to visit again for the next one. Oh, on a final note, if you are interested in purchasing the Kuan Yin Oracle cards, mentioned above. I’ve found them on Amazon’s as well , and posted the link below.

Kuan Yin Oracle Cards

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