The Elite’s War On The Divine Feminine; Part One

A few years ago, I sat at my computer listening to a pod caster in Great Britain, talking about a situation where a nurse was fired from a hospital for refusing to give a Transwoman a pap smear. As someone who has spent most my physical life, exploring Transpersonal topics and Spiritually. Which includes the Divine Feminine and Masculine. I absolutely know we have fundamentally only to started to scratch the surface, when it comes to understanding our true identities.

However, as someone who graduated from school with a degree in Biology, I absolutely knew how absurd the above was. Biology is Biology, Transwomen do not have working female reproductive organs, nor will the best surgery, ever come close to giving them such. Thus, they do not have the hardware needed for a pap smear. Yet, because someone threw a fit when faced with Biological fact, the hospital choose to fire the nurse in question, instead of dealing with “woke outrage”.

This is just a single example, of the Elite’s war on the Divine Feminine. In this post, I will begin to touch on the concept of Divine Feminine and Masculine. As well as how it relates to Ascension, and the merging of Cosmic forces. I will also spend a little time discussing the situation on Earth, and why the Elite wish to corrupt the concepts.

The Taran Perspective of Yin/Yang, Masculine/Feminine

On Tara the pursuit of energetic balance, has led us to reach not only the cosmos, as it is perceived on Earth, but also into the non-physical realms. Some on Earth, call these the “inner worlds”, although they are often misunderstood. On Earth, the human form has tremendous potential. One day you will not only travel the cosmos, you will be able to do so without the need of any craft outside of yourselves. The myths of the great masters, that have showed glimpses of this possibility should come to mind for some.

The non-physical cosmic forces flow through everything and everyone, no matter the level development. You need not be aware of them, to feel the effects of them. On the physical level, they often they take on the forms of what has been Masculine & Feminine on Earth. They have also been called many other things, on many different worlds. Yet they are the same forces.

These forces are everywhere, and together they create worlds, and realms beyond our wildest dreams. Despite what you have been told, Every person has a mixture of these forces within them. Although it is not uncommon, for someone to express one force more outwardly than the other. This does not mean, the opposite force is not present. Only that in the physical world, the forces choose to be expressed within the natural laws of a planet.

When the balance of these forces are thrown off too much, confusion and distortions arise within a civilization. Often causing chaos in its wake. The only way to correct these imbalances, are to go within, and identify why these forces are out of balance.

This is often a difficult task, for those who have gotten caught up in the noise of distraction. The longer these forces remain out of balance, the more chaos that is caused. Eventually, if necessary, a correction will occur that will act as a great boomerang, leveling the playing field once again.

For simplicities sake, you can view the Divine Feminine force as the great birthing force, the creative force. The Devine Masculine can be viewed, as the great supporting force, that brings the currents of creation to a point where manifestation is possible.

The Divine Forces and Ascension

When a civilization approaches an Ascension, two things are absolute. It is imperative that all members of the civilization attempt to heal as many of their inner wounds as possible. Through this inner work, both the Divine Masculine and Feminine forces, will be moved into a more stable balance. Resulting in a being that is able to merge with the Ascension energy more effectively. The more balanced self, will begin to understand that they are much more than their physical body, and will even be able to connect with higher aspects of themself. Resulting in a better understanding of the Masculine and Feminine forces within them.

The unbalanced self, will not be able to make sense of these forces, and will often become more absolute in trying to grasp at them in a singularly physical sense.

The second absolute, indicates the fall of the corrupt forces that have been controlling a civilization from the shadows. These forces, use members of the Civilization in question as proxies. These forces will do their best, to pit members of the Civilization against each other, and sow fruits of discontent. They will create problems, and the propose a solution that will give them more control. They will attempt to corupt Cosmic law, and trick a civilization into choosing an inorganic false ascension.

Be weary of great promises from external forces. The forces behind Earth’s Elite know their time is almost up, yet like children the choose to go out creating a tantrum.

The War Against The Divine Feminine On Earth

On Earth, the Elite’s war on the Divine Feminine, has been escalated. For the most part, the elite on your planet are “just following orders”. They are not free. Nor are the majority of your leaders. As such, most have no idea of the scope of their agenda.

The forces controlling the elite, wish to avoid a planetary awakening and ascension that would end their reign. This is not going to happen, the Earth and its people will ascend and free themselves. As such their proxies will be subject to profound Karma. Everything is visible to the higher realms.

By taking advantage of the confusion of many selves on the planet, they have inflated artificial narratives, and proposed corrupt solutions. They wish to reside over a population, that doesn’t have control over their own creative forces, nor have an understanding of them.

As a stepping stone, they have created a mass hysteria, using the most confused of your population. Inversion is the method of choice of the negative forces on the planet. It is important for the peoples of Earth to come together, and become aware of these forces. The collective pull of the aware population, for which there are many, is capable of great things. A simple unified “No” is enough to deal a crippling blow to the negative force.

For those who are lost in the chaos of their own confusion, patience for them is necessary. Yet do not get pulled into their chaos, they will not be reachable, until they start doing the inner work.

True Ascension results in profound understanding and freedom. It does not result in a civilization where the Divine Feminine and Masculine have been corrupted, and artificial means have been universalized as truth.

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