Aurora’s Home Is The Paradise World of Tara

“There are some on your world, who believe Tara is nothing more than myth. I implore you to go beyond the noise.”


Tara Is a Place of Beauty, Balance and Mystery

Growing up on Tara, my friends and I used to spend countless nights camped out on our island’s beaches. We would spend the nights, lying in the crystalline sand; trying to count the stars in the sky. “Aurora”, they would say, “Can you believe there are places, right around us, where people don’t believe we exist ?”. I would wrinkle up my noise, twist my mouth into a confused grin, and loudly announce to the night, ” I KNOW RIGHT!”.

Our elders always talked about our place in the cosmos. As well as the plight, of those who didn’t live on Tara, or other locations like it. I suppose we didn’t begin to truly understand, what was being conveyed to us, until we decided journey out into the cosmos ourselves. Up until that point, we always assumed that everyone chose to honor themselves and others equally.

I use the term “Paradise” to describe Tara, because many visitors to our sphere have called it that. However, we have no such word to describe Tara in such a way. If you were to ask a Taran elder, they would simple say Tara is “In balance” with the hearts of Tarans’.

It is because of this balance, that Tara is able to be a place of true Freedom and harmony.

If you were to find yourself on Tara, you would not only be overtaken by its beauty, but also by the way Taran life operates. Many come to see the vast seas and pristine jungles of Tara, others come to learn from our elders, but even more come just to for rest and relaxation.

So many are consumed by the concept of “Time”. Always having to be in a certain location, at a certain point in their lives, not ever really taking the moment to enjoy themselves. On Tara there is no concept of time. There is only the everlasting “Now”.

Tara has seasons and changes between night and day, but we view them as moments of experience. “Time” is a concept, that arises when civilizations link their consciousness to a perceived static object. Such as the human brain. For a Taran, the body is simply an experience, we do not associate our consciousness as being created by our brain.

For a Taran, consciousness is a universal constant, it has always been and always will be. As such we are all everlasting.

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