Through The Looking Glass; On The Horizon A New Era

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Hello Everyone, today I thought I would start at the beginnings of a new kind of post. I’ve decided to tag this post, and the ones that will be related, as “Through The Looking Glass”. These posts will specifically related to what I’ve felt is coming down the road for us.

As always Time is dynamic and ever subject to our collective decisions. BUT, the things I will post here will be themes and events I have picked up on multiple times, over the years. Some will probably be obvious to most, some will not. These posts will contain Clairvoyant, and other ESP experiences. Enjoy, and always remember our future is bright.

Piercing The Looking Glass; Impressions

ESP1: “The Old Guard is mortally wounded, They sit in secrete plotting and scheming to bring about an agenda, that will never be completed. They don’t see their demise, they are unable to connect above those who control them. The end of their reign is assured, the chaos is illusionary, brought on by a slow death.”

ESP2: “The leaders of the “Free World” are not Free, nor are the subsidiaries.”

ESP3: “The Fruits of deception are sowed by inversion, the laws of the heavens are absolute. Inversion is finite.”

ESP4: “A growing tide gains strength, a drop and the ocean are ONE; Unified and strong; The illusion crumbles; We smile.”

ESP5: “The Seraphim will support, their fire is absolute. Honor and Service are ONE”.

ESP6: “The Sun is bright, brighter than every before in the minds of man. The Planet thrives, all illusions fade.”

ESP7: “A Technological Agrarian society is born, true connection reasserts itself.”

ESP8: “At the water’s edge the world did fall, the people floated, and the Earth stood by them.”

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