The Obsession of Earth’s Extraterrestrial Visitors

Before we first went into the Cosmos as a Sovereign power, the leaders of our Old Era saw their power waning, and in a last attempt tried to recapture it via sensationalism. They brought thoughts of Extraterrestrial visitors to the forefront of the public’s collective mind. They overturned a history of denial and ridicule, replacing it with acceptance and fact. Our leaders were desperate, they knew it was entirely possible that they wouldn’t be able to hold power. As a result, they were all in, and the final showdown between remnants of the Old Era and rebels of the New Era would soon begin.

Side Note..The Taran Code of Conduct

Every Taran Wanderer knows they will have to play by the rules when they enter a system. We honor free will, and plant seeds of light wherever we go. These seeds are left to grow, and when those in a civilization are mature enough, they will creatively cultivate them. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, once a seed is planted it’s eternal.

Tarans are aware of the various polarities that exist throughout the Cosmos. We have come across many collectives that have various agendas. Not all of them are benevolent to others. Earth has had many visitors over the Eons, and many of them were had agendas which were singular to themselves.

Extraterrestrial Visitors of…The Old Era

The Old Era was full of stories of things that went bump in the night. Some of them were simply the shadows of collective wounds, while others were something more profound. Not all of our leaders knew the extent at which Earth had been visited. Nor did they know, how these visitors usually operated.

The visitors of the Old Era were full of intentions. Some just watched the population of Earth, while others took more of an active role. Some were curious, some tired to help when possible, and some were controllers. The leaders of old, were content to bring the controllers into the light of human awareness. As they themselves were directed by others who survived in the shadows. While there wasn’t a absolute possibility that such a timeline could be achieved, they were all in on the attempt.

These “Extraterrestrial” influences, if authorized by the collective consciousness of Earth, would be presented to the planet. Their technology, which would promote the advancement of Artificial Intelligence in ways that Humanity never thought possible. But it would be a trap.

Yet many would welcome it, and it wouldn’t be until consciousness was almost dream, that these people would see the error of their ways.

This group would also appeal to humanities sense of vanity. While at the same time, accepting the role of a savior by some of the peoples of Earth. They would do little, if anything at all to promote Humanities true power.

Be mindful of visitors who are presented by corrupt systems. Your family, will not be the ones who have taken an artificial path. Nor will they align themselves with corruption. They will show themselves in the inner worlds first, and will then later if the Peoples of Earth choose a Nobel path.

The New Era Dawns

Although it has been said already. The New Era will not be one of the worship of of artificial systems. Timelines are shifting constantly, resulting in multiple possibilities being experienced currently on Earth.

Taran Wanderers learned to trust their intuition long ago, and we are absolute in its accuracy. When aligned to the Great Path, there is peace and a knowing that cannot be denied. With this being said, we encourage everyone in our family to tune their intuition. It’s much more powerful than most on Earth believe.

Pay close attention, you will be able to tell the intention of anything that crosses your path. You will know what is of good intentions and what isn’t. Don’t go blindly into the night, there is no need to.

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