A Pioneering Collapse And The Frantic U.S. Government; Part Two

Hello all, on this fine March day! I’m going to start today’s post, by beginning to talk about some of the more “Etheric” dimensions of the period we are going into. As always these are my opinions of the times we live in, and I draw them from many experiences I’ve had over the years. As well as, having conversations with others who have had similar experiences. If you would like to read part one, of my Pioneering Collapse series, you can do so by clicking here.

The Kali-Yuga and The Pioneering Collapse

As a whole, this topic could take many articles just to scratch the surface. But for time and simplicities sake, I will sprinkle ideas here and there. One of the more interesting concepts, is the idea that a civilization progresses through stages, or ages, that not only take on physical characteristics but also spiritual ones. A good representation of this is seen in the Hindu Vedas. Humanity progresses through circular ages, or “Yugas”, which are related to the consciousness of the population.

These ages came about, based on the cosmic energies hitting the planet, and to some agree could be plotted based on the movement of the stars in the sky. Or the precession of the equinoxes, if you so prefer. One full master cycle takes over 25,000 years to complete, and through this period, these ages are expressed. At least according to the Vedas they are.

I’m not going to list the characteristics of each age, instead I encourage everyone to do a little research. What I will say is that during the Kali-Yuga (which is considered the dark ages), it’s said that humanity will struggle to live 100 years, they will have forgotten their true identities and worship false idols. They will be also governed over by some of the most wicked people, who they will look up to, and not realize how wicked they truly are.

As the Kali-Yuga comes to an end, the people start to become aware of all the malfeasance in their society. Everything that was hidden will come to the surface for display and the be healed.

Where do you think we are on the chart currently?

Now what’s interesting is that I have heard some suggest, that the end of the Kali-Yuga leads directly to the Satya-Yuga or the Golden Age/Golden Race again. Although the chart below suggests a gradual climb back to grace. I vaguely recall seeing a chart that incorporated an “iron” age as well, but perhaps I was mistaken. I suppose we will have to see how it plays out.

You may be wondering what society is like during the Golden period…… Paradise on Earth, even the physical level perhaps. Full awareness of who we are, I believe it even mentions life spans of thousands of years.

The constant cycling of this process, is like a breath and as long as you are on Earth these tides of energy play a part in your life.

It’s the realization that something is wrong at the end of the Kali-Yuga, which causes one hell of a pioneering collapse of the structures/mindsets of the Dark Ages.

Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey

Are you familiar with Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey? Which is a guide for writing books, plays and films. Does it look familiar? It should. This pattern can be found all over the place, and it’s a fractal of a much larger process.

Michale Newton’s Journey & Destiny Of Souls

Two of the books I read when I was growing up, were called Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls by Micheal Newton. Each book was based on Newton’s work on past life regression, as well as, the Life between lives. Both books talked about a soul’s progression through lives, and overall development. One thing I enjoyed about the books, Was Newton’s use of colors that he discovered were a way to determine the maturity of a soul. The colors that were discovered where related to the Charka System, or Rainbow is you prefer.

The end result was that once a Soul reached a certain state of being, they no longer would incarnate physically on the Earth, unless they came back to help with the development of the planet. I want to make a note here, that many years later my views on this process would shift.

I currently don’t believe that you’re forced to keep reincarnating just to learn lessons, or to be everything on the planet. Why would we want to keep coming back to the same place, when there are vast numbers of other planet’s in the cosmos.

Personally I think we choose to come back, because we’re seeking to resolve a blockage or “drag” on our energetic bodies, which is aligned with the consciousness of the planet as well as an aspect of the collective consciousness of a sphere. Thus we have become entangled, by actions we have done throughout or lives on a planet. We seek to untangle ourself and resolve the blockage, so we can penetrate into higher planes. Aiming for the realms outside the Astral dimension all together. But this is a conversation for another time.

Nonetheless Newton’s books are still wonderful to read, I’d recommend them for anyone who has an interest in this type of material. There is a lot of great information in them.

