The Hurricane Of Awakening; Monumental Lessons Learned


This morning I sat splitting my workday up, by glancing at the headlines that streamed across my Medium writing app. I don’t currently have a subscription to Medium, as such I’m limited to what I can read, but a particular article related to spiritual awakening got my attention. First, I want to say, that from time to time I do post on Medium. It’s a decent app, but if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that they boost and de-boost articles.

If you write something that deviates from an approved narrative too much, you’ll notice that it will sit on the site for months with virtually no views whatsoever. In a world of millions of readers, it’s practically impossible for any article to not get a single view in over a month. Unless there are algorithms at work.

I have written articles that have gotten dozens of views almost instantly, and I’ve written articles that didn’t see a single reader for months. Not even someone who clicked on the article to open it. In both cases, the categories posted to had 100,000’s of subscribers.. Medium absolutely Ghost Bans in my opinion.

Now back to the article that caught my attention. The article headline was entitled “The Reincarnation Loop Don’t Go Into The Light”. This article was a members only article, so I wasn’t able to read the entire thing. Yet it presented a common theme, I’ve seen many times in the Awakening community. Let me explain.

So You’re Awakening, Now What?

My Awakening started at a young age, but I didn’t really start following others, or paying attention to the community until the late 2000’s. Up until that point, I was busy trying to make sense of my own experiences, without the contamination of other people’s opinions. The work of Micheal Newton & Dolores Cannon were among some of the first, whose work I appreciated. I would learn of people like David Icke and David Wilcock a little bit later on. As well as people like William Cooper, John Leer, Corey Goode, and many others over the course of a decade.

It can be an overwhelming trying to process massive amounts of information during an awakening event. Everyone tends to think everything they read is true, or the personalities they follow can’t make a mistake or worse… They’re out right lying. Needless to say, I have learned to take what I read or learn like grain of salt. Some people put out great information in my opinion, but that same person can also put out questionable material as well. No one is perfect.

Fast Forward almost 20 years, and there are more people than ever putting content out about the Awakening process. I can’t go my limited social media accounts, without seeing something these days. And there appears to be endless numbers to people, trying to join in on the conversation. Which is both good and bad. Bad because of the raw numbers of people out there, trying to scam others with content. I want to be clear, I’m not saying that this Medium article was nefarious. My statement was generic, not in relation to the main topic of this post. So let’s move on, shall we.

Fear Based Content

This is where I want to get into the Medium article and others like it. Yes it is true, that David Icke has made public his views on “The Light” when someone passes, and he thinks it’s a trap. However, he is not the only one who has said such things. John Leer I believe stated once, that he thought the moon was a soul collector or trap. Also, if you dig deep enough, you’ll find similar claims being made else where. I even read once, that the “Negative” force could trap a light being lol.

What do all these things really have in common? FEAR! They all are riddled with fear. What does fear do? Fear lowers your energetic frequency, resulting in a much harder time penetrating into higher densities or dimensions. Interesting isn’t it? I would love to know where these fear based concepts originally came from.

Some of these concepts are even woven into popular culture. For example there is literally a Star Trek Voyager episode from the 90’s, where captain Janeway is near death, and an entity is trying to trick her to come into its “matrix”. The entity takes on the appearance of her father, and attempts to get her to go into “The After Life” with him.

I honestly think, that the concept of a Soul Trap, defined as something that can suck you up at will and push you someplace is bull shit. You are infinitely powerful being, if anything could trap you in such a way, they (the Negative force) wouldn’t spend so much time, trying to program your believes so you trap yourselves.

The only true traps, are the ones we oppose on ourselves. No other being can scoop you up, and force you go someplace you don’t want to go yourself. And if you do end up in a place by choice, and realize it’s not what you thought it was, nothing can keep you there. Alter your vibration, and leave.

Drop the fear…….

Awakening In The Storm

As I suggested above, nothing can trap you. We are the biggest blocks to our own awakening. What tends to happen here on earth, is we get caught up in programming throughout our lives. The programming creates blockages in our energetic bodies, making it more difficult to penetrate into higher realities. Thus, inner work is needed to resolve our wounds, and despite some suggesting otherwise we always have help.

Over the years I have discovered, some of the best ways to avoid such blockages are the below.

  1. Don’t get caught up in drama with others, and certainly not repetitive drama.
  2. Try hard to be compassionate, but don’t let others walk all over you.
  3. Have an open mind, and accept that some of your strongest beliefs may be incorrect.
  4. Question everything
  5. Meditate or have some sort of spiritual practice
  6. Here’s a big one, don’t try to impose your will or beliefs on anyone else.
  7. Loose the fear (another hard one for us).
  8. Realize we are all immortal, extremely powerful, and are all ONE.

The period we are in now is the most important since WWII. It’s the period in which we will choose our collective path. The more people who embrace their Awakening, the greater the chance we have at choosing a positive timeline. Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed this article.

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