Journeys of Tara, The Amazing In-depth Stories

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In-depth Stories In Short Pieces

Welcome to my first official Journeys of Tara post. Over the last year, I’ve spent a good amount of time putting together content that is based on personal experiences, and also promotes a fun creative writing style. If you have visited my blog, you’ve probably noticed that my writing varies. Sometimes I focus on Tara, sometimes I focus on current events, and sometimes I focus on modified channeling.

My writing pieces, get grouped into my Main Blog, and are listed on Taran Station’s Home Page. However, I’ve recently been guided to focus more, on in depth stories related to Tara. As a result I have created a new category on my blog called “Journeys of Tara“. I have placed a Menu Option for this category specifically on the sites’s Home Page. By doing this, readers will be able to find these specific writing pieces without searching for them.

Journeys of Tara Content

While I very rarely plan my writing content, and most of it comes to mind quickly. My plan for the Journey of Tara content, will provide richer short pieces, that focus on Aurora’s journey. However, don’t expect them to be linear. Traditionally, I’m not a linear writer, and love to jump around to make readers think. I will often create a link to our situation on Earth, and what we may see coming down the road in the not too distant future. After all there is a profound link between Earth and Tara.

“How sort is short”, you may wonder. I typically like to keep my writing pieces between 500 – 1500 words. I do this for a couple different reasons;

  1. People typically have short attention spans, and many don’t like to read long articles in any one period.
  2. My writing style takes a lot energy to generate relatively small amounts of content. It’s a characteristic of what I call “Intuitive Writing”.

Some people may like my writing style, while others may not, it’s the nature of how things are. Some people like something, some people don’t.

When it comes to the Journeys of Tara Content specifically, you can expect pieces that focus on;

  1. Aurora’s specific adventures
  2. Exploration into Aurora’s qualities, as well as discovering more about others on Tara.
  3. Rich open source images, that make the readers use their own imaginations.
  4. A multidimensional narrative
  5. Linkages of Earth and Tara in some pieces

Beyond Journeys of Tara

In addition to the new content. I will continue to write other blog posts as well. While Taran Station is a small site, I have noticed certain topics get more attention. For example, my “Messages from Her” content seems to be increasingly popular.

I do try to keep tract, of some analytics on Taran Station, and traffic to the site has increased over the last year. Surprisingly, the site is attacked more than I would expect, and the amount of bots and spammers, have kept me on my toes.

However despite this fact, organic traffic is increasing. If you do decide to leave a comment, please be aware that they will not show up, until I approve them. Due to spamming, any comments need to be approved before they will be posted to an article.

I do my best to check the comments, at least once a week. If you don’t see your comment, after a couple weeks, please submit it again. As I may have accidentally filtered it into spam. I try hard to make sure legitimate comments get posted, but sometimes I make mistakes.

Anyways I hope everyone has enjoyed the update :). Check back often, or subscribe on the Home Page to know when I post.

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