When The New Era Began; A Taran’s Musings

There is a secrete that Taran’s often keep, especially when it comes to Earth. We have a deep love for the planet, one that will become clear as Humanity awakens to their higher selves. Earth has always been in our thoughts, calling us, and a call of service cannot be denied.

We look upon earth, as we look upon ourselves. As the greatest truth of them all, will always remain absolute. We are all ONE! There are some on Earth now, that would like to hijack humanities global awakening. They wish to play with temporal strings, and push the collective into a less than harmonic possibility. Yet, cosmic laws cannot be rewritten.

The New Era on Earth, will not be the one they wish it to be. It will not be one of sleepy unawareness, but one of absolute awakening, and everything that comes as a result of it. Earth’s new Era is one of profound transformation, healing, and freedom.

What Earth’s New Era Isn’t

Everyone living on Earth currently has an image, either consciously, or subconsciously of what they think the “future” will be like. Earth has been trapped in a concept of time, yet other civilizations do understand how this is possible. Taran’s view time differently, and we have discovered that everything is existing, in what can be considered the everlasting now. It’s our focus that determines how we view time.

None the less, the “future” on Earth is bright. The new era on Earth, is not one of absolutes, nor is it one of “more of the same”. It is not one, of the obsessive clinging to distortions related to sovereignty, love, and artificial systems. It is not one of, the illusion of absolute separation of selves on the planet.

The peoples of Earth have to this point, have been influenced to believe, they are alone and disconnected from the Divine. This has never been the case! The Divine is both within, and all around you. It is only through the manipulation of consciousness, that this goes unnoticed.

The new era on Earth, does not include systems of monitory, religious, or societal control. You would be amazed to find, governance changes when a population realizes how connected they truly are. One of the best analogies we can share, is that of a stone being thrown into the Ocean. Everyone begins to realize how actions affect not only themselves, but everyone else as well.

The new era on Earth, does not have a controlling Elite dictating how life should be lived on the planet. This group, who has took up residence on Earth, in your current moment, and has maintained distorted control for eons, are finding it difficult to survive in the Earth’s changing energetic fields. As such, they are attempting to alter the energetics of the planet to be more favorable to them, by directly trying to influence the activities of the planetary population. This effort will ultimately fail.

The new era on Earth, is not one of inversion.

The New Era On Earth Is

The new era on Earth is one of expanded possibilities, and exponential growth in the areas of; Consciousness, Sovereignty, Healing, and Love. The new era, is one where the peoples of Earth will recgonize how connected they truly are.

The new era on Earth, will bring solutions to problems, that haven’t been conceptualized as of yet. The new era on Earth with transcend all of space and time, and will bring influence and light to worlds, that have yet to be spoken of.

The new era will begin to merge the physical and nonphysical. The new era on Earth, is one of more profound balance between knowledge and wisdom.

The new era, will bring an understanding of the Divinity of all beings that exist on the sphere, as well as those that dwell throughout the cosmos.

The new era on Earth, is a journey of expereinces that will being humanity home.

Do not fear this birth, as its transition will be one of both intense endings, and profound beginnings. Yet, every storm breaks and every night has a dawn.

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