The Truth About Aurora; Episode One Of The Epic Taran Ascending Story

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Aurora…. Let me Tell you about her

There are a lot of things about Aurora, that have been neatly tucked behind the scenes of her resolute demeanor. For one, she has a deeply playful side, a sensual side, and one bad ass side as well. We used to sit out in nature, and have all sorts of conversations about “our place” in the world, and at times even the Cosmos. Aurora was never one to avoid a good mystery, nor was she one to back down from an adventure either.

So when she called me out of the blue that night, and wanted to meet at her secluded cabin, I was curious to what she had found. You see, we learned a long time ago, how to blend into a population. It didn’t matter where a job took us. Sometimes it was right next door, sometimes it was several systems over….And sometimes, well it was even in different Universe. That was the calling of the Wanderers I suppose, to go out and observe, help, and be part of the ground crew of the Council. Most would never even notice us, even if we were right under your feet.

As I said….. Wanderers are great at blending in….. We are always never too far away, and Aurora she was one of the best at it.

We share a deep bond, her and I, and while we were not always side by side, we really could never be separated completely.

The Long Country Road To Seemingly Nowhere

After Aurora and I spoke, I couldn’t get her words out of my head. “Love”,she said, “We should meet up. I have a cabin you would absolute enjoy. It’s in the middle of know where, surrounded by forest and water. There’s not too many ways in and out of the location, so it’s perfect for us to meet”. “A, what did you find?” I asked curiously. I often called her “A” as it was one of my nick names for her. “Love, I found a Remnant, one present before the collapse. It’s right up your ally, trust me.”

Aurora’s voice had a playful but serious tone. One that I’ve heard so many other times, in so many other places. “I’m in”, I said, before writing down the instructions to A’s cabin, and hanging up the phone. It didn’t take me long to pack some of my gear, and head out.

As I worked to put together a week’s worth of clothing, and wilderness gear, I stopped from time to time to admire the autumn scenery outside my bedroom window. It was an early evening, and by the old calendar it probably would have been a Saturday, sometime in early October. But when the collapse occurred almost 100 years ago, people didn’t spend as much time worrying about things such as a calendar. There was too much to do, too much to rediscover about themselves.

Originally people lived in small to medium communities after the collapse, but over the last 100 years large urban areas has begun to spring up on the planet again. Though the population, was much more of a Technological Agrarian society now. Wanderers such as myself and Aurora, kept to small communities, as to not draw too much attention. Personally, I loved my sleepy little town but nonetheless an adventure would be fun.

Roughly a morning later, I found myself hopping into an old but well kept modified Jeep. It was still dark when I pulled out of my small driveway, and took a final look at my dwelling to make sure everything was in order before hitting the road. The Jeep hadn’t been used much since it had been modified, drawing a concentration or water vapor and electrical currents from the atmosphere to power the engine. A testament to the Sun’s activity more than a half a century ago, and a man named Nikola who lived over a century before that.

Several hours later, I found myself day dreaming, thinking about Aurora as I drove along a long country road that seemed to go on forever. There was nothing but forest, and the reflection of a nearby lake that was massive. Over which dark storm clouds danced on the horizon.

Aurora’s Old Letters

Making my way along the country road, I felt my self dazed by the size the trees that made up the forest I had been passing through for hours now. I wondered how Aurora found this place, and what made her originally decide to setup a cabin here. Additionally the lake, that was now only a few hundred yards off the port side of my vehicle and ran parallel to the road. The storm clouds were probably at least fifty miles further out, but gave me a strange feeling every time I glanced at them. Something was hidden in the place, something odd and ancient. I could feel it, and now It was approaching zero hour… A term used for that period between late afternoon and twilight. I was a little on edge, if I’m going to be honest.

A lot of things changed after the collapse, not just the way society ran in on this world, but dimensions became closer, and the ability to perceive the “paranormal” was heightened. The collective consciousness on the planet was still learning to control these abilities, and it was estimated It would take another 900 years before the world would be ready to start meeting outsiders. The population while mostly decent, but still had some wounds that needed to be addressed. Until then, they were subject to other types of entities crossing the proverbial gateway into this place.

To keep my mind focused while I traveled, I thought of past letters that Aurora and I exchanged. Always playful letters, that showed our affection for each other. Wanderers usually don’t gather in groups too often while in the field. Our energy is different enough, and when too many of use are in one spot it can be detected by some nasty beings. Some of which, who wouldn’t think twice of using dimensional gateways to violate Cosmic Law.

I smiled to myself as it sunk in more, that I would get to see A. Just to see her smiling face, and the twinkle in her light brown eyes would have been worth the trip. The more I thought about it, the more I smiled and reflected. I smiled so much, that perhaps one would say in the old language of the planet, I was cheesing….. Cheesing so much that that I didn’t see the road narrow and become more cluttered with small stones.

The Jeep bounced frantically, and my supplies, including a large power station and solar panels made a “Bang” as they shifted in the back of the jeep. “Shitttttt”, I screamed. But before I could become too concerned, I saw a narrow unmaintained road branching off the main country highway.

I braked quickly and turned elegantly into the entrance of the new location. The Jeep now facing a long narrow corridor or trees and leaves. “Damn Aurora”, I thought, “you always know how to show a guy a good time.”

It was dusk, and off in the distance, probably about 200 yards I could see a soft glow of what appeared to be a light source. There were also several side paths branching off the narrow road, that I couldn’t make out fully. “Welp, I better not keep her waiting”, and with that I increased the illumination on the Jeep’s lights, and begun to slowly make my way up the mysterious path…………

Author’s Note On Aurora

Hey All, I hope you enjoyed the first episode of my Taran Ascending Series. This is a new addition to Taran Station, and it will be listed in a subcategory of its own.

As with everything else published on Taran Station, it is the work of the Author, and is not to be referenced anywhere else without an attribution link back to Taran Station. It takes a lot of time and effort to create content, especially this type of content. Please be kind if you decide to share it 😊. Thank you for reading and stop back often. Episode Two will be out soon 🙏🏻.

Also I’ve updated the Taran Station About Page. Please fell free to check it out.

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