Brief Mention on The Law of One Books

There are other books which talk about similar concepts, and some are easier to read than others. One such book series that I want to mention, are the Law of One Books. These are hard to read, as they are heavy with both technical and metaphysical/spiritual concepts that will be foreign to most. Even though I have the books, I have seen more presentations on them.

What I wanted to mention here, in relation to our ongoing pioneering collapse, is that the Law of One does talk about the process mentioned above. In terms, we progress through stages of consciousness called Densities, not to be confused with Dimensions, though they do talk about them as well.

Based on a Density, or consciousness, it determines how we live and how easy we have access to other realms or dimensions. In the Law Of One Series, we are described as a Third Density civilization that is in transition into the Forth. Fourth density being at least 100 times more harmonic than third.

For comparison, they describe first density consciousness as being elemental, in nature. Such as the awareness of the elements, and yes they are very aware. Second Density consciousness, is seen in Animals. The heard collective mentality, which is very connected. They even suggest when an Animal is ready to move on to the next phase, they will incarnate into a role of a family pet or something similar. They do this, because they learn that they are now an Individual, and they learn how to communicate their individual needs.

Think of a Dog for example, A Dog has their own individual personality the takes root as they grow and learn with people. They learn to say, in their own way, “Hey, I want you to feed me”, instead of going out with a group searching for food.

Which brings me to third density consciousness, which is about the individual experience. Look at humanity as a whole. Everyone thinks they are individuals and most don’t realize how connected they truly are.

Fourth Density is what follows the current stage of human consciousness. It’s when civilizations begin to realize how connected they are again. Mental abilities are also greatly enhanced in Fourth density, Psychic is the normal. There are no secretes, as eventually everyone can read each other’s minds. Fourth density is not about hard dense machines, and the ways of third density. It’s more aligned with energetics, resulting in technologies we have just started to scratch the surface with. Comparing Forth Density to Third is hard, it’s similar to comparing apples to oranges.

Passing though the threshold of Forth Density is not easy, and many people get so entangled with 3rd density experiences that it can take them eons. Though you do have forever in a sense to make the jump.

There are even higher densities, but they become very difficult to touch base with from a third density sphere.

The Pioneering Collapse; Back To Current Events

Above, I started to touch, on of the more “etheric” concepts related to our current situation on Earth. I will come back to them in the next part of this series, but for the moment I would like to return to some current events, and perhaps something a little more tangible for most people.

It’s my expressed option that the reason why so many people are having issues now, whether it’s being easily triggered, having TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), being blissfully unaware of what’s going on, or an array of other issues, is because they are holding on to past traumas. As well as clinging to the old world. It’s because they have inner issues, that have not been resolved to the degree necessary to easily deal with the energetic shift that is occurring on the planet. The transition towards and into Forth density, is too much for them to handle, and it’s causing distorted outbursts, and behaviors that are extreme.

We are seeing this on both individual and on a collective level. I want to be clear, nothing is immune from these energetic changes. You can either do the inner work, and go with them, or you can resit the current and suffer. It does not matter if you’re aware of this process or not, the energetic effect is in play.

I’m usually good at not joking around when it comes to this stuff, but even I have to laugh at some of the behaviors I’ve seen. If I have to pick the perfect meme for the 2020’s it would be the below lol…..

I think a lot of us remember this one hahahahahah. But it’s perfect for describing the behavior of so many. It works well, for example. Don’t like something….. Don’t like a court decision…… Don’t like that that facts matter……. Don’t like that you can’t implement policy based on your opinion…….. Keep getting disappointed in the media’s narratives falling apart……. Don’t like when others don’t agree with your beliefs or ideology….

I could keep going, but I think I made my point. Cognitive Dissonance is an aspect of Wetiko in disguise. If you don’t know what that is, you should go look it up. Ok I’ve had some fun, let’s move on. I’m going to end this article, with some personal thoughts on what we could see over the next few months.

