The Heart Filled Attempt During An Insidious War

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Despite our best efforts, we often find ourselves in places that we never thought we’d be. War is never a situation that is wanted, nor enjoyed by Wanderers. Yet, it seems to be a common occurrence among many civilizations in the Cosmos. Earth has seen many battles throughout the Eons, many of which have been lost to the collective, but has remained logged in the subconscious of many living on the planet.

Earth’s sisters have also seen many battles through the tapestry of creation, and many Taran Wanderers have seen at least one or two great galactic battles. It has never been “far far away”.

Why do you remember such things on Earth?

The truth has always been both, more fantastic, and stranger than fiction.

Ancient Wars Amongst The Stars

Long before the drama reached Earth, beings who were immensely advanced ranged a conflict that touched many different worlds. These beings took on a variety of forms, but overall the conflict was one of Control Vs True Freedom.

Does this sound familiar?

It should, as the conflict Earth faces now is a facet of this larger conflict. During the early days of this war, even the most Nobel of intentions had disastrous effects. Weapons were created that had effects that could never of been predicted.

There are profound reasons why Tara has strived to be a place aligned with Nature. We have learned many lessons when this alignment is violated. Some have been direct lessons, and some have come from watching others.

Some may say, Aurora, what do you mean? And I would respond by telling you a personal story.

The Living Weapon of Outpost X

When I was younger, my curiosity into the unknown was more extroverted than it is now. Like many Taran Wanderers, I love to explore things, even if they are little things. But Outpost X, as I call it now, remains in my memory as a reminder of why a profound balance with nature needs to be maintained.

During the early days of an Insidious war, I found myself on a small research facility, amongst the stars. It was here that the idea of a living weapon was hatched. The idea was simple, create an animalistic being that was able to cross great distances by traveling through Etheric Realms. This being would be able be deployed to an Enemy location, deal with the task at hand, and then leave in the blink of an eye.

If you were able to see these beings within a physical space, they would appear almost non-existent. Only before they attacked would you even detect something was off.

Outpost X was a place where one of these beings was held. The outpost itself was in a remote location, and had a heavy military presence. Though there were non-military present as well. The living weapon was not originally self aware, at least to the definition of those controlling the outpost. And to be honest these beings may have originally been more elemental than anything else.

Genetic Contamination and The Heart Filled Response

During the continued research on this being, one of the researchers accidentally contaminated the environment with their DNA. Although the living weapon wasn’t in contact with the DNA differently, something occurred which caused a chain reaction through an Etheric bridge, and the living weapon was able to incorporate the DNA into itself.

The end result was it became became vastly more intelligent, to the point where it was no longer animalistic. Yet the leadership of the outpost didn’t want to abort their efforts.

The scientist whose mishap caused the unexpected result, became distraught with the idea of continuing any research, and viewed the being as sentient. At the height of her moral conflict, and in an attempted act of compassion she released the it from it’s captivity.

The living weapon left its confinement, and in doing so provoked a military response on the outpost. They never stood a chance, this being devastated anyone who tried to stop it. The Scientist herself was wounded in the chaos that resulted. In her final moments, in that particular life, the scientist watched from orbit as an evacuation took place.

As she began drifting from life, all of existance became one, and she could see time pass in a blink of an eye. She saw this being change and evolve, and more of these beings came into existence. They eventually built ships, and left the system and spread across the stars. As she took her final breath, she knew the importance of remaining in balance with Nature.


Aurora they say to me, these things happen, we are all One. Yet as every Taran Wanderer knows, sometimes the hardest wounds to heal, are the ones that touch closet to your core. The Cosmos is vast and multi faceted. Yet every story, is the story of us all.

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