The 2024 GOP Primary;It’s Trump

I’ve been saying this to friends and family for sometime now, and it should be obvious at this point. Trump is going to get the nomination……. If you’re one of the people that has the mindset, “By any means necessary to get Trump off the ballot”…. Then you can return to the image above…

It amazes me, that so many people are willing to go full blow Communist, just so they don’t have to see the “Orange Man” on the ballot. Just turn on MSNBC, which should change their icon to a Hammer and Sickle. Watching Rachel Maddow have continued meltdowns, is interesting to say the least. She has been on a role for over 8 years over Trump. TDS is a classic symptom of not doing the inner work, and preparing yourself for fourth density energy.

She’s not the only one…. Social media is full of people with TDS. All with similar world views and clear inner damage on display.

At the time of this article, it’s Super Tuesday 2024 in the United States, and Nikki Haley has only won in Washington DC. Which I find symbolic. Only the city of the political elite has she won a primary. It’s like the equivalent of the Capital in the Hunger Games Series……

Questions that everyone should be asking are; Will Biden really be on the ticket? What emergency is going to be declared before the election? In what other way is the current administration going to alter the election process? Will it be direct/indirect, or will they just let something happen and take advantage of the chaos?

Don’t think this is going to be uneventful election season…. They are going to try something!

They are already trying to find new way to keep Trump off the Ballot, even after the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in favor of Trump. Which brings me to my next section.

The Pioneering Collapse and Facts Don’t Matter

We are going to see more people in congress, continuing to repeat mis-truths to serve their agenda. Look, they are already trying to find a way, to remove a leading candidate from the ballot, for something he has never been charged with, never mind convicted.

Yet, in the world of Communism, “Just ignore laws and do it anyway”. It’s not going to go the way some want….. But it will be Jerry Springer episode watching them try to circumvent the US constitution. These are living examples of the old system trying to remain in power. This isn’t about Trump, this is about the collapsing “Matrix” trying to maintain control. Those who have the most to loose, have severe cases of TDS….

Governmental officials are not immune from the cosmic process I mentioned above…… The process is causing the masks come come off. Remember what I said about the Kali-Yuga, and being governed by the wicked….

I do find it interesting that the people on the extreme left, seem to be having the most issues, as we go through this process. Don’t git me wrong, the other side of the isle has issues too in the extreme wings. But the left seems OK with marching into Communism.

Look, you’re dealing with an administration that denied Secrete Service protection for another Democrat, so it would make it more difficult for him to run in the primary again’t Biden. The DNC wasn’t even going to have a primary…… So much for Democracy….. We live in a Constitutional Republic by the way……..

The idea of “Were going to Save Democracy by removing the a choice on the ballot” is an inversion. It’s the opposite of a Democracy or Republic…… This brings me to my next point…. Inversion

The Pioneering Collapse and Orwellian Inversion

If you really have trouble seeing what’s in plain sight at this point. Simply look for inversion. The force that seeks to enslave the planet operates through this. Just look at how many inverted ideas are put into movies and TV shows these days. Love has been replaced by quick Lust, distorting the genders to to slowly push a no gender ideology and Trans-Humanism, corrupting a child’s innocence by grooming them, softening the language on illnesses such as pedophilia and claiming the people abusing children are victims.

Claiming that Communism was done wrong in Russia and China, and it’s a great thing if done right. Claiming opinions are facts, telling blatant lies, projecting what you’re doing on others. Claiming Free speech is bad, and demonizing the US constitution because it gives too much freedom. Do I really need to continue……?

Look the people having issues, are going to keep doing what they’re doing until they either resolve their issues, or implode under their own wounds. It’s that simple.

Overall though, the planet and Humanity will get through this period.

Throttling It Down

I want to bring this article to a close. I could easily keep going for much longer, but I’m not one for long articles. I also need to recover from writing articles like this, as I do find myself getting frustrated at times when I discuss some of this stuff. As always, I do think we have a wonderful future on the horizon. Although many people have a rough journey getting there, especially if they don’t do the inner work.

In part three of this article, I will touch on more current events, provide more thoughts on the continuing election process, and briefly discuss that the “Negative Force’s” goal. They won’t get there, but knowing what they wish to achieve will be helpful. When I talk about this, it will be related to the. energetics of the planet, not necessarily the physical society they want.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed “A Pioneering Collapse And The Frantic U.S. Government; Part Two” 🙂🙏🏻.

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